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2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB Class Review. This video is just a review of the new Mercedes Benz GLB 250. I had an opportunity to make a review of this spacious, affordable, and gorgeous car from MB of Ontario when I had a service for my car.

Video we’re going to check out the new 2021 mercedes-benz glb class 250. so if you’re on the um on the market right now to look for a new car this one is an suv from mercedes i’ll give you the details of it on the price and everything go check this video out the loner car from mercedes and then this one is called um glb 250. it’s it’s nice it does have up

2021 so this is the front it’s roomy i should say so this is what looks um like inside of this 2021 mercedes-benz glb look at that it’s like too futuristic i think and there you go and then it does have an accent light of um purple like that one and the floor and then this one is purple too and then there’s um the light the lights are purple on the um the air

Vents so down is really cool and then there you go the cool thing about this one is it does have the this is the console control for the um for the monitor for the platform or the screens i should say and this one start what is this for because this tower this is the middle console this one is like in a mouse but this one is just a nuisance here they should

Have taken this out probably on some um features this one will be workable but right now it’s not doing anything for the car so yeah and then they don’t have this could be uh the wireless charging that could they have done that would be wonderful because right now there’s no wireless charging and then the charging on this one is the newest one the lightning

Bolt type of thing it doesn’t have the regular one anymore and then in here it’s the same thing too inside of that is the lightning bolt and it doesn’t have the usb though they do have still the cigar um plug uh so that’s for that and then um this one how cool is that so the vents for the air for the air condition um is really nice it’s kind of like really

Futuristic type esque um type of thing and then it colors purple like this one right now so yeah it kind of like the um the accent color of it so there’s a light of color purple as well as the um air vents um the coolest thing about this one too is that the how big the monitor is so it goes from this way to your side as a passenger and then it’s a one whole

Um monitor and then the good thing about this one it’s it’s all digital but if you’re into um analog type of um of meter um this is not gonna be your guy because this one is all um digital and then there’s no way for you to not um uh to turn it into an analog analog and then on the steering wheel as you can see that um on touch at the bottom um you do have

Able to control the uh the monitor and then the same as on the other side so the volume the going to the home calling somebody so those are the things that you can do and then on the other side you

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