2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class


It’s about living life to the fullest and reaching goals it’s for the young driven and ambitious there’s an entire journey waiting and it all begins with a first step the new mercedes-benz glb freedom its most beautiful form in every line in every detail this distinct suv has a job to do the glb is the first of its kind to redefine space so generously at all

Times puts you in a position to do whatever you feel like a grand design for those who have big plans as the new member of the ever-growing suv family the glb adapts to the iconic g dna and it’s poised to continue its undying heritage and success story the powerful proportion of the glb underscores the off-road focus with a sporty amg design line the surface of

Its form our emphasized reduced lines and precise seams are the major features the upright front section with a striking led high performance headlight and a uniquely patterned diamond radiator grille are the clear evidence of its dynamism an appearance of full character and expressive design elements highlights the glb is a strong suv from the mascular vehicle’s

Shoulder dominates the side view and effect reinforced by the rising belt line at the height of the sea peeler a string of amg 19-inch wheels that gives presence and dynamism in the glb the glb offers an impressive sense of spaciousness to its occupants with a long-wheeled base function oriented design of a greenhouse which embodies and simulates sensual purity up

To the rear end the interior of the glb stands out with its design language in an impressive form and an off-road attitude interpreted in a young way it also meets the highest of ice static standards which adds versatility and adaptability for people with creative layer the character of the interior emphasizes the continuity of design from the dashboard all

Digital screen round air vents all the way to the carbon structure trims that gives harmony to it this continues in the center console from the innovative touch pad dynamic select controls and tubular elements in milled loop to provide a solid support for the components and control be connected with its intuitively operated infotainment system the glb is equipped

With mbux mercedes-benz user experience with a mercedes voice command hey mercedes how may i help you play inside driver the system features a standard 2 7 inch display for the instrument cluster and media display with touchscreen sports multifunction steering wheel with touch control buttons usb port bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integrator be engaged

And drive comfortably while seated on the amg line dynamica article microfiber seats with red top stitching comfort driving will never be the same again with the innovative energizing seat kinetic which supports orthopedic changes in the seating posture by means of many changes to the inclination of the seat cushion and back threads the energizing seat kinetic is

Based on a patented algorithm and offers three programs for short medium length and long journey these are different depending on the number of adjustment cycles convenient selections of the program is visually supported via the mbux the glb is the first compact suv from mercedes-benz to offer a third row seat plenty of room the glb impresses with space combined

With compact dimensions it is versatile as virtually no other compact vehicle this comes courtesy of the long wheeled base it’s great utilization of space as well as many practical solutions the backrest of the second seat road has a 40 20 40 folding split and can be laid down flat to create a level low floor variable folding options for the backrest that makes

The glb a flexible transport vehicle for everyday use a total of four child seats can be installed in the second and third seat row using isofix and top tether attachment points the extensive safety equipment includes extendable head restraints seat belts and seat belt tensioner and belt force limiters on all six outer seats in addition side window airbags which

Also protects the passenger in the third seat road inside the hood houses the mercedes-benz m282 four-cylinder petrol engine camtronic with 163 horsepower and 215 newton meters of torque which runs very quietly and is highly refined a win-win situation is achieved courtesy of the numerous complex coating system including extremely hard cylinder barrels featuring

Nanoslide technology which provides ideal lubrication reduce friction and enhance efficiency for maximum driving pleasure to pleasant ride comfort the 7g dual clutch transmission consists of drive programs meets your wishes with one command open for what snacks and nothing stays the same the world is changing ever faster and full of opportunities everything is

Possible if you are open that is why we have a car that goes with virtually anything experience freedom with all kinds of strength like never before discover the new glb from mercedes-benz

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