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2021 Mercedes Benz GLC 200 Facelift Showroom Review – Mercedes Benz BGC

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2021 Mercedes Benz GLC 200 Facelift Showroom Review – Mercedes Benz BGC

Hey mercedes how may i help you change the ambient lighting to red okay i am changing the color so this is part of the comfort welcome back to the channel and we are here at mercedes-benz body fashion global city showroom in this vlog we are going to review the interior and exterior of this 2021 mercedes-benz glc 200 facelifted model a compact versatile family

Executive suv of mercedes-benz so guys join me for this glc 200 review this is the front of the glc just like the bigger brother of the glc which is the gle and the gls the front is with two horizontal lines mercedes-benz three-pointed star in the center and here on the bottom it’s aerodynamically designed plus very sporty with power doors the headlights

Of the glc is multi-beam for your information there are three kinds of headlights for mercedes-benz the high performance the multi-view and the digital light so in this glc they incorporate the multi-beam which is unique for this glc because these lights can reach up to 650 meters imagine and this front bumper of the glc is made of chrome there are three holes

Here which is designed because the car or the engine needs immediately cooling and also to reduce the drive there are also six sensors here plus one camera there because the glc is equipped with active brake assist the rim size of the glc 200 18 inches rims five spoke light alloy wheel design as standard for this glc 200 as a compact family suv of mercedes-benz

This glc 200 is a size of 1.6 meters in height and 4.6 meters in length with a ground clearance of 9 inches and here at the side of the glc there is a chrome window dreams from door handles and running boards also part of the comfort access once the key is in you you can unlock it through here and lock part of the keyless entry goal for this glc 200. the rear

Side of the glc it has boxy shaped tailgate and it can be opened manually through here with 500 liters of space and once the second row is folded it can be up to 1500 liters maximum space since this is a electronic tailgate you can close it by pressing here there and also there’s an emblem of glc 200 the three-pointed star mercedes-benz logo the new design

Of the taillights full led and the rear bumper on chrome with twin tail pipes and a diffuser hey mercedes how may i help you change the ambient lighting to red okay i am changing the color so this is part of the comfort ambient lighting for this glc 200 guys basically the base of the glc200 is from the sea glass and that’s why it’s comfortable spacious and

Luxurious in here in the failure as you can see the seats are made of articulated leather and at the same time it’s comfort scenes it has both driver and passengers are made or at the same time equipped with electronic seat adjustments the speakers have 13 speakers which is made of brimster surround sound system so very high quality material and of course this

Mercedes-benz user experience the mbux is the current um infotainment system for the glc 200. there’s a 7.3 inches size of the infotainment cluster or infotainment screen and here in the center console is on canon black and also there’s the latest uh equipment here like for example the arctronie the dynamic assist or dynamic select where you can put it in echo

Mode comfort mode at the same time a sport and sports plus mode and also individual the park tronic which is important as part of the driver assistant package this glc 200 can park by itself two parallels and perpendicular now let’s check in digital cluster in this glc 200. steering wheel of the glc which is multi-sports steering wheel and the digital cluster

Can be accessed through here in these buttons in the left side of the steering wheel let’s say we go home and we go to for example design right now we’re on a classic so let’s change it to progressive for a more aggressive design of the instrument cluster and digital infotainment screen this is the standard buttons let’s say for the lights electronic parking

Brake dimming and the electronic seat adjustment with memory of course the logo burmester surround sound system and for your mirrors and window adjustment um this one is for your rear tail opening of the trunk opening and closing seats are up and down of course a plenty of space for the drinks and bottled top bottles mercedes-benz illuminated lights on

The door seal panel this is the second row seat of the glc 200. as you can see it’s very spacious but first there’s the ambient lighting on a red collar burmester sound system and the seats in the driver’s side is my position when i was there now imagine i have plenty of legroom which is i can stretch my legs and also headroom considering i’m six feet in

Height also for a more comfortable sitting position here there’s a air beds and also this center armrest with two cup holders and of course another hobby beats for your important things such as mobile phones for example so definitely the glc is a game changer in terms of suv or compact suv as a family compact suv in the market the engine displacement of the

Glc 200 is a two liter gasoline four-cylinder engine with nine-speed automatic rd9 jitronic transmission 197 horsepower and 320 newton meter of torque zero to 100 in just under seven seconds for this glc 200. huh so guys this is the end of our vlog for the glc 200. for more information you may visit us here at mercedes-benz bonifacio global city showroom

From monday to sunday or you can email me i leave my email in the description below you can also book a test drive for the glc 200. just visit us here from monday to sunday 8 am to 5 pm thank you so much tagan salamat until next time for the next vlog i’m james scala bye-bye

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2021 Mercedes Benz GLC 200 Facelift Showroom Review – Mercedes Benz BGC By BISDAK CARVLOG