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For any business or family passenger and cargo hauling needs, feast your eyes on the 2021 Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger van. Making commutes easier with intuitive technology and adequate space, the new Metris Passenger van promotes versatility with ease.

Good morning welcome to the walters mercedes-benz van center in riverside my name is gordon and i’m here to show you the 2021 mercedes-benz metris passenger van now let’s talk about the styling of the mercedes-benz metris passenger van the mattress passenger van is your classic minivan size and it will fit into any standard garage it has a nice aerodynamic shape

Up front you have the beautiful headlights that flow right into the body lines of the vehicle you have the classic mercedes star on the nose and there are additional chrome accents that you can get this particular mattress also features the fog lights up front a very nice feature to have and also adds to the styling of the vehicle and now under the hood of the

Metris passenger van is where it really gets interesting the metris features a two 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder gas engine with 208 horsepower that’s 20 more horsepower than even our large sprinter vans so it has plenty of power plenty of torque and it’s mated to a smooth 7-speed transmission so you’ll be able to pass semi trucks on the freeway with no problem

It’s one of the reasons i like to call the mattress a high performance minivan you can also tow five thousand pounds uh with the mattress so you can even tall a small boat you have very little maintenance to worry about with the mattress engine you only need an oil change and checkup once a year or every 15 thousand miles so with the mercedes you spend less on

Maintenance for a lower cost of ownership for the 2021 model year mercedes-benz has made more premium features available to you this particular mattress has the 17-inch light alloy wheels with all-season radial tires the side mirrors have blind spot sensors makes negotiating traffic very easy you have dark tinted glass all around and this one also features the

Power sliding side doors on both sides just a light touch and the doors open right up you also have buttons on the dashboard so you can load and unload the kids at school at the touch of a button this one features the premium upgraded interior with the black leatherette upholstery and this one seats eight passengers you can also get to the rear of the vehicle

Easily with the tip-up seat on the side now let’s talk about the back of the mattress passenger van the mattress features dark tinted glass all around you have your high center tail light in addition to the very bright tail lights on the sides of course the iconic mercedes-benz badging and for this one you have the spare tire underneath the bumper right up in the

Middle and you can also add a 5 000 pound tow hitch to any of the mattress vans this one has the rear wiper which is controlled from up front and then when we open her up you have a very large hatch which has a nice height so you can stand under it if it’s you’re on a rainy day when you’re out picnicking you have a place to get under there but what sets the metres

Apart from other vans in this class is cargo capacity the seats of the metres the second and third rows can pop in and pop out so when you pop them out you have a very large perfectly flat cargo floor four feet wide eight feet long plenty of space for carrying furniture business packages whatever you need for your business this one has a lot more utility than a

Conventional minivan this one has the upgraded interior with full carpeted floor and again with the seat snapping in and out you’re able to do a lot more with this vehicle airbags are also on the sides of the vehicle in addition to those additional air vents or air conditioning vents for your passengers the mercedes-benz metris passenger van is a very comfortable

Vehicle for the entire family and it’s also a very practical vehicle when you’re using it for business the metris van has the largest cargo area in its class more on that in a minute for the interior they have seating for up to eight this one has plenty of legroom plenty of headroom you’ve got air conditioner vents all around in the ceiling for your passengers

There’s also grab handles for people to get in and out quickly and easily and like i mentioned earlier at the touch of a button you can open up the power sliding side doors makes loading and unloading very quick and easy you also have up front the power heated folding seats those are electrically adjustable with three position memory sitting behind the wheel of

The mattress passenger van is a comfortable place to be this one has all of the safety features that you would want you have side curtain air bags front air bags of course anti-lock disc brakes all around this has all of the safety features you would expect of a mercedes-benz for 2021 mercedes has added a longer list of optional features to make a long distance

Drive even nicer for this model here we have power heated front seats with three position memory at the touch of a button you can adjust it to where you need it you also have heated seats with three different levels of heat power mirrors power windows tilt steering wheel cruise control and the buttons on the steering wheel for your driver information pod and

For your bluetooth controls of the infotainment system one of the nicest features for 2021 is the new upgraded infotainment system that feeds features a larger color screen and this one has navigation bluetooth am fm stereo and the navigation system is even voice activated so you can set your destination merely with a voice command you have your power buttons for

The sliding doors as i mentioned earlier air conditioning for the front and the rear up top you have your overhead console which features a button for your roadside assistance and there’s even under the flap here your mercedes-benz pro connect service for emergency services at the touch of a button other convenience features you’ll find on the mercedes metris

Passenger van buttons on the steering wheel for your driver information pod so you’ll be able to switch over to your settings to your trip navigation audio system and even your cell phone functions at the touch of a button without taking your eyes off the road on the right side of the steering wheel you have buttons for the volume for your infotainment system

And for your voice command for navigation and audio you can also answer and hang up cell phone calls again all at the touch of a button without taking your eyes off the road for the infotainment system for 2021 we feature the larger color screen and again this one has am fm this one has navigation in addition to bluetooth you have your air conditioner controls

Again dual zone ac oversized cup holders here you have a usb plugs here for your cell phone and other audio sources and an extra power port down low for plugging in a laptop or other device additional features are larger speakers in the doors this was part of the premium package the premium interior package so you have fully carpeted floors front and rear and

Even on the side of the center console here you have a little cargo net for keeping your accessories on hand and thank you again for watching our video if you like the video be sure to click like and subscribe and when you’re in the area of riverside be sure to stop in and visit walters mercedes-benz van center we’re at the riverside auto center 7979 auto drive

We look forward to giving you a tour of our brand new facility we’ll see you next time you

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2021 Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger Van Review | Walkaround By Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of Riverside