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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Crew 170 WB High Roof | Video Tour with Roger

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Hello i’m roger here prime motor cars mercedes-benz and sprinter in scarborough maine doing a video today on this all-new 2021 wheelbase crew van rear-wheel drive it does have the four-cylinder diesel engine in it great on fuel economy they typically get somewhere between 20 and 25 miles per gallon on fuel this is tenorite gray metallic with the chrome grille um

It does have the led uh headlight package so it’s got the high performance led headlights along with the fog lights painted bumper too typically these come just black so on this particular one we have the painted bumper which is a very nice we’ll come around here to the passenger side and we can see right away this has the mercedes-benz aluminum wheels on it uh

Just a just a really nice it just looks really nice with the tenderite gray metallic this has electrically electric sliding door as well so the crew van seats five people it does have 14 feet six inches of total floor space this has the the crew van comfort seat package as well these seats actually recline so you get about uh about six inches of reclining there

Very comfortable to travel in this seat is also removable for the folks that need the storage space or need to travel with five people occasionally just very convenient we’ll come around here to the back of the van so this this sprinter van has the 270 degree doors so your doors will open up 90 degrees and they latch in place right there and then they also

Open up 270 degrees and then the way these new hinges are designed uh the doors will latch in place if the wind’s blowing or what have you the doors aren’t going to just uh close on you we got the nice wood floor with the anti-slip coating on it there’s various tie downs too on the floor throughout so this 2500 series does come with a trailer hitch and it has

A step right here easy access in and out you can tow a trailer up to 5000 pounds with the sprinter van too so that’s a very convenient option as well um so now uh folks we’re gonna hop in the cab of the van i’m gonna go over the features and benefits uh in the cab with you and uh show you all the goodies in this van all right folks so we’re sitting in the cab

Of the 2021 uh tenerite gray metallic 170 crew van i’m going to show you some features in here some very nice features so i’m going to start right up here in the dash this has the wireless charging tray for your cell phone and also these are usc ports uh this port right here if you plug your iphone or droid in right there you can get the apple car play to work

On your display screen and then we’re gonna come down this has the 10 and a quarter inch display screen the first thing i want to show you is the backup camera so this has a 360 degree camera so there’s actually a camera in the front of the van on the exterior rear view mirrors and in the very back also where this has the trailer hitch if you’re going to hook

A trailer up it has a nice yellow line right there to line your draw bar up makes it very simple also there’s a wide angle rear view camera this camera shows you your blind spots on either side of the van so if you’re in a tight parking spot you can actually look at your surroundings before you pull out there’s your front view camera and then a wide angle front

View which is very nice also we have your navigation system so you can actually shrink the screen and blow the screen up almost like on your cell phone where you can shrink a picture or blow it up it’s very nice this is also voice activated and then you have your sirius xm satellite radio am and fm there’s a multimedia center there’s an info center here too this

Is really neat if people are concerned about your fuel economy so right now this van only has just a few miles on it because we just got it in a few days ago it’s saying 3.3 miles per gallon but there’s only about 10 miles on the van so that’s not accurate yet but after you go on a trip you should get somewhere around 20 to 25 miles per gallon with the sprinter

Van and then there’s an app store and then there’s a vehicle settings i’ll go through this quickly you have esp so esp is stability control so the van in a panic steer or what have you will use the braking system to keep all four tires on the ground as lane tracking assist it also has sensors in the front rear bumper for parking assist so it will help you prevent

You from running into anything backing up there’s your cameras so you can see this green part here on either side so that uses the cameras too for blind spot and then you have traffic assist this will give you a visual of the speed limit wherever you are and it does show up over here in your instrument panel and then you have active lane keeping assist active

Brake assist attention assess now attention assess that’s a really neat feature too if you’re going on a long trip somewheres the van will actually sense if you’re getting tired and it will give you an alert to pull over and take a break so some just some really nice features also this van has electrically controlled seats the controls are on the doors also it

Has a heated front seats and just very convenient for the winter time and cold cold climates this has the leather steering wheel also you have controls here on the right hand side of your steering wheel there’s a little mouse control here to control your mbux system also to answer your phone and hang it up right here and then on the left hand side you have your

Cruise control and then you have another control here to check different things here in your instrument panel you can scroll through it and it shows you know a lot of array of different items here for you this also has heated electric mirrors just a well-equipped sprinter crew van so if anyone out there is looking for a nice 170 10 right gray metallic crew van

We have one right here at prime motor cars mercedes-benz my name is roger my cell phone number is 207-838-0169 thank you very much you

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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Crew 170 WB High Roof | Video Tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough