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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 144 4×4 | Video tour with Roger

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Hello brian my name is roger i’m here at mercedes-benz of scarborough in scarborough maine thank you very much for your internet inquiry on our 144 tenderite gray metallic kairu four-wheel drive a beautiful sprinter van so i wanted to do a nice video so you can see it up close so our uh this particular van has the 360 degree camera you have a nice uh front view

Camera right here under the three-point star also fog lights we have the safety sensors in the front bumper we’re gonna do uh we’re gonna come around here to the passenger side so when we ordered this van in brian uh we did it with the black mercedes-benz painted steel wheels also uh with that 360 camera there’s uh actually cameras on the bottom of our exterior

Rear view mirrors we have the hard board wall paneling in this particular sprinter um got the nice hardwood uh floor with the anti-slip coating uh makes it it’s just very durable uh various tie-downs throughout the floor this also has the midway sliding door so it latches in place right there in this uh the sprinter van the 144 wheelbase gives you 10 feet 4 inches

Of floor space to utilize it’s a total of 358 cubic square feet of storage back here 76 inches tall we have 53 inches in between the wheel wells uh 70 inches from wall to wall and then we have the nice mercedes-benz trailer hitch you can tow a 5 000 pound trailer behind our sprinter van so we get this van has the 270 degree doors so the way the latch is designed

It will keep the door in place for you so now brian we’re gonna hop in the cab and uh go over some features in there for you and we’ll go for a little test drive okay brian so we’re gonna go for a nice little test drive here around our parking lot and i am gonna display that uh backup camera actually you can see it right here too you can see some of the cars

Behind us pretty neat i’m also gonna once we get the van re-parked i’m gonna show you the swivel seats in the van as well but as you can see it’s pretty uh pretty tight maneuvering here around our parking lot and now we’re gonna put this van right back in its spot over here so you can see the vans behind us see there we go we’re going to get this we’re going to

Put this van right there and it’s parking space and it’s nice to use the camera a little bit it’ll uh help you judge um how close to the other vans we are and then it helps us get the van nice and straight when we’re backing it in and there’s a pole right behind us too so you can see uh how much distance we have right there and then i’m gonna display the uh the

Swivel seats for you it’s actually uh easier to kind of be on the outside of the van to swivel the seats around so you gotta make sure the seat back will bypass the b-pillar and you have your lever right here seat swivel right around nice and easy and you have a nice leg extender here as well so brian that’s uh that’s my video for you i hope you’ve enjoyed it

My name is roger please feel free to give me a call you can reach me at 207-838-0169 thank you so much you

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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van 144 4×4 | Video tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough