2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Crew Van 144 4×4 | Video Tour with Tom

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Hey josh this is tom cruise at mercedes-benz of scarborough i want to put a quick video tour together for you on this 2021 sprinter crew van so this is a 4×4 sprinter crew um it is in white on black interior so this is not the one that you had originally sent um interest in um but this is uh still available the other one has been sold so i figured i’d uh at

Least show you this um we’ll take a walk around as i said it is on it’s white with black interior we’ve got the black wheels and as we’re walking around the back we’ll see this one does come with the trailer hitch already installed which is fantastic windows in the back uh backup camera up top there it’s a 2500 4×4 as i said pop the rear doors open um get our

First look at the interior we do have the windows on the uh door as well as uh the second row of seats because this is a crew van uh you’ll see those are in track so if you wanted to take them out you certainly can and then you have all the space back here um with your tie downs so you have a ton of utility space and it does have the lights and headlining in

It again because it is a crew van i’ll walk around to the passenger side of the vehicle i’ll pop open the passenger door here get you a look at the three seats in the back so a five seater you do have um cup holders here on the front you just press those couple just come out which is nice to have um and then you’ve got obviously your arm rests here on either

Side um and we’re gonna jump in the front and touch on some of the options features this one actually has equipped all right now that we’re inside the truck you will see we have power mirrors here on the driver’s side door you’ve got your left and right button as well as the folding mirrors so that middle button right there will fold your mirrors in got the auto

Headlights right there and the fog light buttons right next to it then you got your auto wiper setup right behind the steering wheel as well as your paddle shifters on both sides behind the uh the spokes of the steering wheel got a digital display here in your instrument cluster all controlled with these buttons right here as you can see as i said about 3 300 miles

On this uh x courtesy car um and as we come around you’ll see controls on the right side of the steering wheel these top three buttons control your seven inch uh display over here as you can see we have it set on navigation right now if i hit home you’ll see it comes back to all the other menus in the mbux screen and you’ve got phone controls and volume control

For your radio right behind the steering wheel you’ll see you do have your four wheel drive button all the way to the left and then your high low range button to the right that is how you would put in four wheel or four wheel high and low then in the center we do have the mbox screen that does come with wireless charging apple carplay and two more auxiliary usb

Type-c ports right there um and we’ve got storage on either side of that cup holders and storage right below the mbux screen we have shortcut buttons as well as volume buttons for all the menus inside the screen here and right below we have our climate control um settings so um as we come down more cupholders and then below that even more charging so a bunch

Of charging bunch of storage options here we’ve got storage above both the driver and passenger um and then again another look back at the rear passengers and the cargo so that is a very quick overview of this uh 2021 sprinter crew van please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions again my name is tom mccubery and you can reach me at 207-510-2286 thanks you

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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Crew Van 144 4×4 | Video Tour with Tom By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough