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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Crew Van 170 High Roof V6 | Video tour with Tony F.

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Hi tony fennell mercedes-benz scarborough maine myself is 978-764-12328291 it is a 21 m2 cv76 what that means it’s a mercedes-benz 2500 kruvian 170 high roof with a six cylinder diesel engine this happens to be graphite gray look at this beautiful color and it has you know the nice chrome three-pointed stop a nice front step here to climb up into that engine

Compartment fog lights will act as cornering lights it has the black gloss painted wheels with continental winter tires on it you can run those this won’t stop you from using it so this crew van has a nice crew window on either side um and it has windows in the back up above you can see the rear camera and this look at this nice beautiful three point to start

On the center on the back um it’s badge deleted it kind of i think it looks cleaner it looks better look at this beautiful hitch in the middle on that mercedes-benz hitch with the step and you have the electrical right here seven prong round socket these doors will open up 270 degrees but i want to show you that they detent straight off and then they detent all

The way around and in these windows you can see the red defroster grid and the cargo nets now better yet this nice handle here to help get in look at this full complete headliner on the kruvian isn’t that fantastic and it’s got waist high side board paneling the wood floor with the anti-slip composite so you wet feet you won’t slip and fall with six d rings nice

Uh lights back here the crew seat which you can snap in and snap out of the floor very easily three people belted in properly let’s get around to the side so a view of the side and this has a detent in the middle it’s a two-stage sliding door a detent in the middle so it can hang out halfway or all the way and again these are awesome seats right and uh they all

Cuphold is galore cupholders in those seats black leather interior nice touch here armrest power seats heated seats memory uh power windows grab handles to get in lumbar support on the seats let’s get a view up on the dash this has the uh the box that you can cut out right here and up center uh for you know additional radios and so forth right here i want to

Point out heated windshield button the overhead console control panel sunglasses um package trays what else can i show you let’s take a look under the hood so you release it inside where you normally would find it right there in the corner of the kick panel and the secondary is right here right here the hood prop rod so the engine gets here about this high

Right so rivers and streams you want to just be careful you don’t suck it right into the engine for you there’s a filter comes through the hood like this for you it’s filtered uh six gallons of def goes right here antifreeze right here the oil you pour it in right here the cover for the oil filter cartridge right here you’re really going to be concerned with

Topping off your winter washer fluid right here the positive jumper connection if you ever need a jump right here negative is right here the battery is under the floor by your driver’s feet it’s a maintenance-free battery it’s going to last a long time brake fluid right here tony fennell 978-764-1232 give me a call you

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2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Crew Van 170 High Roof V6 | Video tour with Tony F. By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough