2021 Mercedes E Class AMG Coupe – E53 NEW Full Review 4MATIC + Interior Exterior Infotainment

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Hello guys welcome to murrs vance king this is the only mercedes amg a 53 coupe a and in this video i will show you the complete exterior interior the own new technology and you listen to the sound from the exterior you can already see the new design it has the upon americana go for a real amg with the amg emblem on the right side this is the less practical but

More stylish for wyant of the e-class and this is the key the new design of mercedes-benz which was indeed first announced in the pre-facelift eclose a few years ago so from the front you can see the new design it has a more downward sloping front with the vertical slats of the grille and the large mercedes star in the center of the koopas headlights are slimmer

With a sleeker full leds which is standard on all trims it has two dots which indicates that this is the e close family the s-class which we will see later on merge bands king will probably have three dots having a closer look at the amg details you can notice the horizontal lines in the front bumper with the vertical lines in the lower lid everything is blacked

Out because it has in knight package from the side you can notice the gap which is for the aerodynamic package before we move on make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have amazing content special for you the turbo 4matic plus emblem of the side so it has talked distribution to all the wheels amazing exterior color it is called the

Obsidian black it matches with the blacked out wheels and the side mirrors from the side you can also see that the length is quite large four meters and 83 centimeters i love this coupe a line and especially the rare it doesn’t have too many lines on the side which makes the front and the rear stand out you can also notice that it has in new taillights and also

Prominent aerodynamic gaps on the side these gaps are actually not functional it makes this rare look very wide you can already see the vertical lines in the diffuser and moving closer you can see that it has the new e53 exhaust steps very wide 9 centimeters in width and having a closer look at the taillights you can notice this quote codell design like we saw

In the s-class coupe a amazing shape and the rare is very prominent the amg emblem on the left side a nice reflection so amazing exterior color design mercedes star and the e53 emblem so let’s go ahead and do i have looked at the new design and technology in the interior so let’s open the door a nice coupe a so frameless doors the all new generation mercedes amg

Super sport steering wheel so it has a nice glossy carbon fiber trim let’s move inside and i will adjust the seat settings you can adjust it in seven different race there’s a nice red seatbelt and red leather stitching all around the interior and what really stands out is this super sport amg steering wheel as i mentioned the newest generation it has it turbo

Stell air vents as we saw from the e-class before and nice ambient lighting glossy carbon fiber trim everywhere let me adjust the seat some more we will press the button for the electronics to work as i open and close the door normally the seatbelt will pop out you can adjust it if the settings and speaking of the settings here you have your exhaust button and

The dynamic select switcher you can change it from comfort all the way to sport plus and also slippery mode it has the new twelve point three inch infotainment system screen on the steering view nice alcantara very sportive so let’s listen to the sound of the e 50 three sedan in this example taking a closer look at the center console it has the quality glassy

Carbon fiber trim lovely in combination with the burma surround sound system enough space here for your passenger and the perfume setting it also has some storage space in the center with your usb c connection lovely standard amg leather seats these are more comfortable than the sport cup seats and we will have a final look at the exterior and stay tuned because i

Will compare this with the sudan let me know in the comments section below which one you will prefer these are the new amg rims with a thicker side the size is 275 30 20 inch it looks amazing with he blacked out knife package a little spoiler on the top of the trunk all we know this is a complete eclose coupe a one of the best facelift i’ve ever seen they changed

The won’t interfere with the technology it is up to date and it has the newest generation steering wheel which we will likely see in the new s-class so now let’s have a look at what is another bonnet beautiful soft closing frameless doors so let’s have a look amazing it has the amg cover with a red stripe indicating that this is an amg tweaked engine a three

Liter six inline which produces 435 horsepower 520 newtonmeter of torque with an eq boost which delivers an additional 21 horsepower and 250 newton meters of torque below the safety assistance camera you can see a camera for the mv x from 0 to 100 kilometres an hour in just 4.3 seconds and the top speed is 270 kilometers an hour if you have the amg performance

Package so let’s look back at how this eclass journey began we started in las vegas with a pre-production model still come of launched as you can see we are at the red rock canyon in nevada with the all-new mercedes-benz e-class facelift this will be very special and you can already see it is a little bit common lost so guys we are currently driving the new

E-class facelift so in this beautiful scenery at the rocky canyon we will now explain something about the interior of the new facelift so next to me i have the experts his name is peter working at mercedes-benz hi peter hi good morning i’m happy to present you now the details of the new mercedes e-class facelift what i noticed immediately from the interior is

The new steering view so there are a lot of new features in this car we have the new generation or steering wheels this car is the option amg sport package and so we have the so-called super sports steering wheel in combination with this package i think the steering wheel it looks very dynamic this flat beater is white this new generation steering wheel has three

Versions the luxury sport and the super sport in this e53 coupe a so the touch control buttons now also function capacitively and this means that your finger movement is being registered and it works smoothly compared to the touch sensitive pre generation so just like your smartphone the touches are recorded and evaluated this means that any given point the system

Automatically recognizes your finger in the air let’s compare the e53 co-pay with the previously reviewed a 53 sudan and let me know in the comment section below or on instagram which one you would prefer so besides having a new powertrain and technology it also has a new design and you can especially see that here in the front it has the new panamericana grille

With 12 vertical lines and of course a large mercedes star in the center and what’s also new is this new shark design headlights the v-shape and it is now standard the leds of the grill always used to have the smell face but now it is the other way around the outline is also black it looks more aggressive luxurious and yet sharper and the headlights used to go

All the way down to there and this way it is slimmer and wider and that takes us over into the side of the car where you can notice not a lot of difference with the pre-facelift it still has the turbo 4matic plus emblem on the side and this one has the night package so the black felt contours around the window also the blacked-out side-skirts and these are the

New amg rims with a very thick side and an amg emblem and mercedes original tires there’s the new taillights with a crooked l design just like we saw on the s-class coupe a and it has the 53 exhaust steps around 9 centimeters in width and also blacked out for the knights package so guys thanks for watching merce pants king i hope you liked this video the e-class

Journey hasn’t ended yet you will see a lot more again thanks for watching and i will see you guys soon bye bye

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2021 Mercedes E Class AMG Coupe – E53 NEW Full Review 4MATIC + Interior Exterior Infotainment By MercBenzKing