2021 Mercedes G63 G Class | Most ARMORED G WAGON Review Interior Exterior

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So hello guys welcome to mergeman’s king this is the mercedes amg g63 guard and also the off-road made in germany so in this video i will show you the complete exterior interviewer and the full protection system because this is the vr7 and from this angle it looks like an original g63 but it is completely 360 degrees protected it now weighs 4 and 300

Kilograms and let me just press the button for the lights to appear and this presidential security comes with a lot of gadgets for example the police servants and the lights also a different melody so you have u.s police siren and also the european one there are different ways to communicate with the people outside for example you can press the air and

Then you can listen what is going on in the surroundings and you can also press the button to speak to the people outside it is not a regular g63 this is 360 degrees armored and i love these typical g-class characteristics such as the indicator here on the top so here you can see it has the red and blue lights in the front and if i turn off the lights

You can notice it is very well hidden and discrete it’s not easy to tell that it has the siren lights the armoring does have some weight in total this is 4300 kilograms and of course the g63 is very powerful it has a v8 bi-turbo with over 612 horsepower just check out these exhaust tips on the side typical for the g-class so this frame is completely new

It has the additional 50 millimeters protection window on top of it so guys make sure you follow me on instagram the link is down below and i have amazing content special for you about all new mercedes-benz vehicles and also the most exclusive ones and this takes us over to the special rims because they have to of course protect the driver and the vip

Passenger so these wheels can actually lift 1450 kilograms and they are completely bulletproof and gloss resistant so the brake the shock absorbers and the springs are reinforced it also has the rim flats and optionally you also have the inside completely run ring here it has the 50 millimeters window only a single window is 50 kilograms so let’s check

Out the doors here in the front they open in a very classical way and this is a reinforced door it has four different layers of gloss and the carbon fiber door trim so let’s go inside and we will listen to the sound it has a blacked out windows on the side but now we will check the thickness of this bulletproof glass first of all you can see there’s a

Layer on the sides and this is so that the window won’t blast inside when it gets hit by bullets or explosive devices this will protect the driver so and a lovely amg steering wheel with a flat bottom and very characterizable for the g-class the hand grab here at the center of the passenger seat i love this iwc shaft housing clock at the center lovely

Burmester surround sound system i love that the hood is such a square-like with the edges and the indicators on the top nice stitching all around the interior with the carbon fiber details and the ambient lighting there’s a touchpad here on the side so if you press the home button you can swipe let’s say to this thousand display you can put it into support

You can also have a look at your g-force boost and consumption so let’s press the button for the engine to start first of all i will put it into the sport plus mode and let’s listen that’s very aggressive it has more than 585 horsepower so let’s have a look at what is under the bonnet amazing sound also here on the bear test the heated seats and

As you can see the headspace is very decent a small headrest behind you and you have your siren lights still active the infotainment system display with a mercedes star and you have a lot of different options just like the infotainment system screen in the driver area some headphones to enjoy the music so let’s have a look at what is another bonnet here

We can see the v8 by turbo of amg it produces over 585 horsepower from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in just 4.7 seconds given that this car weighs over 5000 kilograms the top speed is 220 kilometers an hour so let’s close the bonnet and guys thanks for watching merspan skank i hoped you liked this video with the g63 off-road guard presidential vehicle

And i hope to see you guys next time bye

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2021 Mercedes G63 G Class | Most ARMORED G WAGON Review Interior Exterior By MercBenzKing