2021 Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman GUARD V12 Full Review interior Exterior Seccurity


Uh in euros mercedes maybach s600 out of states individuals with a high particular risk have complete the total weight of this car is 5 000 and with the face-to-face seating configuration which i will show you late model you can see that from the front grille with the vertical and that’s because the protection concept has been adapted to the special circle but

It is outsourced to brabus x and stability thanks to the specific reinforcement the rear windows that are armored but it also has a steel scopes of delivery specific to authorities are available for the mercedes two-way radio the external battery and of course from the front of the car you can see the new facelift mercedes it has the new led intelligent light

You can flag right here combined with a six and a half meter five centimeters longer than the s-class maybach and 10 centimeters higher so it is tangible more head necessary if you have a car longer than 6 meters chrome parts and the large door it the size is 250 at the mercedes emblem in the middle from the wrist of my bach the rear s600 it is significantly

Less because of the area down here with a lot of space and also carbon pullman guard with 530 horsepower and 900 and only 160 kilometers an hour this is the guard version i will also show you the front and very thick sides so mercedes maybe very luxurious you have it has a v12 emblem only because there’s a large difference between the driver position

Curious particular discretion i can lower the window to press the button again for transparent or it’s not just the armor that makes this door heavy and blast proof and there you can window in the middle it’s also very thick gloss in the front and you can actually see that you’re looking through glasses because of the thick you do have some emergency buttons

With this button you can listen inside of the car that’s for security reasons then you can people are talking about you and here are the siren lights so guys who’s because this car is worth 1.4 million we’ll put them right there and let’s have a seat i will just put them right here soft closing doors are actually as i’m laying down you really interior is

Upholstered in leather throughout the standard seat consoles and as i’m looking right there there are three analog and let me close the lights right so it has a lot of pop in it you have two tables so and you can open it like this to put your laptop on jet on wheels so let’s put that back and there’s one for the other passenger so let’s close this pair of

Rings and there’s also a large scent for your drinks going a little bit on your drinks open them with one touch of a button and there it open you have to keep it touched and that’s because the windows are very heavy and the wood trim with gold quilted leather stitching and a great pillow for your then you can actually listen to the driver what he is saying

It has a mirror what so that you can call your call so you can enable the massage function it works very fast and as you can see i can it is higher than the standard s-class button so let’s have a look and the back is in this position it’s more firm not very comfortable in my opinion right now but just normal and i also have a verb and some space for your

Bottle over here it has and i also noticed this mushroom and as i’m sitting on this side it’s for example the burmester surround sound system the high executive rear so if you’re getting bored in this position this plane right here so it gives you some driving in media for your own music you can change this guard and if you get the v button 18.3 inches

Great quality ball from 500 000 euros and if the driver is annoying you you can easily and you can’t see him anymore open the complete wall between the driver and the passengers i hope you like this video with the mercedes the guard guys see you guys next time bye

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