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2021 New Honda Ridgeline (Redesigned) – All You Need To Know About

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This is the honda ridgeline a truck that’s built for both adventure and your endless list of diy projects and this is the touring trip just how smart is this truck let’s find out but first we’ll take a look at some of the highlights intelligent variable torque management all-wheel drive 5000 pound towing capacity in-bed trunk truck bed audio system heated

And ventilated front seats apple carplay and android auto now let’s take a look at the exterior of this truck it all starts up here with this nearly vertical aggressive grille flanked on either side by led low beam headlights with auto on off and auto hiding reflector halogen headlights and down here you have led fog lights the ridgeline is sitting on 18 inch

Aluminum alloy wheels with square shoulder tires giving you a more aggressive look under the hood of the ridgeline you’ll find a 3.5 liter direct injected iv tech v6 engine that delivers up to 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque this is combined with the intelligent variable torque management all-wheel drive system plus intelligent traction management

Designed for snow mud or sand so whether you’re towing or simply out for a drive on something less than a paved road the ridgeline is up to the task the ridgeline comes standard with honda sensing technology which includes adaptive cruise control lane keeping assist collision mitigation braking system forward collision warning lane departure warning and road

Departure mitigation along with blind spot information system with rear cross traffic monitor now this key fob probably does what you expect it to do lock and unlock the doors or start your car remotely allowing it to warm up or cool down the cabin before you get in but check this out with this key fob you can also take advantage of honda’s walk away auto lock

System which will automatically lock the doors and tailgate when you walk away no more asking yourself did i remember to lock the doors okay so walk away auto lock is pretty smart but let me show you what’s in the back of the ridgeline touring it starts with a tailgate that opens traditionally as you’d expect but it also opens like this allowing you access further

Into the bed of the truck but that’s not all ready for even smarter design just hit this button down here to reveal the lockable in-bed trunk which is much larger than most people might think 207 liters to be exact now despite us usually measuring cargo space in liters you rarely find yourself pouring liquid into the trunk but if you do decide to do that you

Can use it as a cooler there’s a drain plug down here so this can be easily empty perfect for those of you who like to tailgate and when it comes to that there’s one more piece of amazing technology i want to bring to your attention it’s called the truck bed audio system which uses the truck bed walls to play your music finally for those of you spending time

Back here you can keep everything charged up with a 110 volt 400 watt power outlet inside the ridgeline is refined and comfortable because we know some of you work with your trucks so there’s a fair bit of seat time on this touring trim we have perforated leather seats for the driver it’s a 10-way power adjustable including lumbar support and for the passenger

It’s a four-way power adjustable seat in addition the driver’s seat has a memory function that is linked to your key fob so you don’t have to find your perfect spot after you’ve let somebody borrow your truck and if this is your first pickup trust me that will happen all the time for the winter you have front and rear heated seats and a heated steering wheel

And for the summer the front seats are also ventilated as far as technology goes it starts with the eight inch display audio system up here which has both apple carplay and android auto functionality plus you have honda satellite linked navigation with voice recognition the instrument cluster features a center display that allows you to see things like vehicle

Speed range audio information maintenance and more from work to weekend adventures the honda ridgeline is built for whatever you throw at it or in it now we’ve all heard it before work smarter not harder shouldn’t your truck do the same you

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2021 New Honda Ridgeline (Redesigned) – All You Need To Know About!!! By Auto Arena