2021 Polestar 1 Review // The Car Powered By EVERYTHING

This is the 2020 Polestar 1. It has 619 HP and 738 pound feet of torque. It has a supercharger, a turbocharger and two electric motors, and its the new halo car from Polestar. James and Thomas jump behind the wheel to see what it’s really like. Because at 156,000 USD, it better be good. Watch and enjoy. SUBSCRIBE!

You are watching the photowall sky report i’m james and it seems like hybrid and electric cars are taking the world by storm and we’ve come down to idaho to find out if that’s true and we’ve learned that there’s a current view just staying in this house come on so take a look yes what do you think this is an invasion police they can’t help us now you’re watching

Throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james and this is the absolutely gorgeous pole star one and in the spirit of hybrid electrics with a performance twist we’re very happy to announce that we’re teaming up with omae’s to give away a karma rivero gt we’re going to talk about it a little bit more at the end of the video but all you need to know right now is that

Taxes and shipping are included and your donations win or lose benefit an excellent cause go to amaze comm slash throttle and enter for your chance to win all right now what do we have here born out of a concept from 2013 this is the flagship hybrid electric performance car from the now independent company polestar which shares a parent company with volvo and

The volvo styling cues but that’s where the similarities end because this perfectly styled gt coupe has a very interesting drivetrain which we will explain in a second but the important thing is that it has an electric only range of a hundred and twelve kilometers and a hybrid range of eight hundred and seventy kilometers that’s 540 miles for the americans

And most importantly the polestar one puts out a combined 619 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque and it will run you a hundred and fifty-five thousand us dollars that’s a little under two hundred grand canadian quite a lot for a car with almost no trunk space and four cylinders so we want to find out what the polestar one has to offer host l1 what’s a

Good-looking car you’re welcome the rest of the world looking at this we’ve the electric motors kicking in the rear you can actually feel the rear start to move a little bit it’s there’s quite a lot of different driving modes and what they do is they adjust where the power is coming from that goes to the wheels so you can drive it in pure electric rear-wheel

Drive mode or you can put it in a custom mode and that you can adjust your steering individually how you want the region to work and all that stuff but there is a power mode power mode uses everything it can which by the way is a lot of things this car is turbocharged and supercharged and electrically charged like every one of the factory said what should we do

To this and everyone wayne yes the polestar one has it all literally it starts at the front with a tuned version of volvo’s 2 liter 4 cylinder which is supercharged and turbocharged which makes 326 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque and that engine is attached to a starter alternator which adds an extra 71 horsepower and 119 pound-feet of torque and then

There are two independent electric motors attached to the rear wheels adding another 232 horsepower and 350 4 pound-feet of torque so it’s certainly not down on thrust the north of 60 in this is 4.2 seconds that’s not that quick and if you compare it to things in the price range it pales in comparison a la there’s a lot around three second nought to sixty cars

In this price range but you get this for different reasons and when you plan your foot you can feel the electric tour coming in and then a moment later all the other stuff coming in it’s kind of like it asks for reinforcements you know what oh there goes the rear a little bit it’s it’s a quick car it’s not slow wow yeah see 700 pound feet of torque is yeah

You feel it but given that it’s supercharged and turbocharged electrically charged how does it sound well when the engine comes in it sounds a bit like a four-cylinder and when the engine is not coming in it sounds really cool it sounds like a little leavey puttering around town but sound is not the thing that i’m excited about in this car because i personally

Don’t get on with volvo’s steering and the polestar has an entirely different steering rack from the same company but it’s a different rack and it feels wonderful and the way it turns in it defies physics and she’s a heavy girl and heavy though it may be in fact it’s about the same weight as a porsche tyco on over 5,000 pounds the reason that it handles so well

Is because even though it looks like it started as a volvo it’s been sliced and diced and reworked more than kylie jenner pretty much everything that you see is carbon fibre in fact the whole chassis of the car is carbon fibre other than the floor pan and the front and rear bumper structures in fact the car would have weighed about 500 pounds more if we didn’t

Have all the carbon fiber but it’s not just the weight savings that we want the carbon fiber for it’s the design because aluminum and steel can be bonded to a corner radius of about five millimeters at the most carbon fibre can be bonded to 2.1 millimeters which means that you can create these really lovely and very sharp lines but more importantly for me is

The way that weight is distributed because thanks to the carbon shell on top like a tesla this has a low center of gravity which means you get to take these turns like a racecar since there is a battery right here in the transmission tunnel and since there’s a battery in the trunk you can see actually where it all plugs into back there this has a very good

Weight distribution in fact it’s biased to the rear in terms of weight distribution and that does affect the handling in a good way this is on old ins dampers √∂hlins has been kind of mixed with volvo and polestar for a while in the racing world and pull start didn’t spare any expense which means that this has adjustable poland’s dampers you actually physically

Adjust them like a race car you go under the hood or in the rear on the strut towers and physically click it to adjust the compression and rebound right now we have these set in a fairly soft setting which is honestly good for roads like this but the way that it’s mixing with the balance of where the weight is in this car means that this car handles very very

Well turning is excellent i can feel the the rear end start to lift and move just a little bit if you’re too aggressive on corner entry and there’s feedback coming through the steering wheel it’s not amazing but it’s better than volvo’s that i’ve driven it’s better than a lot of cars that i’ve driven but most importantly for me is the ride and the way this is set

Up right now on these roads which are not that far from toronto roads thanks to new england and new york and horrible winters is really good and i know thomas complains about volvo seats because he’s got fat ass but i fit into these perfectly and they’re bolstered just right i’m being gripped perfectly on these corners they spent some time tuning the chassis of

This car because even though it weighs a lot you don’t feel the mass in the middle of a corner even small adjustments that you do to the steering wheel don’t really cause the the car to buck and move and dive the dampers are stiff enough the springs are stiff enough that it can control the mass unlike a tesla i found the model three for example do not have stiff

Enough suspension it has a fine ride but this has a good ride too and it can control its mass that’s what happens when you just good damper there’s no escaping the fact this costs almost $100,000 more than a tesla model 3 alright i’m gonna go talk to james about the best thing about this car is styling oh well have you duel it’s a heavy car it is doesn’t drive

Like you there no it doesn’t it’s five well it’s cuz of the design it doesn’t look or feel five thousand pounds so it hides its weight well it’s like the car version of spanx which i’ve never worn i’m definitely not wearing no no it looks amazing absolutely perfectly proportioned car yeah fantastic in this white color which is called snow snow very imaginative

The dog blue is midnight the black is space just looks around to be in that same with all the colors it’s like a 5,000 5,000 yeah i like this logo very very much i wish it wasn’t body color no no no no it’s cool business body color matte it’s sleek and understated and and cool and what’s the words they use they’re gonna list minimalistic yes that’s what they’re

Going for yeah it still looks pretty volvo though headlights volvo yes although yeah what about these wheels like the diamond-cut can we look like them you know what though as a package with the car i think they work really well okay fine and the akebono i could burn of grapes brakes make the agwi a curb or a great blank caliper the grapes grapes that is the

Best oh tag of the day breaks the yellow breaks yes look great however i normally associate yellow brake calipers with carbon ceramics right i think jags porsches lambos the still vo quadrifoglio okay they’re not carbon ceramic so no they’re not it feels cheeky but it looks so good they’re very they’re touchy these brakes i found it on that yes definite yeah oh

Wait sorry one thing okay frameless window oh yeah they’re so cool look great right you’ve so rear view mirror that has frameless which this has but these are really oscar design okay to the back here we go it’s a volvo really good-looking it looks great i love these taillights yeah the light is sick inside but otherwise it’s pretty volvo looking pop as amazing

Also because it’s a plug-in hybrid yes you have a fuel cap and i already need to fight anymore which we do all right one two three open this one’s locked what’s up i win i’m protected okay and a bit of carbon fiber yeah i’m definitely definitely not some fake exhaust tips definitely not these are a hundred percent real let’s look at the interior all right let’s

Get the things that we don’t like out of the way okay okay i think that gauge cluster leaves much to be desired i agree with you i mean it’s just a bit simple especially $155,000 car oh well that’s not my biggest issue biggest issue is it is the same as volvo’s but b it’s hard to see when the sun hits yeah there’s glare it’s not that bright even though it’s

Quite recessed yeah it’s all off blaring it’s okay this were fine with yeah it’s fine once you’re used to it and you understand its layout it’s good it still though the car play looks small on it because it takes up half the screen that’s true yes right there are other calls now it’s bigger and the poetry thing is is hurting them because at the native car yes

Yes steering wheel they didn’t want to change that because it cost more money for them yeah basically this is a nice steering wheel and it’s i don’t like i i don’t mind it at all but i think that maybe moving a little bit different my only gripe about the steering was the paddle shifters alright this is the pub star one and out all shifters feel yeah they’re okay

There other than that i’m fine with the wheel carbon fibre everything is real yes okay so the rest of the interior is nice oh yeah back onto the good stuff good stuff now yeah it’s the best of volvo you’re the bowers and wilkins yes the yellow seats are incredibly comfortable yes this is like this is real carbon fibre not a single bit of this is fake and what i

Appreciate more than anything and this is what you expect in a near $200,000 car is that absolutely every single thing is trimmed in leather that’s everything look if you if you look at it down the door look all the way down to the bottom stitching all the way to the bottom we’ve got these are stitched fully and completely yeah we got this cool little spar that

Sticks out up here yeah and this is like a floating ball yeah and there’s a little pulsar logo on top to reflect it reflects on the window you only see it in the dark oh this panoramic roof is really really doesn’t move it’s a moon roof so it is yeah okay is it okay because the moon very good point james engelmann this is a crystal shifter i think instead of

Looking and bmws ooh right yes we do have the old famous gypsy gypsy ring and what did i do on the fly here well we were driving yeah instead of adjusting the drive mode thomas does the start engine stop button switch the car off yeah and actually turn off thankfully obviously it’s smarter than that but yeah it’s this is a wait button because to turn the engine

Off it’s not anti-clockwise it’s clockwise again right the rear seats like a porsche 911 kind of not usable for kids you could use them right but my favorite part is that they’re beautiful they absolutely crushed that this is the stitching that goes all the way around it reminds me of the s-class even the isofix stuff on top it looks like caught jet turbine it’s

Cool that chrome and you know it’s really well done there are some very very good points of this interior however well what about what oh yeah that’s right the this is like a bathtub like this is so high i don’t know if you can see you can very barely see any of our faces because the the short you okay i’ll do the pose so high that makes this part of blind spot

Like i you can’t see the curb down there it’s fine on the side but the frameless rearview mirrors help maybe they were a necessity because this is so high anyway i think for the most part this interior suits the price yeah i think that’s fair it doesn’t go beyond the price no it does not but it just makes it no but it competes with some serious things right

Unfortunate 11 turbo and that brings us onto our conclusion sometimes when we review a car it’s obvious where it fits why it costs what it does and for our verses video is which one we’d rather take but the polestar one felt like we just walked out of the movie inception we knew it was good and we couldn’t stop talking about it but we weren’t entirely sure

What just happened it’s a car with a strange identity a 911 turbo is faster and a porsche and there’s also for the evie only crowd but icon and if you just want a pretty coupe there’s the f-type but the polestar one makes no attempt to fit the narrative they aren’t going to make another version of it nor will they update it like they’re up come tesla fighter

The polestar – it’s pole stars attempt to show the world what they can do and then some and it seems to have worked because every first year allocation is spoken for and they’re only making 500 a year for three years so would we buy it well knowing thomas if he had two hundred grand to spend he’d just buy a hundred cars that cost two thousand dollars each and

Don’t work so we’re not really the buyer all we know is that it’s unbelievable ride incredible handling and aesthetic x-factor meant that it felt pretty special even if a new york cop asked us to do a pool and on hearing the engine laughter us and then shouted yo is that a freakin smart car only he didn’t say fricken and yes that did happen okay so picture this

You want to do something charitable and win a six-figure price-performance car that makes five hundred and thirty six horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque at the same time well thanks to our partnership with omae’s you can because the calmer rivero gt like the polestar one is a hybrid electric and if you donate your money goes to conservation international a

Nonprofit dedicated to preserving this earth so for $10 you can win a car and help save the world and that sounds like a pretty good deal to us so go to amaze comm slash throttle for your chance to win thanks for watching you

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