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2021 RAM 1500 CLASSIC EXPRESS REGULAR CAB *Full Review* | Is It A Waste Of Money?

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What’s going on everybody jason here and today i’ve got this 2021 ram 1500 classic express regular cab and when it comes to the trims that you can get when it comes to the regular cabs now this one in particular is an st it’s an st express of course but you can also get the basic one even more than this which is the tradesman the entry level one and then it goes

To the express which you’re looking at right now or you can jump up uh to the slt which will have a little bit more features uh compared to this one now when it comes to the regular cab trucks and the bed the sizes that you can get are either six foot four box or an eight foot box and starting things off in the front you can see this whole truck is in the same body

Color as the color of the actual truck now if you were to get like a tradesman obviously you would get the black bumpers and a black grille and all of that because it is an entry-level truck and this one being the express this one does have the express black accents package so what you’ll notice on this one are the black headlamp bezels which are a little bit more

Darker compared to just a regular tradesman you’ll also get the body color grille and on the rear i’ll show you you’ll also get a black ram head on the tailgate and you also get it obviously in the front because this is the black accents package and also with this you’re gonna get the black 20 inch aluminum wheels which look really really nice especially being a

Bit of a smaller truck and kind of looking like a toy to be honest also with this one you do get your fog lamps now obviously these are just the regular halogen ones you can see the orange yellowish in there same thing with your headlamps they’re just the regular halogen headlamps and then of course you’ve got the body color grille like i mentioned and the black uh

Grille inserts in between those and that’s pretty much in the front there are no tow hooks that you can get on this if you do want those you would have to go up to the slt version and unfortunately on these ones the hood is just a typical standard hood unlike the forwarder versions that i’ve shown you with the sports performance hood you cannot get those on these

Trucks and also an upgraded option that this particular truck has is the anti-spin diff rear axle and once i go to the back there are a few more options like the rear sliding window the ram boxes which will give you added led bed lighting and a bed divider a hitch you’ll get also and then a spray in liner as well which is also added on to this truck now if you

Take a look at this truck from the side view you can clearly see like i was mentioning this just looks like a little toy truck to be honest because nowadays you really don’t see regular cab trucks as often because now people rather get the four-door quad cab or the crew cab you know it’s so much easier to have room in the back but obviously if you’re just looking

For a strict work truck and you really don’t care about all of that room and you don’t want to spend that much money this would be perfect for you and like i mentioned you see those beautiful 20-inch black wheels which are a part of the express black accents package also because this is a hemi you get the hemi 5.7 liter badging also the ram 1500 classic badging

As well and also option on this truck you also get the ram boxes in the rear now typically on a four-door truck if you were to get the ram box it you would have a plug inside to connect your tools or anything like that but this particular one does not have it you just have the cargo area in the ram boxes and that’s about it so when you go ahead and open up the ram

Boxes you can see you get the same amount of room that you would in any other four-door truck you just don’t have that plug that you would typically have on top of that you have your ram boxes to put your tools and all of that good stuff and a lot of people are not obviously fans of having the ram boxes but a lot of people are so it kind of really comes down to if

You really do need the ram boxes or if you don’t and heading over to the rear of the truck like i was mentioning in the front you get that beautiful beautiful blacked out ram head badging and of course the blackdale 4×4 badging as well and then you’ve also got a body color bumper not only in the front but in the rear as well and this is part of the express package

And of course because it is a hemi you also get the chrome uh dual exhaust as well and then like i mentioned this truck also has the hitch at the back and of course your plugs and wiring and all of that to connect your trailer if you do need to on this particular one because it is just an st you will not have the option to get the rear sensors when you’re parking

And stuff like that that you would have to go up to an slt and as for the rear taillights they’re just pretty standard tail lights to any other truck which are non-led or anything like that so pretty standard stuff back here and if we go ahead and open up the rear tailgate you can see like i was mentioning it already has the spray and bed liner directly from the

Factory and you also get led bed lighting now you can get the led bed lighting without the ram boxes but because this one has the ram boxes it comes packaged with that and you also get the bed divider at the back here as well and of course not only do you get the traditional hooks built into the truck but you also get the adjustable tie down hooks up top like you see

In that little rail area and like i was mentioning this truck also has your rear sliding window of course it’s not a power sliding window but you still get a rear sliding window which is nice to have now typically when i do my reviews i would normally say let’s head into the rear of the vehicle but as you can see this truck does not have a rear it’s just a regular

Two-door cab truck but again if you go into the front here there is a bit more space compared to a four-door truck because obviously like i mentioned this does not have a rear so these doors are a little bit more bigger so like you can see on the left-hand side of the door you have a little bit of space to put you know small little items which typically you won’t

Have that space for a normal four-door truck also you’ve got your traditional space at the bottom to put smaller items cup holder and all of that right above that you’ve got another little space to put something and then if you keep going up you’ve got kind of like this vinyl feel to the trim right there and then of course you got your window controls side mirror

Controls and all of that good stuff now because this truck has the power and remote entry group this is gonna give you what’s called premium door trim and also what you’re gonna get are your side meters on the exterior will be heated you’re gonna get keyless entry from your key fob and then of course you’re gonna get power locks also you’ve got your standard six

Speaker setup in this truck there is no upgrade available on these ones now as we take a look at these nice looking seats even though that they are cloth and this is a regular cab truck this is no different than a normal four-door truck with cloth seats and these are obviously comfortable as well and obviously like you see these are the bench seating setup so when

It comes to the st truck you can get cloth bench seats what you’re looking at right now you can either get black on black or black with diesel gray another option that you can get is the hd vinyl bench seating which you can only get with the black diesel gray interior and of course both the front seats are manual adjustable there’s no power or anything like that in

This truck of course and because this is a regular cab you do have a little bit of room behind both the front seats to put small little items so it kind of reminds me of a four-door mega cab where you’ve got these hooks at the back of course and then underneath you do have a little bit of storage room to put small little items and then of course you can see your

Manual rear sliding window and of course if you look underneath just your typical stuff your foot pedals your parking brake to the left and that little latch right above the parking brake is to release it in the center there you do have your hood latch release above all of that you do have your front lighting controls and of course your rear uh lighting controls

As well so your fog lights in the front and all of that and then your steering wheel is manual adjustable so once you enter into the express truck your whole dashboard is covered in black trim of course and then you’ve got your speakers in both corners and in the center of course and in front of you you do have this seven inch display cluster which is very very

Similar to any other truck whether it be a four-door or a regular cab you’ve got your typical attack meter speed and then a bunch of different temperatures your gas and all that good stuff and of course in the center like any other vehicle you can flick through a bunch of different options that you can have in front of you again like even this is a regular cab you

Still have that option of having different things in front of you so it makes life a little bit more easier and when it comes to your steering wheel it is wrapped in this vinyl trim which goes all the way along and on the actual steering wheel to the left of it obviously you’ve got your bluetooth settings and then you’ve got your controls like i mentioned for your

Uh gauge cluster in front of you to the right of the steering wheel you’ve got your gear selection up or down and then your cruise control settings and all of that and of course in the center of the steering wheel you can’t forget that chrome looking ram head logo and of course if you turn the steering wheel to the left you’ve got your controls for your high beams

Windshield wipers and all of that good stuff moving into what you would typically call a center hand rest you have your third jump seat of course now when this seat is down you have obviously your three cup holders and you can flick up this middle section here to have a little bit more storage within the seat and inside there you do have usb ports and whatnot so you

Can actually put stuff in there to charge and just kind of tuck away now of course when this seat is up you do have a third person that can sit in the middle there which is nice to have especially if this is a work truck and you have a team of let’s say three people it’s perfect for you guys and if you look across in front of the jump seat you do have two outlets

Of course in the front and then in the center there you do have a small little room to put you know small little items of course and above that to the left you do have of course your traditional rotary dial uh gear selector of course and then you’ve got your four wheel lock for low two wheel drive and then of course your manual uh neutral button right there and if

You look at this slot right here where typically you would have like parking sensors and all that stuff it’s completely empty this is a pretty much a basic truck of course uh the only two things you have here are your tow haul mode and traction control that’s pretty much it and if you look right above that you’ve got your traditional heating and cooling temperature

Controls which you can control through there or through the touchscreen which i’ll show you in a second also if you look to the right of the temperature controls you have a little slot there i don’t know why it would be there but i’m assuming if you want to put your key there for whatever reason you have one there and then you have another one on the passenger side

Which i’ll show you uh near the end also what this truck has is something called the wheel and sound group package which is of course going to give you cloth band seating carpet flooring and then your front floor mats as well so now if we take a look at the 8.4 inch touchscreen it’s the uconnect 8.4 inch uh this is part of the electronics convenience group so if

You don’t get that you’re just going to get the small five inch screen with pretty much nothing on it um but again if you are going to be getting this type of a truck for a work truck or whatever it is the purpose that you want to use it for um it’s really not necessary to have an 8.4 since it’s going to be a work truck but if you do need it you have the option to

Get the electronics convenience group and getting the uconnect 8.4 inch touchscreen this is gonna give you obviously the apple carplay and google android auto and all of that stuff so it’s very very similar or the same to any other uh uconnect system so you’ve got your media section the sirius xm am fm you’ve got your climate section right there which of course

Like i was mentioning you can control your climate through the touchscreen or the actual buttons and then if you click into controls you can dim your rear view mirror you can go to your backup camera and then of course your settings and if you go ahead and click on the backup camera you’re just gonna see a traditional backup camera view there’s not going to be

Any other angles or anything like that like typically have shown you in other more expensive trucks and right next to the controls you’ve got your apps section which again you’ll have different options to go through like your backup camera mirror dimmer and all of that good stuff so a bunch of different options that you can go through next to that you’ve got your

Phone settings if you do have your phone connected or bluetooth or whatever and then again you can go through the settings as a separate button down there and then fine-tune whatever you need to do and above the screen you do have this nice ram lettering with a tiny bit of space if you want to put a phone up there or a key fob or a small little wallet or whatever

You need to you have the little space to put it and above all of that you’ve got your obviously rear view dimmable mirror with the assist and sos buttons on there and above that you’ve just got your typical interior dome lighting and nothing really else going on because this does not have a sunroof so there’s no button for that no rear power sliding window it’s

Just the manual one so very clean look here just your interior lighting and coming over to the passenger side like i was mentioning that little slot that you see right next to the temperature control you have the same one over on the passenger side so hey if you have two keys you can put two keys in there or whatever you need to but if you look right above the

Glove department you have an open space to put small little items or paperwork or whatever you need to and then of course right below that you’ve got your traditional glove department which you can have small little items in there um like paperwork or whatever you need to you can throw in there you have two little sections so which makes it really great so when

It comes to what powers this truck you can get two engine options you can get the 3.6 liter v6 or you can get the 5.7 liter hemi v8 which of course like i shown you this truck has so for example this particular truck because it has the hemi engine is going to give you 395 horsepower and 410 foot pound of torque now when it comes to towing you will get two options

When you choose the hemi option for the engine you’re gonna get the 3.21 or the 3.92 with the 3.21 you can tow a little over 8 000 pounds and with the 3.92 you can tow about 9 000 pounds and here is the window sticker for this classic express you can see up top where it shows the regular you know typical stuff engine color and all of that you’ve got your standard

Equipment and then you’ve got your optional equipment that this truck has added on so it has a ton of features as you can see added on which makes it a little bit more premium and then of course at the bottom you’ve got your total price with everything now again this is in canadian and minus any dealer discounts or manufacturing discounts that are being offered at

The time and that’s it for this 2021 ram 1500 classic regular cab like always let me know in the comments down below do you love this truck or do you hate it

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2021 RAM 1500 CLASSIC EXPRESS REGULAR CAB! *Full Review* | Is It A Waste Of Money?! By Everything Car Reviews