2021 Ram 1500 Classic Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4 | 900 St-Laurent Blvd, Ottawa | Walkaround Video

2021 Ram 1500 Classic Express Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4 (Stock # 210336) with Remote Starter, Sport Performance Hood, Class IV Hitch Receiver, Spray-in Bedliner & more!

Hello everyone cameron here from sail around jeep and ram today i want to take the time and show you this beautiful 2021 ram 1500 classic crew cab and night edition that we just got in stock it’s absolutely gorgeous the truck is also nicely loaded it has a 5.7 liter hemi engine as you can see with the 20 inch wrangler tires side steps are already included in

This from the factory coming around back of the truck you get the dual exhaust because it’s the hemi you get the nice ram badge in the back because it’s the night edition your hitch and wiring is obviously right there for you for towing over eight thousand pounds and the bed is also has the linux so as you can see very nice well put together truck absolutely

Gorgeous eye-catching and this is the all-around view from outside so and also not to not to mention you have the sport performance hood which is an upgraded option on this truck as you can see with the air vents on top so let’s go inside the truck and see what is what it is equipped with an interior awesome guys so this is what the interior looks like from the

Driver’s side i want to show you the back seats as well so you can see the actual space what a crew cab has and these chairs are also 60 40 you can fold them up you can use these dividers here to get a flat surface if you’re ever carrying any type of box or you can fold them back and use the storage underneath and that’s on both sides so you can have a complete

Flat floor or you can use this storage all the way around also you got these two holders on two sides for leaving your tools and you get that on both sides so to the inside from the driver’s side you obviously have your power windows power door locks and power side mirrors and the driver’s seat also gets the power seats with a six-way adjustment and you have the

Bucket seats in this model which gives you the full center console so center console has two different compartments to open and as you can see lots of storage area so close this close the top one and let’s see what the inside looks like from the driver’s seat so the big cluster you see in front of you that’s the uh seven inch cluster display which is an upgrade

On these models it is digital and you can customize it and also keep up with your vehicle information and performance as you go so from the driver’s side the steering wall your 8.4 inch touchscreen and also your cold weather package which gives you your heated seat seated steering wheel and your remote starter your cruise control on the right side of the steering

Wall and your audio control on the left side you obviously have your automatic headlights as well so pretty convenient to have that in a car don’t need to worry about ever forgetting turning on your headlights and obviously in the back mirror here you have your option to call the tow truck from the vehicle when you activate services with serious serious exam

Guardian and also for emergency services if you ever need it so there’s a lot a lot there’s a lot into this truck that i can go over in this little video but if you guys want information come drop by at 900 cellular sail around boulevard and ask for cameron or call me at 613-745 thanks everyone hope to see you soon

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2021 Ram 1500 Classic Night Edition Crew Cab 4×4 | 900 St-Laurent Blvd, Ottawa | Walkaround Video By Ottawa St-Laurent Jeep \u0026 RAM