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2021 RAM 1500 Classic – Review, Driving Test and Walkaround (Dodge RAM 1500) 2019, 2020

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Our last video showcased Jeep’s brand-new pickup truck. Today at LCR we’ll show you another pickup truck: the #RAM #1500 #Classic. This is really the best deal in a truck you can get right now, and in this Report, we’ll show you why! We’ll cover all the features of the exterior and interior of the RAM 1500 Classic, plus the technical specifications and overall driving experience.

In this episode we’ll review the ram 1500 classic our last video showcased the jeep’s brand new pickup truck today at lcr we’ll show you another pickup truck the ram 1500 classic this is really the best deal in the truck you can get right now and in this report we’ll show you why we’ll cover all the features of the exterior and interior of the ram 1500 classic

Plus the technical specifications and overall driving experience when ram came out with their new 1500 they kept producing the previous model alongside the new one renaming it the 1500 classic the iconic styling still looks good today and some people even prefer this design over the new one because of its more aggressive and powerful looks but the most attractive

Thing about this new truck is its price ram was able to put together a very attractive package for a price that’s much lower than the newest generation making the 1500 classic the best truck deal out there so exactly what makes this such a great deal first off it’s freaking solid body and frame construction v8 power rear wheel drive cd46 steel bumpers and quad

Headlamps make it the last class of vehicles built according to the american tradition let’s start with the engine this truck is powered by chrysler’s legendary 5.7 liter hemi v8 known for loads of torque smooth operation and reliability the hemi is paired to an evenly smooth 8-speed automatic transmission which is operated with this electronic gear selector dial

That was only available in the higher trims of the previous gen ram this dial features auto shift to park when you turn off the engine it also automatically puts the truck into park when the door is open while the truck is standing still it is a unique feature in this price range having the gear selector on the dash makes for a clean area around the steering wheel

With just a single stalk to the left of the wheel this talk operates to blinkers high beams and wipers the 5.7 liter v8 produces 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque the available v6 eco diesel produces 10 pound-feet more torque but only 240 horsepower which makes the gas-powered v8 our engine of choice for this truck towing capacity for the kruca v8 is an

Impressive 10 390 pounds which is 1200 pounds more than the diesel can tow rated fuel economy is 15 miles per gallon city and 22 miles per gallon highway our combined mileage was 20 miles per gallon probably thanks to the hemis automatic cylinder deactivation which deactivates half of the cylinders when it doesn’t need the extra power overall these are impressive

Numbers for a light duty truck with the tradesman package that this ram 1500 classic is equipped with you’re not buying a basic truck either the bright white clear coat finish body is complemented with chrome finished bumpers and grille 20-inch chrome wheels and dual chrome exhaust the truck also comes with premium carpeting and an upgraded sound system with

5 inch touchscreen and 6 speakers more on this infotainment system later but i can tell you right now it sounds very good and powerful the rear seats have privacy glass which is great for adventures at the drive-in movie theater the wide center armrest can be lifted up to reveal a third front seat we don’t know why the front has three cup holders because you can

Never use them with the third front passenger a great attention to detail is a tiny dome light that shines a dim light on the cup holders at night it’s just bright enough to see what you’re doing so it doesn’t distract your view during night time other handy illumination is in the bed of the truck which assists with loading and unloading at night the bat comes

Standard with spray in bed liner which we think is really a must have for any pickup truck that truck bed doesn’t take away from the passenger space the 1500 classic crew cab is a massive truck and that translates into royal amounts of room for each passenger both front and back realize that i’m six foot eight tall and you know how cavernous this interior is the

Large rear doors with child locks provide easy access for all occupants more easy access comes from the grab handles on both a-pillars the front seats and steering wheel are manually adjustable and are surprisingly comfortable now obviously a pickup truck provides a lot of practicality as is but with this ram it goes beyond just having a bed the cabin is full of

Storage spaces some of them cleverly hidden in the front you’ll find small storage compartments in the dashboard for example to keep your keys and there’s a storage shelf hidden underneath as well as under the center armrest you’ll find more bins in front of the seats and there are generous door pockets some really cool hidden storage bins are underneath the

Carpet in the rear passenger area these removable bins are perfect to fill with ice to keep some ice cold drinks for example when you need to shoot a video about the ram 1500 classic in 90 degree weather more hidden storage can be found underneath the rear seats that can be folded up for even more cargo space the rear passengers also have their own cup holders

And air vents there are two reading lamps for the front passengers and an extra dome light for the rear passengers the rear also has two hooks for coat hangers and such underneath the passenger seat you’ll find the lift for the spare tire the ram 1500 classic has a more utilitarian nature than the higher trims like the limited and king ranch the advantage is that

All the door panels are mostly made out of one piece so they are easy to clean and less prone to damage than wood or leather would be in the same practical fashion the seats are upholstered in cloth that can be easily removed for cleaning by unzipping the cover other standard features of the truck include automatic half lamps all power windows power mirrors and

Power locks with remote which also locks the tailgate the tailgate is removable and features two cup holders plus a backup camera which has been mandatory in the us since 2018. tail lamps are the incandescent variant instead of led which will save you a lot of money if you need to replace one of the units despite the ignition being fully digital instead of

Pressing a button drivers still have to insert and twist the key to start the ram 1500 classic this can be done with a short twist when the truck starts a display comes up in the gauge cluster show all kinds of information like speed fuel economy temperatures oil life etc the gauge cluster looks nice and clear and fitted finish is good despite it being more basic

We particularly liked ram’s choice of material for the metallic gray accents it’s not the glossy type of paint that will easily scratch but seems to be a deeper matte type of surface finish the steering wheel features buttons for cruise control manual gear selection and hands-free phone controls the tradesman package also comes standard with the 5-inch touchscreen

Featuring sirius xm satellite radio bluetooth usb and aux inputs compass clock and phone directory among other functions new text message from kevin nordisk the touch screen can also be used to configure various settings of the truck itself the books for the truck come in a nice canvas pouch similar to the trademark jeep styling one thing that we found missing is

A mirror inside the driver’s side sun visor this one has a mirror this one doesn’t it seems like a strange way of cost cutting in an otherwise very well equipped truck driving the truck the most commons we heard is how surprisingly comfortable this ram is the seats are great and the cabin is quiet steering is light and handling feels tight and secure we would

Have wished for a more comfortable suspension though as hulls and bumps in the road can be felt quite strongly acceleration is a blast for a huge and heavy vehicle like this reaching 60 miles per hour in 6.1 seconds and the duo exhaust sounds great all in all we can’t think of a better deal for the money if you’re looking for a v8 powered full-size truck and

Don’t need all the latest bells and whistles but still want a nice and complete package call our sponsor for this video don jackson in georgia at 470-533-5400 or visit your local ram dealer we love to hear from you in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already done so there’s a lot more cool cars and trucks coming up in this channel see you next time you

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2021 RAM 1500 Classic – Review, Driving Test and Walkaround (Dodge RAM 1500) 2019, 2020 By LCR 🚗 Luxury Car Report