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2021 Ram 1500 Warlock: Should Ram Discontinue The 1500 Classic Series???

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Today I drive and review a 2021 Ram 1500 Warlock!

Well let’s get our full-blown acceleration hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video we’re gonna be going over a 2021 ram 1500 warlock with the 5 7 hemi but first and foremost a huge shout out and thank you to the dodge ram here in sandy for giving me some time with this warlock check out the inventory link below let’s get straight into the video so

Under the hood of the 1500 warlock we have a naturally aspirated 5.7 liter hemi v8 that goes through an 8-speed automatic transmission fuel economy is 15 around town and then 21 on the highway with power outputs being 395 horsepower and then 410 pound-feet of torque now let’s go over the front end of the 1500 warlocks so obviously this is built off the classic

Body style so you have the old-school hood with the ram and then you’ve got the old-school projector halogen bulbs with the little led turn signals right next to it and the led turn cycles look like that just when they’re on obviously blinking versus being solid and then you’ve got the ram logo here this is all from the ram rebel actually the front grille and the

Bumper and then the lights and all that that’s all from a ram rebel from the previous generation which i think looks pretty cool from a front end perspective obviously has that kind of like more aggressive off-roader type look coming on the side here we’ve got two 75-millimeter tires wrapped around 20-inch wheels in the front and over in the rear as well and these

Might look pretty familiar to you because these are the wheels from a bighorn they’ve just been uh blacked out to go with the overall theme of the truck so this is kind of just like a part spin but anyways you guys can see the front suspension here with the warlock and then you have the blacked out hemi 5.7 liter badge and then you’ve got the 1500 classic badge

Right there on the side and then other than that you guys can see the door handles also blocked out and then also you can see the fender flares there which are also blacked out which kind of again goes with the overall theme of the truck let’s go over the rear of this truck so this does not come with a bed liner you can get it as an option or you can just do it

After the fact recommend doing it just after the fact that’s pretty easy it’s a little bit less expensive than the factory option but you can see no led bed lights or anything like that i totally just clicked the key against the tailgate when i stepped up to it so i just locked it but anyways payload capacity is about 1463 pounds with this warlock and also this

Has the six foot four bed now let’s go over the rest of the rear end of the warlock so first and foremost you guys can see that you’ve got the led lights here in the back again from the previous generation and then you’ve got all of your blacked out badging here on the rear end and then we’ve got chrome exhaust tips which is kind of random and then you’ve got

The rebel bumper with the parking sensors on it and then we’ve got the receiver hitch toy capacity on this truck’s right around 10 000 pounds if you guys were wondering and other than that that’s everything for the rear of the warlock let’s go over the door panel here in the rear so you guys can see you’ve got kind of like the old-school door panel so material

Use isn’t nearly as nice as the newer trucks but the door handles pretty much the same and then coming to the seats here in the rear you guys will notice that this actually has the newer style of seats here in the back so the cloth back here is actually really nice but it’s interesting it’s kind of like the mix between the old and the new so they basically just

Took the seats from like a tradesman package with the new body style and just put it in this truck and then you guys can see you got the storage space just underneath the seat now this is the quad cab so it’s a smaller cab so stepping in oh i would recommend sidesteps it’s kind of difficult to get in now headroom is fine 511 legroom though on the other hand

It’s a little bit cramped here in the quad cab so it’s definitely a downside but other than that this is the back end of the warlock before we go over the door panel here this truck does have the trailer mirror so they do flip up and they are heated as well as for the door panel here at the front you guys can see we’re actually going to rest arm is pretty hard

But they put soft touch here on this little portion with the little trim just to make it look cool and then you guys can see you’ve got all of your window controls your mirror adjustments as well on that little area and then you got the front seats here again borrowed from the new generation truck which i think is a nice little look here in the warlock package

They are manually adjustable and then you guys can see you’ve got the pedal layout there at the bottom and then you’ve got the light controls just here at the top the steering wheel is manually adjustable and there’s one more look before we pop into the warlock here’s the steering wheel with the warlock you have the old style of steering wheel you guys can see

You’ve got the cruise controller here and then you have the gear limiter on the other side voice command controls and foam controls on that side and then you got the controls for the center stack overall pretty nice little look for the steering wheel obviously more on the basic side and you have the stock for the turn signal and the windshield wipers as well and

It’s all for the steering wheel but here is the center gauge cluster again it’s with the old body style trucks so you have that little screen there in the center gives you different bits of information you can make it be like a little digital speedo which is usually what i leave it at but pretty basic in terms of information not nearly as nice as the new style truck

But i mean i feel like it still looks relatively good here’s the center infotainment system and if you actually get like a new tradesman then you get the same infotainment system as this truck which is pretty funny but anyways first off we’ve got the backup camera so you can see that you’ve got the trajectory lines that turn with the steering wheel no zoom in

Function though on the camera and then this comes with pretty basic stuff so you have your radio you’ve got your bluetooth all that kind of stuff with the truck again nothing too crazy it’s just more of a basic setup just down below the infotainment system we’ve got some controls here so you’ve got the climate controls just a single zone climate here in the warlock

And then you get your parking sensors there for the rear to turn that off your tow haul mode your stability control and then the trailer brakes as well and then you’ve got this random little like storage thing here don’t know what that’s all about and then you’ve got the gear selector here so still have the dial shifter definitely feels different than the new one

Like this one kind of feels like more robust whereas the new one just feels smoother when it clicks into the gears so it’s definitely just uh different in a string and then you get your drive line select just down below you’ve got two wheel drive your true neutral there in the center and then your four wheel lock and your four wheel low and then you have the 12

Volt just behind that little area and then you’ve got a usb on the other side now here’s the whole center console situation which is actually a bench seat so you’ve got the soft touch at the top and then uh well there you go not recommended for sliding camper use you heard it first here folks anyways you’ve got some usbs in there you’ve got a coin holder as well

Cup holders here on the top and then you lift up the seat it’s a bench seat and then if you guys are wondering there’s no under seat storage there’s just this uh paper format but yeah no under seat storage but obviously you could sit someone here just legroom’s gonna be difficult but the seat it’s just as nice as the other seats here in the truck so that’s pretty

Cool and then finishing things off we’ve got the glove box here which you’ve got the dual glove box system and both of them have coverings over them so pretty easy use on that little portion now finishing things here at the top you’ve got the lights you just press them and they pop on and off pretty straightforward with that and again with the mirror you’ve got

The little mirror dimmer thing again pretty straightforward with that and then for the glass it’s just fixed rear glass there you can’t open it or anything like that so yeah and then darker colored headliner that we’re done going the interior on this warlock let’s quickly get into the pricing so in terms of pricing this particular warlock stickers for about 45

Thousand dollars but don’t let the msrp fool you typically because this is the obviously the older body style truck they usually have bigger discounts on this truck and a lot of times they’ll have lease specials as well and so even though it’s got a pretty high msrp it’s not necessarily the selling price just hint wink wink with that anyways let’s take this 1500

Warlock out and see how she drives quick to talk about visibility before we set off here in this warlock you guys can see visibility over the hood is pretty decent and then you get your visibility through both of the mirrors and then here’s all throughout the rest of the rear so pretty good in general the only thing is it does take you a second to get used to the

Visibility over the hood since the truck’s a little bit bigger but that all being said let’s set off per normal we’re just going to kind of weave through the parking lot initially so we can kind of see the maneuvering and i’m going to make a lot of comparisons to the new body style ram obviously a lot of people kind of cross shop this with new body style they kind

Of go well is the new one really worth the extra money or should i get the older body style so maneuverability feels pretty good the steering definitely feels different so the new one the steering definitely has kind of like more of a luxury feel to it this steering rack feels just a little bit heavier but it’s less direct so the new one definitely feels more

Direct and lighter if that makes sense whereas this one feels a little bit less direct and also heavier and then terms like the initial ride quality this is where you’re gonna notice the biggest difference between a new body style 1500 and this older body style 1500 is the ride quality the new one is just so smooth and you get like no noise into the cabin other

Than the engine pretty much whereas this it’s just a lot less insulated pretty much and the ride quality is just not as smooth and really just depends on if you care about that or not me personally i always like kind of more of like a luxury type feel so that’s why i prefer the new body style but i can understand someone just not really caring and they just

Want a truck for truck stuff and this pretty much fits that bill if you just want a truck for truck stuff now from a handling perspective i can actually perceive a handling difference between uh this truck and the newer body style the new body style has the engine pushed back a little bit and you can actually feel that benefit with the truck handling a little

Bit better the turn-ins just a little bit nicer on the truck and just overall there’s just a lot of difference in terms of the handling it just it feels like it’s just a little bit easier to drive compared to the old buy sell and this is me having to be really nitpicky i hope that you guys kind of get that this is still a really good truck but let’s get our

Minor acceleration gosh i love the sound of that 5.7 hemi you actually hear more engine noise so the uh newer truck it definitely again it’s more insulated and you just don’t hear as much engine noise whereas this you get a lot more engine noise it kind of just feels more uh raw in general is the best way for me to put it the brakes on this truck are also really

Solid so you still win on that perspective and well let’s get our full blown acceleration gosh i love the sound of that hemi it sounds so good so from the acceleration standpoint i really can’t perceive the difference between this truck and the new body style they feel completely identical again the transmission is the same the power output’s the same it’s just

The body is different right um i can’t perceive a difference this feels just as quick just as strong and this truck does have the 392 axle ratio and that’s why this truck um is able to tow about 10 000 pounds and let’s actually get into summing things up with this warlock so first off from an exterior perspective i feel like the warlocks are really good-looking

Package if i was going to get a classic body style 1500 i would go for the warlock package just because i feel like it looks really good from the exterior in terms of the interior of the truck i think it’s cool they added the seats from the new tradesman into this truck definitely makes the feel a lot better these seats are so comfortable especially for like a

Base model truck they’re just really comfortable seats in general and then from the driving perspective again it doesn’t drive as nice as the new truck but it does all the truck stuff it has a decent payload capacity has a decent towing capacity fuel economy is pretty good for a truck and so if you’re just looking for again a truck to do truck stuff that’s where

The warlock’s gonna shine if you want all the nice new stuff then well get the new body style so it just depends on what your needs are i would definitely drive both of them and pick which one you like the best um but yeah i can see why they still make this truck it’s still really good to this day actually now that is going to sum things up for our video on this

2021 ram 1500 warlock and again a huge shout out and thank you to the dodge ram here in sandy for giving me some time with this truck check out their inventory the link below i’ll see all of you in that next video

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2021 Ram 1500 Warlock: Should Ram Discontinue The 1500 Classic Series??? By Ben Hardy