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2021 Ram 3500 6.4L Heavy Duty Tradesmen regular unleaded, gas, not diesel oil change

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This was just a quick oil change not going into too much detail just really showing how to do the oil change for a ram 3500 tradesmen, heavy duty, unleaded truck! If you need a video step-by-step with details of how much oil to put in versus me just rambling. Please send me a message. 

Hey guys so today i’m going to show you how to do an oil change on a ram 3500 6.4 liter hemi tradesman um uh truck uh the only difference is this is not the diesel version this is going to be the unleaded version um i didn’t go with the diesel version just because of the diesel gas prices i knew they were going to be skyhawk sky high when i purchased this vehicle

So when i purchased this vehicle it was back when the chip shortages were pretty um just hitting the market so i actually had to order this truck directly from the manufacturer so it took me about six months to get um and it came was shipped at it from mexico but besides the point um i just want to go ahead and show you how to change an oil change on this truck

Here which is not the diesel version it is the unleaded version so um the oil filter is in the in a different place it’s not like all the other places right below here and um under the passenger driver like driver side which is like the diesel versions and stuff like that it’s actually under the car and i’m sorry underneath the truck um so we’ll jump right into

It and show you how to change the oil on a ram 3500 tradesman 6.4 liter hemi unleaded version truck all right so we’re back so what you’re going to need is you’re going to need a 13 millimeter ratchet um 30 minute socket sorry um with your ratchet and your oil pan will be located right here and in the front of the truck your oil filter will be over there and

There’s a lot smaller filter the diesel versions of the truck and we’ll get to that right now so let me go ahead and crack this and let the oil out all right so i’m changing oil here this truck calls for um almost seven uh liters of uh oil and so six point nine seven or nine eight i believe um this truck is about a year old and only has 6 000 miles on it um

Actually a little bit more than six thousand that’s like six thousand five hundred um so it is overdue for an oil change um and i am throwing full synthetic in it so here i’m just letting the oil change the next one all right so battery at the truck oil is still dripping out there um so if you follow the oil pan come across in the front of the vehicle right next

To where the fan and everything’s at you’re gonna see your oil filter is located right there so um like i said it’s a little bit different than the diesel versions um and we’re going to go ahead and unscrew that and pull the the oil uh bucket over here and we’ll go ahead and get that oil changed so yeah i’m not sponsored by mobile one or sponsored by anybody

Just a regular guy you know maintaining their his own personal vehicle probably uh one of the sloppiest oil changes i’ve done um but i’m on a time crutch because we have to go somewhere um so i am going to put mobile one uh the zero w40 in my engine i’m a fan on level one i like their product um i’ve never had any issues all my cars run mobile one um in there

Um i also went with the mobile one extended uh performance oil filter and then i am going to go ahead and throw uh seven of these in the truck or pretty damn close to it so i got one two three four five six seven so again i believe the car calls for six point almost almost seven um quarts of oil um but uh i’ll throw probably six and a half in and then start the

Engine and pull the dipstick and see where i’m at but yeah that’s uh how you do a uh around 3500 2021 um 6.4 liter hemi but the unleaded version not diesel and i know i’m gonna get a lot of people saying it’s a waste of the truck they didn’t get diesel to it but hey i don’t want to pay the diesel prices they’re just going to get worse as government us left and

Right until we can get somebody back in office to actually put our economy back on the track i’m going to stay here um and go from there but other than that that’s uh how you do a tradesman oil change um i hope it helps somebody out there that was looking for a tradesman on how to do their oil changes because i know there’s nothing really on youtube on how to do

An oil change for a trade tradesman um not diesel version uh just unleaded i couldn’t find one so i figured i’d do one um just for the hell of it

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2021 Ram 3500 6.4L Heavy Duty Tradesmen regular unleaded, gas, not diesel oil change! By De Wyke