2021 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0 likes and dislikes after 8500 miles

Just some likes and dislikes I have found over the last 8500 miles

Okay so i did an initial video when we purchased the subaru and this is going to be the 8 000 mile update it’s got about 8 500 miles on it a road trip from texas up to new jersey and back and quite a few highway drives a little bit of off-roading but more highway than anything this is going to be more of like a pros and cons of what i like so far and what i don’t

Like so to start with the likes uh one thing i do like is the fuel mileage i’m getting about 33 miles to the gallon this does have the smaller engine this is the 2.0 which some feel is underpowered i feel like it’s perfect the one thing that doesn’t match up with it really well is the cvt transmission so you’ll get to some points like if you stop at a light and

You’re initially taking off and the cvt is just kind of clunky the motor has the power the transmission is just not good at putting it to the wheel sometimes as far as highway uh no problems there like i said the mileage is very good and then uh it’s very smooth on the highway 80 85 miles an hour is no problem um so the fuel mileage and the motor to me is

A pro one of the cons is going to be the transmission like i said it’s pretty clunky um i just feel like it’s something they haven’t figured out what this uh my wife did test drive the one with the bigger motor and she said that the transmission felt a lot better so i don’t know if it’s that transmission is meshed up better with that motor drives a lot better

Because of that but uh the bigger motor and the transmission seem to seem to be more smooth when you’re driving so another thing i really like about the subaru and like i said this is about eight thousand four hundred and so miles almost eight thousand five 500. and taking a road trip is this thing has a lot of room in it for a smaller car basically like a

Smaller station wagon it’s pretty dirty right now because obviously we take the kids and then the dogs but it’s got quite a bit of room so we took a road trip and we had three kids and we had two dogs at one point in the car and it was very comfortable driving around so as far as room in the cabin and like the feel of driving i’m 6’2 and i have no problem like

As far as comfort-wise driving this thing i think it’s very comfortable very spacious and has has plenty of room for someone my size in it so another pro is definitely going to be the ground clears which all subarus have great ground ground clearance but uh coming from a honda civic which was a great car as a sport model but it was very low completely different

Suspension setup and you constantly had to slow down when you were going over bumps or going through like certain areas uh subaru like you really don’t have to worry about that you can pretty much maintain speed hit some bumps and you never have to worry about bottoming out or anything like that because it’s got just enough ground clearance for a stockholm vehicle

I do plan on lifting this and adding tires but as assists from the factory it does ride really well with a with a higher ground clearance doesn’t have a lot of sway on the highway and like i said it just handles very well overall for the design like that they have on it right now all right so the remainder of video is going to be in the car and these are more love

Hate relationships than than i would say cons um because when they work it’s very very nice and it helps out a lot and it’s very functional but when they have problems or they don’t work it’s exactly that it’s just a problem so that is going to be the entertainment system up here um it has the connect with your phone where basically your phone pops up up here and

When it works it works very well it stinks very good but in eight thousand miles we probably had it to where five or six times this is freezed up and done nothing like you can’t touch any buttons it’ll work you don’t plug your phone it doesn’t work it doesn’t flip over to the radio it really does nothing you have to turn it all the way off leave it off for about

Three to five minutes and then turn it back on not sure if that’s a software problem or if that’s just a problem with this system in general like if any more people are having this problem but that’s definitely been a problem we’ve we’ve seen like i said when it works it works great when it messes up it messes up all the way to where you have to turn it off all

Right and the last two things i’m just going to put them together um i wouldn’t really call some love hey because i always turn this off when i get in the car and that’s the little auto start so basically like when you stop at a light and it’s trying to save fuel it shuts off your motor it gets on my nerves like i’m at the point now where when i get in the car i

Automatically turn this off because i if i forget about it and i go to a light and then it shuts off it just makes me angry um i’m not sure how much fuel you would actually save by stomping out a light turn off your motor starting it back up and then a stop sign same thing um i’m not sure if you’re really gonna save all that much fuel by by leaving that on and

To me it’s just more wear on the motor having a start and stop so i leave it off and i’ve never actually used it for like a set amount of period of time um i’ve only used it on accident when i forgot to hit the button but i’m pretty good now when i when i get in the car i make sure i turn it on um and then the last thing is the eyesight which is up here and

These sensors right here um when they work which is every time but when it rains if it rains hard it just shuts off which is i mean it makes sense it’s on your windshield but it stops working which is not a huge issue but the civic had the same thing and it never stopped working no matter how the weather was outside whether it was fog whether it was rain uh snow

It just it always worked for some reason uh the subaru is when it rains hard it shuts off which uh like i said that’s that is a love hate thing because when when the weather is clear and you’re driving and someone cuts you off it automatically slows down for you which is very nice because like in this area we’re in right now which is dallas fort worth people have

No problem cutting you off you know when you’re just driving at 60 70 miles an hour they just swing right over and slow down so it’s nice that the car reacts to it and it kind of slows you down a little bit also like for the long road trip we took the adaptive cruise control is very nice because you can set it at 75 and unless there’s a car you set your your links

On how far you want it set out but i usually do two to three links for cars and you pretty much don’t have to touch the throttle or the gas it will maintain and and keep you within that speed and keep you a safe distance away from cars which is very nice so saying all that overall we really really like the car and this is my wife’s car but we end up both riding

It together a lot so this is our main vehicle we take to work work in the same place so we drive this car everywhere we go and um overall it’s very very good vehicle great on fuel like i said it has enough power the biggest thing we don’t like is the transmission the cvt transmission that has been been the biggest complaint especially of me um because like i i

Hate the way it shifts sometimes i hate the way it lags when it takes off because it’s not every time it’s just sometimes so like i said you’ll get to that light and you’ll take off and it’ll be perfectly fine plenty of power and then you’ll get to the light sometimes and it’ll have that funky funky take out because the transmission is trying to i guess figure out

What it’s trying to do and it lags and you’re just basically like moseying up trying to gain rpms to catch up to speed but overall the subaru has been great i hope they come out with the update for the transmission and uh as well as the software i think if they did those two updates there probably is no more complaints to the car because i’m guessing that’s what

The problem with the transmission is is going to be software but overall the car has been great like i said to sum it up if you want a car that’s great on fuel has lots of room great ground clearance and then at a cheaper price point this model is like 26 000 which today it’s hard to find a car for 26 000 that has everything as far as like eyesight uh the full

Function um ground clearance plenty of room and and reliable so in that aspect this car is great so like i said if you’re looking for a car that hits all those points then this is probably going to be a good car for you hopefully by the time you get it or in 2022 they fix some of the cvt issues and just the lagginess to it um and then i think it’d be a perfect

Car from that standpoint so i know this is a longer video but if someone is looking to purchase a subaru like a crosstrek um i feel like some of the stuff i brought up will help them and identify like some of the things that i’ve found because this is our first subaru as well so hopefully it’ll help somebody before they even buy it they’ll notice it when they’re

Test driving it um and it’d be something they can look for or they’ll know that that’s gonna happen after they buy it so they also know like i said from the video i gave a lot of pros so i hope this helps um if you have any questions about the 2021 subaru crosstrek this is the 2-liter model um with the premium package inside um just drop a drop question and

I’ll answer it as best i can and like i said just hope this helps

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2021 Subaru Crosstrek 2.0 likes and dislikes after 8500 miles By Wanderlustfive