2021 Subaru Crosstrek Touring Manual Transmission 21CT9428

Hey everyone tyson the subaru specialist from super prince george here this is our 2021 subaru crosstrek touring manual yes we don’t get a whole bunch of manual transmission vehicles but the crosstrek does come with an available six-speed manual transmission two rings one step up from our convenience one under the outdoor and sport but this is the first removable

Trim level where you get the led fog lights the wheels are all the same other than the outdoor and the limited this one just came in hasn’t been fully detailed yet but in the back tons of storage people don’t expect there to be this much storage available in the back of the crosstreks we have grocery bag hooks we’ve got a cargo light privacy cover that hides

Everything from the top of the seats down if you need to carry anything on your roof you can get roof racks for it across this rail or crossbars for the roof rails second row plenty of room stood up to three people comfortably across there’s lots of headroom up there even taller people fit in here comfortably this is also the first run level where you get the

Proximity key so you never need to take the key out of your purse your pocket your bag your backpack whatever he just needs to be within about three three and a half feet to lock it you’ve got the lines and then to unlock you just put your hand in the handle it doesn’t do it right now because it’s running power windows lock mirrors as you would expect height

Adjustable driver’s seat based off of a pump system probably couldn’t see it going up and down there it was i promise carbon fiber trim or carbon fiber like trim across i quite like it auto headlights fog light switch left hand side of our steering wheel bluetooth audio controls make it take calls control of the calls the music these here these arrows will change

The small screen up here gives you a bunch of different information i personally like the digital speedo the info button here will change the information screen up here gives you a bunch of different handy information to have while you’re driving i like the water temp oil temp one myself cruise control touring now comes with a heated steering wheel does not heat

Here and it does not heat between here and here essentially between the seams so it kind of heats where you’re supposed to keep your hands subaru safety you know climbing control displays up here and it ranges from 18 on the low side all the way up to 32 so from freezing to tropical depending how you and your pastures like it it’s 14 degrees out so a little warmer

Is nice am fmcd satellite radio you get a three month trial of the sxm they’ll offer it to you to reduce rate or you can transfer a subscription to it really easy to do so it is touch screen or we have the physical buttons down here apps you’ve got apple carplay android auto you can put your nav on the screen listen to music do hands-free texting really easy to do

Your backup camera pops up in there as soon as you put in reverse shows you the top of the bumper so you have something to relate to and when you turn the wheel those orange lines move show you where you’re going to end up if you keep the wheel turned that way climbing controls are actually adjusted from here temperature fan strength and mode is where the airflow

Is coming from this is how you turn on your heated mirrors back window and front wiper de-icers which are the best things ever i thought they were super gimmicky but they work really really well as i was saying six-speed manual transmission it is really easy to go into reverse it’s this collar here being a six-speed lots of you push down on the stick subaru up

Over back camera comes on heated seats high and low for both the driver and passenger with the cloth they heat up really really quickly for 2021 you get to connect through your childhood connected services so sos exactly what it sounds like get your emergency personnel police fire truck ambulance blues concierge service so you can book service appointments you

Can call for roadside whatever you need so that’s a brief review of the 2021 subaru crosstrek two-ring manual transmission i’m tyson the subaru specialist talk to you guys soon

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2021 Subaru Crosstrek Touring Manual Transmission 21CT9428 By Tyson Remmelg