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In this video, Simone checks out the latest 2021. Let’s face it, when someone says Impreza, the first thing that comes to mind is the WRX or the WRX STI. But the standard Impreza is a completely different car altogether. The Subaru Impreza still has some redeeming features, and Simone outlines whether they are good enough for a price tag that starts from $35k for the range-topping S trim.

You’re watching cartel tv and i’m simone let’s face it when someone says impreza the first thing that comes to mind is the lovely wrx or the beastly wrx sti the standard impreza is a completely different kind of beast in fact let’s face it i wouldn’t call it a beast at all but the impreza still has some redeeming features let’s see if they’re good enough for a price

Tag starting from thirty-five thousand dollars for this range-topping s-trim today i’m reviewing the 2021 subaru impreza 2.0 i s sedan styling not really being an outstanding one it doesn’t look bad at all but it also doesn’t turn heads personally i love these bulges that combine with modern features such as these sleek headlights and these deep even aggressive

Sections that hold the fog lights side silhouette reveals the shape of a compact sedan but as i said it’s not going to be turning many heads despite these nice 18 inch wheels reserved for the s trim that i have here on the plus side there’s nothing really offensive or outlandish about this design there are no vulgar details out of place solutions or avant-garde

Ideas this is simply a compact sedan that looks like a modern compact sedan of its era okay maybe a slight bit behind the era one thing i will say is i think the hatch version looks better so the engine if you’re looking for an engine that can give you a nice effortless cruise within the speed limits one that’s proven and familiar one that’s reliable and that’s

About it then this engine delivers if you’re looking for anything but that you’re better off looking at other options the engine found in the impreza is a 2-liter naturally aspirated 4-pot boxer with 115 kilowatts and 196 newton meters of torque the ladder coming from 4 000 revs yep no turbo not a heap of power and not much in terms of performance also it’s

Paired with a cvt a good one but still a cvt i guess we should be happy we don’t get the 1.6 liter some other markets have but once again it’s about what you expect from this car if you’re up for some relax cruising then this powertrain doesn’t disappoint in fact it’s very good for relax cruising you get a smooth ride relatively affordable with a quick response

Although a little bit lacking in the push department steering is precise and suspension is a nice mix of comfort and handling the suspension is tuned to make you feel relaxed on a long motorway cruise the suspension is neither too firm nor too wallowy of course one of the best selling points of any subaru is their all-wheel drive system i mean it’s very rare in

This segment but it’s that amazing symmetrical all-wheel drive system that makes subaru models some of the most trusted all-drive vehicles around it really makes the impreza feel sure-footed in all conditions but back to the engine and gearbox the cvt is good for getting the engine to its most efficient revs very quickly so the engine feels more responsive when

You push the pedal hard however you quickly notice that the fast push does not necessarily mean a powerful push you’ll often get more noise than performance and that divorced feel between the sound and what is actually going on on the road is just part of having a cvt in saying that the cvt is actually a nice choice for this impreza most of them will be driven

Around the city or on the motorway in the city you’ll enjoy the zippiness when accelerating and you won’t be really disappointed by the lack of bush because you’ll only ever be driving about 50 or 60 case on the motorway at constant speeds it doesn’t really matter which gearbox you have in this trim level the impreza is one of the best options on the inside in

Terms of quality soft touch materials are everywhere exposed stitching really adds to the feel and the 8 inch touchscreen with apple carplay and android auto rounds off the first impression the screen is actually one of the best in its class this trim gets electrically operated leather seats with memory function they provide great support and they’re obviously

Aimed at motorway comfort the cloth ones in the trim below this are also really good subaru hit the sweet spot with steering wheel feel a while back and they’re really sticking to it it feels really good in fact so good it makes me sad that this is not more of a sports car at first sight you may think there are too many buttons on it but the layout is really good

And you get used to the controls very quickly again being a subi we also get the three screens these days when i get into a new subaru i have to remind myself that there’s this extra screen and where to look at what time depending on the info i’m after but i actually get used to it really quickly and i appreciate having it and it’s also super handy to be able to

Look up and catch a view of the side wheel to make sure you don’t scrape your rims on the gutter there’s also plenty of storage space around the cabin you get all the regular trays and bins as well as cup holders they’re all decently sized and easy to reach there is enough space for the rear passengers as well despite the compact dimensions taller ones like myself

May find the hip angle a bit steep but there’s definitely enough leg room and headroom even for adults however in terms of amenities the rear of the impreza is pretty basic no air vents no charges but there is an arm rest now with this being such a competitive category adding some extra amenities to the rear seats is becoming more and more important before that

The boot this sedan version gets 460 litres of boot space which is enough for most people looking into this segment but i also want to point out that the more stylish hatch version only has 345 litres aside from the beloved symmetrical or wheel drive with active torque split you also get electronic stability control abs ebd brake assist traction control auto hold

Reverse camera blind spot monitoring adaptive cruise control front view monitor lane change assist lane departure warning lane sway warning lane keep assist bleed vehicle start rear cross traffic alert pre-collision braking and throttle management brake light recognition reverse automatic braking side view monitor automatic start stop you get it there’s more

And it’s really safe now it’s important to note that you also get lifetime capped price servicing and 5-year warranty as i mentioned this impreza 2.0 is sedan will cost you 35 000 and prices work their way down to 26 000 for the entry level if you prefer the hatch then you need to add about 200 to this pricing this impreza is aimed at people looking for nice

Affordable motorway transportation i’m thinking maybe younger drivers who will enjoy the interior amenities or their parents who knowing their offspring are behind the wheel will be reassured by all the safety tech and the extra capabilities of all-wheel drive it’s for those who spend a lot of time travelling and who’ll set the cruise control to 110 kilometres

Per hour and never really need an engine with 200 kilowatts in these conditions and for those people the impreza is really good i mean think about it the efficient powertrain is a good thing even the cvt makes good sense subaru went out of their way to cram as much safety into this car as possible and they’ve also created a comfortable ergonomic accommodating and

Practical interior thanks for watching cartel tv if you haven’t already subscribe to our channel hit the notification button and follow us on social media now are you impressed let us know what would be your pick in the small car segment see you soon

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