2021 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition

In this episode we introduce the 2021 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition. The newest overland camping build to the channel, and one amazing SUV. Many miles of adventure are in our future. We traveled 2,000 miles to get this vehicle, and then 2,000 miles back across the country to Oregon. Thanks for watching.

So so welcome back to cz adventure i want to introduce to you the 2021 toyota 4runner adventure edition if you’ve been following along with my channel we do all sorts of outdoor activities and we’re big into camping i want to transform this true 4×4 tank this beautiful 4×4 machine that’s sitting next to me into the ultimate overland camping rig i’m going

To start out by saying i absolutely love this vehicle so let’s talk about a couple cool features that the 4runner has to offer this rear window here actually slides down into the door check this out this is really nice because my dog could stick his head out of this window when we’re driving down the road and he can enjoy the fun a little as well who am i

Kidding i love sticking my head up this window too and if we built a bed platform back here i think it’d be the perfect height to just be able to lay down in bed and gaze out this open window at the mountain another really cool feature about the 4runner are these cup holders and i know you’re thinking cup holders how can cup holders be cool well they come with

These silicone inserts and for this size it’ll fit like a normal can or something like that but for the average adventurer that likes to bring a hydro flask look at that when have you seen another car that has cup holders big enough to fit something like that so we’ve already made a couple of modifications to the 4runner and that includes this borla exhaust

Doesn’t that just warm your heart something that i really love about the 4runner is the simplistic utilitarian style the trd wheels as well as the blacked out badging really give this an aggressive look clean and very simple like i had mentioned cargo space is impeccable going back to simple and utilitarian it has a manual 4×4 shifter this is super cool a lot

Of vehicles nowadays have a knob but there’s just something about actually changing gears that is really for the driver so the bread and butter of a toyota 4runner are the off-road capabilities that’s why people buy these things this vehicle has crawl control so this is essentially an off-roading cruise control as well as a terrain select so it goes from light to

Heavy essentially from sand to boulders this vehicle is equipped with an atrax system as well as a locking differential as well if we take a look at the rear of the vehicle you’ll notice there is tons of room in here you can definitely fit two full-size adults extremely comfortably and as you can see the cargo space in the rear is absolutely massive these seats

Fold down and then you’re left with a completely flat huge cargo space the hatch up here provides us with amazing shade as well as cover from the elements so you may be curious about the plans that i have for this 4runner ideally i’d love to make this the ultimate 4×4 over landing adventure rig and quite honestly i’m really excited to get working on this thing

As for a camping setup i’m not entirely sure what i’m set on yet and i’d like you my subscribers to help me out on what you want to see so do you think i should put a rooftop tent on this thing or some type of pull out drawer sliding bed platform in the rear end me personally i’m kind of leaning towards the bed platform inside of the vehicle and hear me out i

Could build some type of drawer system that i could set up some type of kitchen in and we could do our gourmet cooking out of the rear end of an suv i think that would be really cool some negatives about the rooftop tent are fuel economy you probably take a hit because you have a large platform on the roof of your vehicle i’ve heard it’s pretty windy when you

Crawl onto your roof to sleep pretty pricey and i could build an actual bed platform probably for a fraction of the cost they’re not very incognito if you know what i mean i mean when you pull up to a campsite and you have to unload this huge tent on the roof things become more complicated so i’d really like to hear what my subscribers have to say about the new

4runner that we have behind me don’t worry the van content isn’t going anywhere we still have the 2000 gmc safari it’s just sitting in the garage right now while we’re enjoying this beautiful sunny day here in oregon in the new 4×4 there’s plenty of videos out there about the 2021 toyota 4runner adventure edition this one’s more or less just an introduction to

It on my channel here so go ahead please drop a comment down below and let me know what you think about this 2021 toyota 4runner adventure edition as well as what do you want to see done to it on this channel should i do a bed platform type build should i do a rooftop tent tires wheels lift what do you guys want to see done to this vehicle on this channel thank

You for helping me get to my goal of 1000 subscribers before the end of 2022 we hit 1 000 subscribers in july and this is so much faster than i thought we were going to and i can’t thank you enough for helping me the next goal 10 000 subscribers do you think we can do it i think we can i cannot wait to see the places we’re gonna take this thing but that’s gonna

Wrap up this little tour of my new overland build i hope you enjoyed this video we’ll see you in the next adventure you

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