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2021 Toyota Avalon Limited AWD Test Drive & Review

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This is the 2021 Toyota Avalon Limited!! This Avalon Limited comes in celestial silver metallic on graphite leather interior. The powertrain consists of a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated 4 cylinder engine mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Here we have a 2021 toyota avalon limited this one comes with all-wheel drive and that paint color is silver metallic and the interior consists of the gray perforated leather seats and the power train on this one is going to consist of a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder made into an 8-speed automatic transmission as you come to the front end here you

Have your led headlamps along with daytime running lights and then down here you have your 18 inch aluminum wheels and you have passive keyless entry on the front two doors there are the controls for your power door locks windows and mirrors as well as your memory seating you have your auto high beams heated steering wheel bird’s eye view all that and you have

A power tilt and telescoping steering wheel and there’s your power driver seat with power lumbar support let’s check out rear seat room i’m gonna hop in here and pretty good back seat room with this being just a regular wheelbase and all that i have plenty of room and i’m 6’3 and i have the seat in front of me adjusted for someone of my size as well so you

Can definitely fit two adults one behind the other in this oh and what’s this you have heated rear seats as well and then you have a usb and usbc charging port there’s a view of the front from back here there’s your middle seat let’s check out the trunk space and there is the back right there and really good trunk space on this thing but if you want to fold

The rear seat down for even more space just pull up here and i’ll show you that then you can just pull the seat down here and you have all that extra space to run boards or something through whatever and there is your power passenger seat with power lumbar support as well and i like how they included that on this one but a really great and sleek looking car

Especially in this silver let’s check out what’s under the hood so there’s that 2.5 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder so as we hop in the driver’s seat really nice leather wrapped steering wheel and i like how they did the two-tone the dark gray and the lighter gray that’s perforated here it feels really nice really expensive but over here you have the

Navigation system along with that jbl sound system you have a backup camera with your bird’s eye view and there’s your page there and you have am fm xm along with bluetooth audio as well as apple carplay and then down here you have your dual zone automatic climate controls along with three stage heating cooled seats and there’s your shifter there you just hit

The button back here reverse neutral drive and then you can shift manually here and i always like how toyota kind of keeps their buttons here like around the center console area the shifter to change your drive modes just a touch of a button sport normal eco and you have your brake hose you can toggle as well as your electronic parking brake and then a usb and

Usbc charging port in the center console cubby here you also have a removable tray which i like put all your small stuff up there and there you have your one touch tilt and sliding power sunroof there’s via the back seat from up here and there’s your glove compartment with your owner’s manuals and then over here we have gauge cluster controls and you have your

Bluetooth controls here here and then you can adjust your volume here and you can just go back in the gauge cluster with this here but on the right side you have mostly toyota safety sense so your radar cruise control forward collision the adjust for the cruise control and then you have your lane departure and you can go through your radio modes here and then go

Through your tracks here and there’s your push button start finally there’s your key fob so next time to go ahead and take this avalon limited out on the road for a quick test drive so here in eco mode to start out with really not bad acceleration but what i like most about it is just how calm it is like the driving experience is very smooth and very refined for

The most part and it actually accelerates pretty nicely so i have the radar cruise control on now just kind of show you i have the crew set to 55 but it’s keeping that one block distance between myself and the vehicle in front of me so we’re slowly accelerating as the cars in front of me accelerate and it’s crazy how just about everything is getting some sort

Of adaptive cruise control so i’m gonna put the car into normal mode just to see the difference between that and eco and with this it really just drives like a car normally would based on how hard you put your foot down and all that and it shifts when it should as opposed to holding you back if that makes sense so it’s actually quite useful if the eco mode might

Get on your nerves but for the most part what i like about toyota’s drive modes especially on the avalons and the vehicles that have eco normal and sport is they are three distinct driving modes and very easy to tell so we’re gonna put it in a sport mode now cause i’m about to merge onto the interstate and in sport mode for the most part the car just wants you

To to push it if that makes sense revs higher you give it any bit of throttle response and it shifts now the radar cruise control on once again and we’re just going to stay in this right lane until the exit but like most avalons i say all avalon it’s just a really nice smooth comfortable ride and for the most part pretty quiet i’m coming down the interstate and i

Can definitely hear the wind but it’s not as intrusive as it is in a lot of other cars another way to put that is it’s not loud i can just kind of hear it because i’m listening for it but it’s really not noticeable so so right now the seats are just really starting to come in handy i’ve kind of had a long day of driving and i can really tell the difference between

Being in a just an okay seat and being in a really nice adjustable seat so this one you got power lumbar the power seat back the power cushion and you can really adjust that to any way you see fit and it’s definitely one of the more adjustable toyota seats and this avalon really does just drive well in eco mode you feel like you’re in full control acceleration

Breaking steering feel everything is great and just the overall visibility is fantastic as well and if you can’t see for whatever reason you have blind spot monitoring but a pretty easy car to see out of and i’m about to get back to the dealership so this is going to bring me to an end of my review of the 2021 toyota avalon limited

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