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2021 Volkswagen Arteon | The Refreshed Under-marketed Car…Re-marketed.

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A big shoutout to Dalmar Motors for lending us this 2021 Volkswagen Arteon R-Line, if you’re looking for a Volkswagen visit:

What is up youtube and welcome back the channel today i bring you the 2021 volkswagen rton r line my so i want to give a big shout out to the guys at del mar motors right here in london ontario for letting us borrow this arteon they were the first ones to loan us the arteon nine months ago and that video has brought us 500 000 views which is crazy to think

That an arteon that nobody knows anything about because i deem this car the most under marketed vehicle sold by a huge manufacturer and that is volkswagen because volkswagen makes tons of products but they’re so exposed except for this guy now europeans are going to say what about us we know what the archeon is but right here in north america we actually have

No idea and here’s some numbers for you they sold 2400 arteons in 2019 and if you compare that to european numbers yeah they sold 20 000. that’s almost nine times more i mean my math sucks but you get the drift they sold a ton of arteons in europe but in north america we just don’t know anything about the arteons but we do know the kia stinger and that’s what

This competes against so let’s find out today how the new and improved arteon compares against the stinger but why are we comparing a 2021 archaeon we just did it nine months ago in a 2020 were there some differences well how can the new arteon be out so early don’t you get a refresh after like four years and the answer is yes because in europe the rteon has been

Around since 2017 but right here in north america it’s only been out since 2019 and because of that we get a brand new rton or refreshed rton in 2021 so let’s find out the differences all right so in the front here what they have changed is they’ve changed the bumper cover now not a huge difference but they did add these little led strip on the front of the center

Of the vehicle before it actually just stopped right here where the headlight ended and also they have a brand new volkswagen logo that’s right here and they embed the front camera and what’s unique about this is that kia just also changed their logo all right volkswagen fanboys this is for you when i did the video nine months ago on the 2020 rton we were hoping

That the new refresh version would actually have the real rton motor making 315 horsepower unfortunately in north america that is not the case we still have the same order that we did have in the non-refreshed version in 2020. how about the shooting break and for you guys that don’t know what the shooting break is i’m going to put a nice fancy picture right here

Of what the shooting break is so let’s stand here and look how pretty this shooting break is man is that pretty that shooting break is beautiful so there are some pieces though of this rtn that i still love it’s still a work of art and against a stinger i want you guys to come to the side here and take a look at the side profile of this arteon whether it’s the

2020 or 2021 do you guys like the way this looks over the stinger let me know in your comments below all right so under the hood here we still have that two liter that makes 268 horsepower and it still made it to the 8-speed transmission give us the 7-speed we want the 7-speed we want performance but you didn’t give it to us it’s all good though there’s actually

Some decent stuff in it this does have torque vectoring which essentially means that it’ll break the inside wheel when you’re going around the corner to keep the chassis solid it does also have chassis control which adjust the suspension as well as the steering input to make it stiffer or firmer just the way you like it but take a look at this engine not much to

See except for the fact that it’s built in germany and you know that because the first vin is a w and every vin number that starts with the w is vehicles built in germany if you didn’t know that well hey thanks for watching so if you go on the side here this is an r line and you know that because if you look at the new r emblem they have there that is an r line if

You get an actual r like the europeans it’s actually shaded completely different now it’s the same r just shaded completely different on the side this does have 20 inch nashville type wheels having 20 inch wheels on an oem product from a german product just is kind of cool to have you see most sunroofs actually go in the body because they wanted more room in the

Rear seat this sunroof actually goes up and over and there’s another car that goes up and over and it starts with an a and ends with a 5. yeah how does this compare against the audi a5 well for starters it’s 10 cheaper and what else well it’s definitely more unique because there’s less than on the road so if you want something that’s a little bit more unique yes

You obviously get a lot of audi pieces in here which i talked about in my original arteon video but that’s the reason arteons are different and that’s just a side profile let’s take a look at the back so speaking of a5 in the back here this is a better looking rear end and side profile than the a5 in my opinion this is actually a work of art and volkswagen

Needed sort of a flagship vehicle so the arction is that this actually replaced the cc but it’s really tailored only for design one thing i will tell you that this does better than the stinger is the doors now if you want to lock the doors you simply just touch the square it locks you want to unlock the door you walk up to it you put your hand here touch it and

Pull it unlocks well the kia has that except it’s only the front doors and there’s a button it’s different than this good job volkswagen now they have changed these tail lights they are darkened now for 2021 they also have included the brand new volkswagen logo as i mentioned in the front but how about the exhaust are they real and the answer is yes they do have

This sort of tip but there is exhaust underneath here that shoot up this way and not under the car like some of the competitors and they also have something unique it’s called remote start and it’s on the key take a look now this is height adjustable you can set the height as you like up or down something interesting i did find though are these little sort of

Rivet points underneath i didn’t notice that on the last rton i’m sure that’s new or not for the 2021. strange however look at the space you have there’s a ton of room obviously it’s not different than the last model but i’m pretty impressed that this is a ton of room and let me get rid of that and yeah and we still have a tire and rim man it’s just you know

This thing is just one level up from the stinger in terms of like status and appeal and visual like this thing’s just better i feel like i just look at this back seat like getting into this back seat i just feel richer i don’t know why but i just do it just something about the look and the feel and what i feel inside like the emotion part of it just feels like

There’s more money spent on this it feels more substantial so i’m in the 2021 volkswagen arteon r line and i’ve been lying to this whole time there is actually huge changes and it starts inside the car on the outside you can see they haven’t changed much they’ve tweaked a little bit but it’s on the inside that matters and the first thing they’ve changed that

I noticed off the bat is the ambient lighting and you’re like it’s just a light but it’s where they put the ambient lighting and it’s put right here you see it’s not light underneath it’s a light that’s sort of embedded in the actual trim that is pretty cool it does have a 10 speaker hardened card and sound system as well as it does have gray bolstering around

Just the front seats in the back they are black and they are sporty and they feel good yeah i would say these are a bit softer yet sportier than the stinger that is probably almost as bad as ford sound super annoying but i’m in the 2021 volkswagen rteon and this is where the meat and potatoes has changed the dash the dash and the trim and the steering wheel

This what i’m visually looking at is the difference right here and now i know why it’s refreshed they’ve done an excellent job in adding a few pieces that make the difference and the first one is haptic you see if i wanted to change the channel on the radio or i want to decrease the volume it’s simply done by just a swipe of my finger left or right if i wanted

To change the temperature controls i just simply slide my finger left and right and same with the fan speed they’ve also added as i mentioned in the back they’ve added ambient lighting but the ambient lighting again is not just the strip you see on top it’s built in here but the way they’ve contrasted is nice so they have this upper aluminum trim and then they

Have the black that changes in 30 different colors so 30 ambient lighting colors the steering wheel has a nice really really nice feel to it nice r-line badge you have here i do wish they would have changed sort of the heated steering wheel button but down here on the r kind of hidden behind it’s right here which is nice but it’d be kind of cool if it was kind

Of hidden in the r button so you hit it and you get heated steering wheel and it’s nice that you have heated steering wheel on a sporty steering wheel you see germans don’t like to give you a sporty steering wheel with heated they always give you a steering wheel that’s sporty but it’s not heated so i’m glad you can get a heated steering wheel in something like

This this does have gesture control so i can go like this and change the radio station which is kind of cool and other than that it’s kind of the same as the older one but the dash is different obviously these vents have a different style than the older one all that is different but the overall feel still is similar to the 2020 including the foot pedals which

I got hammered on by saying they were from audi when in fact volkswagen makes audi and i get that but these are from audi finally a manufacturer that knows what i want and that is increments of heated steering wheel controls there are three increments of heated steering wheel that is amazing thank you volkswagen thank you i’m laughing because it’s awesome you

Have three increments of heated steering wheel and i was talking about that in the stinger video on how they should add increments of heated steering wheel so it’s just ironic that it has it but here’s the cool part that i just wish more cars would have and that is this the simple fact that this can go forward and be height adjustable that when i lift it to where

I want it to go i just let go and i push down and stays in that position now it’s such a simple thing but i just don’t know why other guys just don’t do it so anyways speaking of that let’s take this bad boy for a drive let’s go all right so i’m in the 2021 arteon and differences very similar to the other one in terms of what i’m sitting in and sitting seat feel

One thing i will talk about though is the seat feel in the arteon even with a very low sleek looking car i don’t feel like i’m sitting low in it i feel like i can get this seat rail all the way up that i i’m sitting in a really good position where i can see the front of the car and in terms of blind spots yeah there is a fairly big c c-pillar back there but not

Bad anyways that’s that as far as looks on the outside guys take a look at this look how this looks on the outside i know you saw it but look at it again it’s low it’s sleek look at this front valence it’s wider it’s got this nice stance it just looks like it’s going fast when it’s you know standing still that kind of look it’s got the other thing is it got it’s

Got this ageless look it just looks like it just doesn’t age at all and i i think after 10 years or so or call it five years the stinger is just gonna age like the look of it is just gonna age in comparison to this this is gonna age better and that’s the truth behind it i don’t think there’s i think that anybody with a sort of an eye for cars will tell you that

This thing will age better in terms of performance it’s got really good suspension this thing is actually feels a little bit more nimble in terms of steering feel than the stinger the stinger is a little bit more wobbly if that makes any sense the engine there’s no doubt the stinger has a v6 that engine is awesome it sounds good it goes like stink but in terms of

Quality fit and finish in here like this i don’t know how to kind of describe it this it’s it’s more it’s like a harder luxury it is definitely more luxurious and it is it does have some driver features but the stinger is just better in terms of overall performance and power this thing feels lighter in terms of the steering gives you but it’s just slower there’s

Just no events or buts about that there’s no doubt in my mind and it’s also front-wheel drive bias whereas the stingers will drive bias so it really depends on what type of driver you are and i think that’s really what you’re trying to get out of the car the stinger will probably notch this thing out the ballpark there’s just no doubt it does produce more power

It is faster it is newer it is almost as unique in some respects there’s not that many stingers on the road as yet but there’s definitely less artyons and that is the truth and it just as i mentioned in the in the studio the quality is just higher and i feel like more wealthy driving this than i would a stinger you know that’s the truth there’s no way fans or

Butts about that and it i don’t know what it is as i mentioned i don’t know what it is about german cars it’s just like it’s like you’re eating if you’re italian and you eat pasta all day and somebody gives you rice it’s just not the same but me i love rice and if you give me pasta it wouldn’t be the same so that’s that kind of feel it’s just it feels like home

To me when i get into german car even though stinger that just drove by there’s a stringer that literally just dove by did catch my attention it’s still not as visually appealing to me as this arteon the word arteon and the word stinger stinger just appeals to me like crazy the word stinger i think about stinger i think about the kia i mean i think about the

Stinger and that just appeals to me and when i think about arteon i don’t really think that way you know so the name the name doesn’t pop as much as the stinger does to me but when i’m inside it it’s done really really well they’ve done a really good job on this do i think they’re gonna sell a ton no do i think they’re holding their own in what they’re trying

To offer yeah i think so so that’s it that’s all i got to say so let me know what you guys think about this quick video on the refresh of the 2021 rton if you don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have home link or you don’t like the fact it takes premium fuel or any complaints you might have comment below but if you are a fan we want to hear from you too i’ll see you next time you

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2021 Volkswagen Arteon | The Refreshed Under-marketed Car…Re-marketed. By ACCELER8