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2021 Volkswagen Tiguan Review I 9 things you should know | Is it better than before?

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The Volkswagen Tiguan is now back on the shelves in its facelifted avatar. The updated SUV is priced from Rs 31.99 lakh (ex-showroom), and it’s offered in a fully loaded ‘Elegance’ variant. This makes the 5-seater SUV a whole Rs 2.21 lakh more affordable than the now-discontinued Tiguan Allspace 7-seater.

The more you think about it the less reasons you’ll find to buy the volkswagen tiguan facelift a it feels expensive especially as compared to the full sized suvs like the toyota fortuner or the mg gloucester b on paper at least it doesn’t really have many headline features so why should you buy the volkswagen tick one well as it turns out there are actually

Quite a few reasons why you should the take one doesn’t have the size advantage but what it has is pleasing looks and after the tweaks volkswagen has made to the facelift it actually looks little desirable as well up front you get a brand new bumper which looks more aggressive and in your face you also get smarter looking new led headlamps and in my experience

From last night they also work quite well then coming to the new grill which might not be to everyone’s liking because of the loads of chrome on it but at least the chrome finish feels premium in profile not much has changed it looks almost exactly the same yet modern what has changed is that you get new 18-inch alloy wheels but in profile there’s one element

Which does add to the wow factor okay i’m not talking about the optional roof rack or these side steps which aren’t really useful especially because this is not a tall car what i’m talking about are the hubcaps they’re self-centering just like on a rolls royce at the rear changes are minimal all you get is a new bumper and smarter looking led tail lamps if

You buy the tig one what you love is the sense of solidity just listen to this door shut it feels properly german doesn’t it not only that even when it comes to quality it is almost flawless on the dash top you get soft touch materials even on the dough pads you get softest materials and everywhere you touch it feels properly premium in fact if you replace this

Vw logo with other german premium brands this cabin might just fit in their cars really well now the tig one feels like good value doesn’t it the tig one might not have many headline features but whatever features it gets are really well executed for example with the facelift you get all digital instrumentation you get loads of information right under your

Nose and you can also change the layout of the screen according to your liking and the screen itself is high res now coming to the infotainment system sure it’s not the biggest of systems around at 8 inches but the way this system functions is almost flawless for example the touch response is really snappy and you also get these big icons which make them easy to

Use when you’re driving and you also get some wow elements with this display for example you get gesture control cool right with the screen you also get a proximity sensor so whenever you take your hand closer to the screen the icons pop up so that you can find the functions easily so the biggest change on the tiguan is the new engine where the old car came

With a 2 liter turbo diesel the new one is also 2 liter but tdi is replaced with tsi turbo petrol 50 ps mopa it should be more fun right it is it also sounds so good on the inside and it’s not only the outright power which impresses you but it’s also the effortlessness of this engine and the seven speed transmission which makes driving this car such a pleasure

Even at low speeds this engine responds really well and even the seven speed dual flush transmission feels jerk free unlike in some dual flush transmissions even out on the highway thanks to this 190 ps engine this car feels at home you can do three digit speeds for hours not only that this engine also feels refined there’s hardly any wind or tire noise that

Seeps into the cabin even on a narrow two lane road if you want to execute a quick overtake all you have to do is flex your right foot slightly and it’ll get it done very easily you can enjoy the tiguan not only from the front seat also if you’re chauffeur driven for example in the rear seat you get more than enough knee room just about enough head room you

Can also recline the comfortable seats backrest and to give you a feeling of a boss you can just fold this front seat flat sit back and relax it’s not only the space and seating comfort that impresses you in the tiguan it’s also the ride quality which is superb out on the highway where over any surfaces it just glides over them yes at low speeds you do feel

Some firmness where you can hear the suspension working but it’s more of that you hear it working than you feel it inside the car the tiguan not only has effortless performance and rides comfortably over our roads but also handles beautifully around corners and this is where this car has a distinct advantage as compared to its full-size suv rivals thanks to

The monocoque chassis now normally in a standalone review i’ll talk about the tiguan feeling very nice around corners and feeling car-like but i won’t really be able to quantify it but this time around we can because this is the same corner where we back-to-back tested the gloucester endeavor and fortuna those cars at 50 kilometers per hour felt comfortable at

60 they struggled and anything beyond that they fell apart so how much better will the tiguan perform let’s find out at 60 kilometers per hour the tiguan felt comfortable as it took the corner with utmost ease with body roll belt check at 70 even where many low slung sporty cars would struggle the tiguan remained almost unfazed sure the tires were running out

Of grip but even at the limit the way this car behaved is commendable it not only goes fast around corners but also feels comfortable while doing so these were the reasons to buy the tiguan now here are some why you might just want to avoid one at almost 40 lakh on road you can get other suvs which are much larger and although the tiguan looks pleasing to the

Eye it doesn’t really stand up and shout hey look at me look at me i’m a big expensive suv now this turbo petrol engine gives you effortless performance especially as compared to the old tdi but in terms of fuel efficiency it does take a big hit for example when we were driving it calmly out on the highway it was just about going into double digits and if you

Drive it even little bit faster it goes into single digits and with the ever rising fuel prices it might be a deal breaker for some people at this price point you do miss out on some feel good features for example you do get heated front seats and steering wheel which is ideal for some parts of india but for the rest of them ideally they should have given cool

Seats not only that you also miss out on a wireless charging pad you don’t get wireless android auto apple carplay rear sun blinds and you do also miss out on 8 features which is starting to become a norm even in cars almost half this car’s price overall the tiguan is an extremely likable car it drives beautifully it feels like it is made with utmost care and

Precision and it looks classy too sure for some people it might come across as too expensive considering the size and features list but for me it’s perfect i make my decision from the heart while buying a car i love driving i love the feel of quality i also like simplicity in my cars and for me this car is perfect i just wish i had the money to buy one you

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2021 Volkswagen Tiguan Review I 9 things you should know! | Is it better than before? By ZigWheels