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2021 VW Atlas Cross Sport. Why were trading after only 4 months

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Thoughts on the 2021 VW Crosssport. DISCLAIMER our commute suddenly went from 10 miles per day to 50 miles per day about 1 month after delivery. We were putting $7.50 a day in the gas tank.

Hey guys it’s kyle again from eamon auto today i’m bringing you a car that we have had for four months and we are already trading it in i’ll get to why in a couple minutes but first let me introduce the vehicle this is our 2021 atlas cross sport this is a se with the v6 we really wanted that v6 it’s actually technically a vr6 so it’s a very narrow angle engine

Almost an inline six but not quite that makes about 280 horsepower plenty of power it sounds really good i’ll show that in the startup we got this vehicle because we wanted something that we could grow into as a family we didn’t we had uh just a car before just a malibu and we wanted something that we could definitely grow into so with the tow package and all

The space we thought this was a great vehicle now this does have the formotion we obviously needed that i don’t know if you guys know we’re in wisconsin so all-wheel drive is a must volkswagen key uh it does feel very premium almost audi like remember volkswagen does own audi so i’m going to press this to show you guys the over of course power liftgate this is

The se with tech pardon all my my crap uh really good back seat storage what the atlas cross sport is is essentially an atlas with the third row removed and they shortened it about five inches so it’s the biggest two row suv in its class resulting you get 34 cubic feet of cargo volume back here that is quite a lot uh more than most suvs um only thing i was a

Little disappointed with this vehicle did carry an msrp of 45 thousand dollars there is no way to pull the rear seats down from back here there’s really no not a whole lot of convenience features back here you do got a couple tie downs you got a non-led light and you do get a little 12 volt outlet here which is kind of nice i guess never even used that once but

So there’s no convenient way to fold down the back seats until you go into the back let me hand to the back seat and show you of course it does have the power liftgate like i said back seat is quite nice very very roomy we get a car seat back there doesn’t even he’s not even able to kick the seat it’s wonderful you got your rear air vents again pardon my crap

You got plenty of power outlets there two usbcs nice and modern and it’s a household outlet is back here as well which is nice very nice for road tripping with kids storage air vents leather lined map pockets plenty of storage to fold the back seats back you got to pull this lever and pull it down that’s how you get it down so obviously this does fall flat and

Then just gives you an enormous amount of storage space which is wonderful uh plenty for uh we got a bicycle back here it was no problem with the kid so yeah this does have a tow rating i should probably go on about that of about 5500 pounds so this thing can tow very well we actually towed my harley davidson with it it was like nothing was behind it now i will

Knock this thing because it does have fake these fake exhaust outlets it is a dual exhaust they’re down there but from far away it looks like it has a quad exhaust outlet those are fake volkswagen’s been doing that lately even audi products uh i’m not a big fan of it but it is what it is it does look nice at least from far away it does have a nice appearance and

It won’t get dirty from uh modern direct injection engines all right let’s hop inside start it up give you guys a quick tour let me zoom out here a little so inside the cross sport it’s a mixed bag it is very very utilitarian everything is where you would think it would be it’s not complicated most of the materials are nice this is an r-line of course so the

Steering wheel has this dimpled surface feels very good in the hands steering wheel is probably my favorite part of the vehicle it does have push to start push to start it has a great startup sound i don’t know if you guys will hear this i’ll rev the engine sounds very nice this vr6 is awesome uh this uh eight inch infotainment unit is very nice as well very easy

To use super crisp graphics i’m very impressed with how nice this uh this whole system is everything’s just super intuitive very easy to use and yeah this is one knock on this vehicle as you can see averaged 18 so far it’s only since start but the vehicle has averaged us about 18 miles per gallon you know 280 power v6 in this big suv with the total capacity it

Has all wheel drive this vehicle isn’t the most efficient uh we drive an awful lot to work it’s about a 50 mile commute that’s primary part of the reason why we’re getting rid of this vehicle um this does feel very premium in some aspects frameless mirror with integrated compass led lighting throughout on the interior uh this massive panel sunroof really lets

A lot of light in it’s just very nice to to spend some time we’ve taken this on four hour road trips as you can see that’s why it’s so dirty um interior materials are mixed bag like i said everything’s very functional and easy to use which is i prefer that over real fancy interiors but it is a little cheap in here this does look nice but this is just that’s just

Hard plastic a lot of hard plastics on the center console volkswagen’s been a little guilty of cost cutting lately um you know even down here in the center console you got the drive mode button but it’s just plastic they could have at least made the outside nice textured rubber or something these are the drive modes you can see you can go through all the different

Modes off-road eco mode snow mode and then of course you can there is a sport mode in the vehicle as well um which does not is nice i will admit it does make the vehicle very puppy there are some nice interior materials in here the door is lined in this leather with the hand stitching that is very nice it does give it a premium quality it looks nice everything

Looks nice in here but then you touch some things and it just feels a little cheap not that i feel like this is a cheap vehicle it’s just yeah they could have spent maybe a little extra money on just a little more interior pieces nice leather lined right here where you rest your arm keeps you comfy very big in center console not quite as big as something like

A pickup truck plenty of storage though again more of that hand stitching which like i said it’s a mixed bag in here some things really nice high quality like these seats good bolstering good stitching then other things like this it’s just hard plastics there is some faux stitching up here uh that’s fake stitching and just rubber but it does look nice at least

And it’s nice and soft touches touches nice infotainment like i said is great and this is you know i wish we could have gotten the volkswagen digital cockpit but this is totally functional nothing wrong with this you can go through all your information pages here and just get different things oil temperature fuel economy your range everything like that uh you

Know pretty typical stuff uh and again i’ll leave it on the economy because that’s you know that’s the thing i got to knock this vehicle for i understand gas has been relatively cheap but it has been creeping up and uh it’s very difficult to drive 50 miles a day and something gets 19 miles per gallon you start wondering is there something different do i need to

Be throwing away 200 a month in gas you know just makes you think twice again vehicle is very nice though uh one more thing i’ll even show you it has aluminum accident pedals very nice you know again there’s that whole mixed bag theme where some things are very nice in here some things are not uh dual zone climate control heated seats that stuff pretty much comes

Standard this does have the adaptive cruise control that’s right here you can click that and then you can actually set how close and far away you want the vehicle to be so you can see how i’m adjusting that that this has been amazing on road trips we did a five mile road five hour excuse me five hour road trip in this thing i only had to touch the gas or the brake

Like two times in five hours it was wonderful the car literally drives itself stops the car in front of you or keeps up with the car in front of you there’s no lane keep assist though so you got to keep your hand on the steering wheel but you don’t need to touch the gas or brake which is wonderful the car does break very aggressively uh probably more aggressive

Than maybe it even should uh but it’ll come to a complete stop and take off again for you so that’s wonderful all right i’ll get back out and show you guys one more time just another walk around actually and so this one more thing that we kind of needed and we really liked about it again it does have the r line package which gives you the more aggressive front

Fascia bumpers gives you the 20-inch alloy wheels and obviously then it has the full led headlights with the daytime running lights the radar for the cruise control is actually embedded up there not like some other brands where they integrate it into the volkswagen thing so that is nice it’s less likely to be covered in gunk while you’re driving and overall

This vehicle is about style guys that’s why half the people buy it it’s only a thousand dollars cheaper than the crop the actual atlas uh and you lose two seats because the atlas is a three row suv this is a two row suv where they swoop the rear roof line just to make it look sportier it does look a lot like an audi q8 uh if you put an audi badge on this a lot

Of people at least from the outside probably wouldn’t second guess that this is an audi until you step in the inside and you can see some of the uh more economy routes again this had a sticker price of 45 000 the volkswagen dealership we worked with it was very nice discounted the car a little bit and now the reason we’re getting rid of it uh like 90 is fuel

Mileage uh we need something that’s a little more economical uh we are selling this today the used car market’s super hot we’re taking advantage of it and i’ll post a video we just placed the order for a vehicle and i’ll reveal that in a couple weeks uh hopefully it’ll be here then and that will probably be my next videos letting you know what we guys traded this

Sucker in on it’s a great vehicle though i would not hesitate to tell someone to get one of these it’s just you know if it’s just the uh the gas mileage is the only really knock on this car and kind of some interior quality things but you know volkswagen is also you know a very premium brand in other aspects as well like the headlights the very nice rims and

Things like that so all right guys thanks for listening thanks for watching my volkswagen atlas cross sport we’re going to miss it but on hopefully better things thanks guys see you in the next one

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