2022 71 Land Rover Defender 110 3.0 D250 X-Dynamic SE (Jump Seat)

We have the best selection of in demand premium 4×4’s available. Here’s the latest, our 6 Seat Defender 110 with fully loaded X-Dynamic SE specification & some key extras including Black Exterior Pack, 20″ Dark Grey Alloys, Fixed Side Steps, Sliding Panoramic Roof, Full Size Spare Wheel, Ambient Lighting, Larger 11.4″ Screen, Electric Deployable Towbar + more

Now this is a fantastic defender and it’s down to the spec it’s a 2022 defender 110 d250 three liter diesel x dynamic so the x dynamic gives you all that great styling all the bumpers color coded in black full black exterior styling package it’s an se so you’ve got meridian sound system memory seats but the big thing about this car is it’s a six seater so it’s

Got three seats in the front it’s got the jump seat is an optional extra and then it’s got three seats in the back it’s covered two and a half thousand miles it was registered the start of 2022 so you’ve got warranty on the 2025 on top of that it’s got the large 11.4 inch screen it’s got clear sight camera it’s got sliding panoramic sunroof it’s got massive

Specification it’ll sell instantly because somebody will want the extra seat is so desirable also santorini black most desirable color it’s just a great car so the x dynamic gives you all this black styling so if you see all under here all round the arches it’s all color coded in gloss black we’ve got adaptive led headlights wheels finished in off black they’re

More like an anthracite grey colour 20 inch wheels you’ve then got fixed side steps which is an option roof rails privacy glass it’s got an electric deployable tow bar as well which again is a very very expensive option and it’s the 110 so it’s got bags of space loads of space in the back you’ve got them exposed towing eyes on the back full-size spare wheel look

At the boot space on a 110 so you’ve got massive boot them seats drop down and then you’ve got these extra buttons here so this one here is air suspension so you can drop the car down and then that’s the big one press the button electric deployable tour bar i can’t tell you how many people when i’m selling defenders are asking us to try and get tour bars fitted

So expensive probably cost you three thousand pounds to get an electric tour bar fitted after the original build moving on inside this is the big selling point with this car so the car’s keyless entry but then look at it look so you’ve got ambient light you’ve got meridian sound you’ve got memory seats but look at the three seats in the front the center seat’s

Not huge but it’s there it’s great you can drop that down and have i’ll show you all the cup holders and everything instead but that makes this car very very desirable i remember the last time i was in a defender with two seats in the front and i’ve got two kids and they wanted to be in the front i think it just makes it really desirable inside you can see on

The doors and along the dash if i start the cab you can see the ambient lighting package which is running throughout which is really nice we’ve got a heated steering wheel which is another fantastic option you’ve got clear sight camera there so we’ve got the extra camera and then if i move down to this larger screen you’ve got full surround top view and 3d camera

System again more extras sliding sunroof key key feature on this car you’ve then got all the standard features so for sure you’ve got digital dials in front you’ve got automatic light automatic wipers by goings here you’ve got all your heated seats you’ve got your all your wireless carplay multimedia navigation all the things you would expect on here you’ve got

Your air suspension who operated up and down as well heated screens all your usb charging points the cars covered 2893 miles it is stunning sure you’re in the back oh actually before we go come here i’ll just show you if you want to drop the jump seat down we drop that down like this and then you’ve got cup holders so if you don’t need to use the seat you’ve

Got an armrest you’ve got cup holders you’ve got little charging points here as well and then in the back look at the space bags of room in the rear all the ambient lighting runs throughout the rear as well all original land rover mats so the car has got unbelievable spec jump seat 110 electric deployable tow bar d250 3 liter diesel santorini black priced on

The money to sell today if you want to call me direct you can the cars sell instantly thank you for watching

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2022 71 Land Rover Defender 110 3.0 D250 X-Dynamic SE (Jump Seat) By Acklam Car Centre