2022 Acura MDX Type S – An SUV Thats Worth Checking Out

In this 2022 Acura MDX Type S review, I’ll show you why this is more than just a performance SUV. The Acura MDX Type S doesn’t only get more power, it gets a bunch of Acura firsts like an air suspension and massaging seats. The addition of the Type S badge makes the 2022 Acura MDX even more compelling. Power for the Acura MDX Type S comes from a 3.0L turbocharged V6 355 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque.

And yeah, i guess they kind of both go hand in hand well, they were so successful that they stopped racing and the reason behind that is that it’s affordable, and then i’ll give you my opinion on whether or not but you also have a “sport plus” mode in the type s, because it also gets an air suspension of first for acura. it stays at its lowest level and drops by half an inch.

First up, you have a slight change to the front end styling the type s also comes riding on standard 21 inch wheels still wears the beautiful signature jewel eye led headlights now, everything you’ve seen so far is pretty much standard and i have to say, this is an outstanding place to be. you have wireless apple carplay and wireless android auto. in this one, you do have

Some cool type s animations actually mimics the lights of your mdx in real time. it will actually automatically keep you in the lanes itself. camera game wise, you obviously have a rear view camera, nonetheless, just like the acura rdx that i just tested, 3d signature edition premium sound system with 25 speakers, and they’re not only available on the highest trim level.

With a quilted pattern to the front and middle row seats. as standard, all acura mdx trims get heated front seats, you get ventilated seats on the a-spec trim and above. and they actually feel like they’re doing something. where it feels like somebody’s just sitting behind you other luxury brands will charge you quite a bit extra. andy also have a power tilt and telescopic

Steering wheel, first of all, the second row can slide forward and back lift it up and you can actually use this as a real seat. with a wide pass through to get into the third row. manual hater shade action, but at least you have it. somebody shorter might have a better time back here. you have a two position floor, if you have larger items, you can keep it like this,

Or you can just flip it over and then you have two in the middle row right there, here are what the keys look like to the mdx type s, charging game wise, you’re working with a usbc port a cigarette lighter charger, and a household outlet. all right, let’s do an indicator and horn sound test. and it doesn’t sound that bad getting there either. especially when you have

It in the sport or sport plus mode. so i’ve just been driving it in sport and sport plus mode, if you’re someone like me who enjoys a responsive engine, the mercedes-benz gle 450, that makes 362 horsepower definitely provides a more exciting driving experience. you have things like heated and cooled front seats, than a lot of the other three row luxury suvs out there.

I mean, hey, i even recommend test driving the regular mdx make sure you hit like, make sure you hit subscribe.

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2022 Acura MDX Type S – An SUV That's Worth Checking Out! By omardrives