2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage Review | interior and Exterior Look | V12 Vantage Walkaround

This is the new Aston V12 Vantage – the 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 from the contemporary DB11 and DBS Superleggera stuffed into the comparatively small Vantage. Usually, a much more compact, lighter biturbo V8 sits in that nose.

The v12 vantage v12 vantage is really about driver focus it’s about lightweight construction lightweight materials and giving the driver the sensation of the power and the torque that exists within the chassis ah what’s truly unique on b12 vantage if you look at the face of the car and the extra air that’s needed to breathe and cool that v12 engine it’s still a

Classic aston martin grill but the face has the drama of a v12 it has the outer cooling vents which really widen the car and then if you look at the front splitter and the shape the front splitter has to balance the car in terms of its frontal down force and the arrow through the front of the car to cool and breathe that engine if you look then further up the hood

You’ll see the outlet that’s needed because of the increased size of the radiator how we need to take air off the radiator to make sure that the engine is breathing and cooling correctly and that becomes a massive feature of v12 vantage look back to some of our very classic lemon winning racing cars and you’ll see a similar feature there if you look down the side of

V12 vantage the influences of aerodynamics how the air exits the wheel arch through the side sill and this massive air dam which is there to expel the air from the wheel arch and actually control the airflow down the side of the car and then these low skirts that actually help with the aerodynamics that push the car onto the ground and if you look at the rear wheels

And how they push their way through the body you can’t really see the overhangs this car just wraps incredibly well and it’s all about that platform that it sits on and then if you look at the wheels the lightweight construction how we’ve taken and reduced the spoke size of the wheel to distribute the weight so they can hold the power of that v12 engine because of

That large front splitter and the down force of course we have a rear wing which is controlling the back of the car this is all about stability towards the rear of the car but it’s a dynamic looking rear wing as well it has an incredible form and shape it is really sculpted by the airflow and if you look at the rear diffuser which is working to exit the air from

The underside of the car all this is done for the aerodynamic flow to make sure we maximize performance and get v12 vantage working at its peak if we move on to the interior of v12 vantage one of the key principles again is about that racing heritage about that driving heritage so you’re seated as a driver in a lightweight constructed seat carbon fiber back and

A carbon lower to really cost you into the driving position but obviously save weight and create something truly unique along with the name plate the badge that you get on the inside of the car to tell you how special your car is it is a true driver-focused car and it really has been a labor of love to get to something which not just looks incredible but drives

Exactly the same way it looks something that aston martin prides itself upon v12 vantage is truly about passion power and performance the v12 vantage is such an exciting program because it’s all about performance let me take you through the key performance figures of v12 vantage it’s 700 ps 753 newton meters of torque 0 to 100 kilometers per hour 3.4 seconds

That is a power to weight ratio of 390 ps per tonne that is an uplift of over 20 percent to the vantage v8 so the amazing power unit in this v12 vantage is a v12 5.2 liter twin turbo engine the 700 horsepower and the 753 newton meters of torque is absolutely amazing in this car we’ve done a huge amount of work of recalibrating this engine specifically for this car

That includes things like power and torque curves per gear which has an amazing effect on driving dynamics so another crucial element in achieving the performance targets for the v12 vantage is light weighting in the v12 vantage we have a carbon fiber front bumper clam fender sills roof and rear wing over and above that we have a lightweight exhaust system and

A lightweight battery a crucial element to achieving the driving dynamics targets for the v12 vantage was stiffening the body we have increased the lateral stiffness of the body by around 6.7 and the torsional stiffness of the body by around 8 percent furthermore we have increased the front spring rates by 50 percent the rear spring rates by 40 and increase the

Top mount stiffness by around 13 the benefit of all this being increased body control this combined with the new adaptive damping system and roll bars and a retune of the steering calibration gives an all-round dynamic package the vantage v12 comes with carbon ceramic brakes as standard this is a weight advantage of 23 kilograms in unsprung mass which is a huge

Factor contributing to the driving dynamics the unique calibration of the 8-speed automatic transmission enhances shift speed and driver interactions these are learnings we’ve taken from the v12 speedster and the f1 edition vantage all these elements tie in to make the new v12 vantage the fastest fiercest vantage we have ever made it is the ultimate expression of extreme performance

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2022 Aston Martin V12 Vantage Review | interior and Exterior Look | V12 Vantage Walkaround By Addy Craft