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The Audi A8L is the ultimate luxury sedan from Ingolstadt, but can it run rings around the ultimate luxury sedan in the world, the Mercedes Benz S Class ? That’s what we’re here to answer as we surround ourselves in the sumptuous cabin of Audi’s finest luxury sedan to date. The all new Audi A8L 2022 gets more flash on the outside and a raft of new features on the inside. Now, on the face of it, it may not seem to have the measure of the mighty S-Class, but there’s one thing that it does better than the Merc. Watch the full video to find out where the all new A8L excels over the S Class.

If you want the ultimate luxury sedan in the world there’s nothing quite like the mercedes-benz s-class it is the absolute benchmark but if you don’t want to run with the back well you have other options one of which is this one the all-new 2022 audi a8l well of course this is not an all-new car it’s just the facelift of the current generation of the 8l and this has

Got a lot of updates but the question is why would you buy an audi a8l over the best car in the world oh foreign by a three liter v6 that produces 335 bhp and that means this car can do 0 to 105.7 seconds that is quite fast for a car this big what’s more it has got quattro all-wheel drive system and that means you get that security and traction of the legendary

All-wheel drive system from audi but none of that matters today because if you’re buying an airtel or any other car in this segment what you care about is this seat the boss seat so if the atl has to make a dent in the s-class sales this is where it has to excel is it the case let’s find out of course the a8l is very spacious it stretches all the way up to 5.3

Meters in length it has a wheelbase of around 3 100 millimeters so as you can see there is of course a lot of space but what is of more importance here is that if it can do all those luxury bits that are necessary in a car like this so of course this comes with this boss button this is called the relaxation package so you press this button and the front seat just

Goes further away from you bring up a lot of room now of course it’ll fold down it has got a screen as well a rear seat and training screen that will also fold down will come angled at me so that i can wash it now as you can see the leg rest is also out and the party piece of the a8l is that it comes with a foot massage system so that’s not offered in the s-class

But it is offered on the a8l so if you want to relax here this has got everything now uh apart from that of course it has got a lot of controls there are two screens that i’ve already talked about so these fiends you can hook your netflix onto these screens so you can catch on your favorite netflix series rear seat passengers also get this control panel this is

Also a touchscreen you can’t take it out it’s permanently integrated here but it has got functionality for your seats lights blinds media radio so everything can be controlled from here now of course in addition to that these seats come with full ventilation and you have got massaging functions as well now among other things it has got four zone climate control so

You can individually set temperatures for each one of you now apart from that the atl is now offered in a choice of four or five seater versions this is a five-seater version so if this thing goes in it becomes a five seat up but i think again this is of no use this seat you can think that it’s a five seater but who’s going to sit here it doesn’t have any support

The seat is very small and you’ve got this big transmission tunnel over here so this is just on paper it’s a five seater of course if you’re going to spend over 1.5 crs on a luxury car you’re not going to be sitting here i’m sure you’ll have a spare a6 or a4 for your kids or children so uh that’s the case here because i don’t think this fifth seat can be used and

More importantly if someone is sitting over here of course you are going to lose all of your luxuries so you need all these controls over here that you can consider it as a four-seater because you don’t want to lose out on these controls which is what makes the a8l what it is now apart from that of course if you put this down you also have access to the chiller

Where you can keep your drinks and this is of course very handy now of course there are blinds all over and you can all control it from here so uh in terms of luxury i can’t think of anything else that you’d want in a car but at the same time there are a couple of things that are worth highlighting because you know this car goes against the s-class which is the

Benchmark for backseat luxury so what does it miss out in comparison to the x-class well first things first uh there is no calf rest as you can see the under thigh support is of course great but this doesn’t come with a car first like offered in the s-class and overall i think it has to be said that the cabin doesn’t feel as special as s-classes because as soon as

You enter the s-class you just go wow but this thing it feels very audi it feels very german in that regard it is a clean and clutter free cabin but if you sit in this car and then you sit in the s-class the s-class of course feels more opulent that has to be said similarly the seats they are great they offer great support but this cushioning this seed material it

Is a little hard because seeds they don’t feel as comfortable as they do in the s-class so these seats are great of course in isolation you’re not going to have any complaints but again i have to compare it with the s-class because that feels a little more special that is more comfortable as well and that’s not just the seats because even the headrest you know it

Is very comfortable very soft but it’s not s-class soft so uh in terms of comfort i still think the s-class is the ultimate benchmark now one thing that i find particularly irritating or annoying about this cabin is that this boss seat it’s not a one touch operation you have to just be on it so it goes it’s a lengthy process and you have to just press the button

All the time i think it should have had that one press functionality because you know you don’t really want to do all this work overall though in terms of tech in terms of features everything works perfectly here this is an audi so everything is brilliantly engineered everything falls in hand perfectly you have got a lot of space the sound system is brilliant so

In terms of overall comfort yes you won’t have any complaints but again if you compare it to bs class it does fall a little short now of course the airtel might not match the s-class in terms of outright luxury but where it’s as good or even better than the s-class is when it comes to the right quality and that’s because this thing comes with predictive active

Suspension audi’s predictive active suspension is a fully active suspension system that can lift the car up or push it down in half a second depending on the road surface ahead the system uses the car’s front camera to detect bumps and undulations on the road ahead and adjust the damping on each wheel using a set of electromechanical actuators the active suspension

Can lift or lower the atl’s ride height by up to 85 millimeters from its central position sure it’s not a cheap gimmick as it’s a 15 or lakh optional extra but i have to say that it’s worth every penny now thanks to its sophisticated suspension setup well this car it just rides over everything without a care in the world this is one of the finest riding sedans

In the whole world it’s not just in its segment but the comfort level the weight glides over imperfections it’s just phenomenal the ride quality is incredible on the highway when you’re driving this car it doesn’t have any sort of floatiness it’s just planted to the ground but as soon as the road is broken the cameras detect everything in the front and then the

Suspension it alters the damping and you just go over it and the car doesn’t even move you don’t even feel anything it is doing that in real time and that is magical in the sense this is something of an engineering marvel so you sit here in this car you’re just completely isolated the refinement levels are phenomenal you can’t hear anything from outside we are now

Doing close to 100 kilometers per hour on the expressway i can’t hear anything i’m just isolated in here this is just my zone at the same time the ride quality again i can’t even feel that we are doing that sort of speed even if you do double the speed i can bet you won’t feel anything here because the comfort levels the ride quality is just absolutely phenomenal

And i think this is the party piece of the a10 in comparison to the s-class well we drove the s-class initially that was the cb version and that had a little firm right but this one it is just comfortable it’s comfortable everywhere whether you’re driving it in the city or bad roads whether you’re on the expressway it is an all-rounder of sorts whereas the s-class

Well of course it also has great ride comfort but it does feel a little firm and i think if there’s one area where the 8l has a slight advantage over the s-class is in the right quality because this definitely feels slightly better than the s-class the great thing about the a8 has always been that it’s not single-handedly focused on the rear seat passenger

Because with this car it is actually quite fun to drive as well and that same philosophy is also seen in this new model as well because to be very honest even if you take the wheel occasionally or wherever it is this car is actually quite fun to drive now this is powered by a 3 liter v6 engine it produces 335 bhp and 500 newton meters of torque does 0-100 in 5.7

Seconds like i said in the beginning and it is a fast car what’s more if you’re on it it also makes very sweet noises so it has that typical driver involvement that you’d want from a german sedan it has got that and it is quite fun to to drive performance is very best at the same time it’s very smooth and seamless as well now this engine is paired to an 8-speed

Automatic transmission you don’t get a dual dash transmission here because they have chosen comfort over lightning fast shifts but having said that this transmission is also quite fast it is very smooth and you don’t have jugs or anything in between what i like is if you are in dynamic mode well of course everything is sharp the throttle response the gearbox the

Steering everything is sporty in that sense but it won’t bother rear seat occupant or anyone in the car because everything is quite smooth there is a bit of a waiting time it’s not too much but then it doesn’t rush things up it’s not going to throw you around inside the cabin similarly the steering is also well weighted if you put it in dynamic mode and it feels

Quite agile to drive around corners now that same active suspension it also works wonders when you’re driving this car fast hard around corners because it controls the dampling it stiffens the springs and at the same time it also reduces body roll so there’s a lot going on that front but overall even if you want to drive this car it feels absolutely brilliant from

Behind the wheel and then of course it has also got quattro all-wheel drive so in terms of grip and traction you don’t really have to worry about anything you can just plant your right foot and this car just goes without any drama so uh overall as a driver’s car also i think this is quite good to drive and i think it is probably slightly better than the s-class in

That sense because the way this feels of course it’s a long car but even when you’re driving it around uh it feels quite easy in the sense it shrinks around you it has also got rear wheel steering this particular version so on the whole of course it is an effortless car but it’s not number it’s not uh really an exciting drive it has got a little bit of character

And i think in that sense if you are going to drive your luxobash well you can think about this because it is a bit involving to drive which is surprising now before i end this segment one thing that i find particularly impressive about the a8l is uh the brakes because it has got strong brakes uh the pedal has got great progression and the way this car stops well

You’re not going to feel everything that whole mass that whole inertia coming to a stop you don’t really feel it doesn’t throw you around you know and that’s quite impressive because again that’s been designed or engineered in the way that comfort is top priority but at the same time the braking progression the braking feel it stops in time you’re not going to be

Thrown around foreign matches the s-class pound-for-pound in terms of comfort and overall luxury there’s a major flying in the ointment its camel looks and feels an awful lot similar to the asics apart from a couple of bits and bobs here and there the overall design layout screens and controls they all look identical now of course the infotainment touchscreen is

Immaculate but then is the same unit that you find in lower outings it doesn’t even have wireless android auto or apple carplay and it’s a similar story on the outside this facelifted version might have got more bling but the 8 still looks a bit anonymous compared to the s-class there’s no denying that the 8l is a complete luxury sedan it has got all the bases

Covered it has got the tech it has got the luxury it has got the performance and all in all this is a complete package but the question remains would you buy it over an s-class well of course that is quite tricky to answer because the s-class it has got that flash it has got that x factor it has got that brand image so in that respect of course the audi doesn’t

Quite match the s-class and that’s why a lot of buyers are going to opt for the s-class still but what the audi brings to the table is that individuality this is a different car this has its own character it has its own personality and it just doesn’t single-handedly concentrate on rear passengers in fact it is sort of a driver sedan as well so it is a complete

Package in that respect on top of that it’s also priced really well if you compare it with the s-class or the 7 series because this has got a lot more kit and this is a cpu this is not assembled here so uh this is what works in favor of the audi it’s going to be different like i said in the beginning if you don’t want to be a part of that s-class crowd you’d want

To invest in this thing because it just does everything beautifully and it’s not that it’s a compromise on that one because like i said it has got the features the ride quality is out of this world because this is one of the finest riding sedans in the country country or in the world in fact so if you are looking for that comfort if you want something different

Something unique i think the adele is definitely worth considering over the s-class or any other sedan in that segment

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