2022 Audi Q4 E-Tron: Is This A Serious Threat To Tesla?

Today I drive and review a 2022 Audi Q4 E-Tron Premium Plus!

That’s solid so minus paddle doesn’t do what is this doing oh there we go so hey everyone it’s ben hardy here and in today’s video reviewing the all-new audi q4 e-tron first and foremost a huge shout out thank you to the strong audi here in salt lake city utah for giving me some time with this cue for e-tron i’m gonna put a link to their inventory in the description

Down below where you can check out what they have currently if you have any questions whatsoever just ask for mike or landon and something else i want to mention this is actually their demo model so if you want to come and drive the new q4 e-tron then just give them a visit they’d be more than happy to help you out and then as always if you’re going to save time and

Money the next time purchase car link to my carbine guide in the description down below let’s get into it so we have an 82 kilowatt hour battery packed paired to a dual electric motor system we have 241 miles of range with total system output being 295 horsepower and then 339 pound-feet of torque with a charging time of nine hours if you use a 240 volt outlet

So normally i have a transition clip where i show myself turning on the lights and then i go over the lights on the front of the car but this car will not stay on if you are not in the driver’s seat it is absolutely hysterical so pop in and you guys can see my foot on the brake car’s on okay car is on i can literally leave the key inside the car never like notice

I didn’t close the door and i’m not still not going to close the door just going to like leave it slightly open and the car’s off now so yeah suffice to say i can’t like find a feasible way to show you guys what the lights look like on the front end but we can at least talk about the front end so you guys can see here we’ve got the accent lines there on the hood

And then we do have led lights you’re just gonna have to trust me on that one parking sensors integrated into the front end and then notice that the grille has been completely closed off because well it’s fully electric and i love the audi logo how they’ve integrated that i think that’s pretty nifty now i’m guessing that blank spot is for if the car has a front

Camera and then notice with the trim here at the bottom and i’m just going to say this right now this looks a whole lot better than tesla’s like stylistically looks really good coming on the side here our target wheel setup in the front is 235 50 20 and then for the rear it is 255 45 20. so a little bit of a different setup front to the rear anyways you guys can

See we’ve got the metallic gray on the wheel but then you have like that silver ring that does have some sharp points popping into the center of the wheel i think it looks pretty cool overall and then here’s a quick look at the front suspension notice we’ve got these nice body painted fender flares and then everything at the bottom is also body painted and i love

The look of the mirror it’s pretty sleek looking there is a little bit of silver trim there at the bottom of the windows to kind of break things up a little bit but that is well everything for the side so here’s our key fob for the q4 you guys can see we’ve got the lock function we’ve got the opening here for the attach and then we’ve got the unlock function with

The audi logo just press this a couple times and then the hatch will pop right open and notice we’ve got the built-in cargo cover which is pretty cool storage space back here is actually really solid and there’s actually like storage on either side which is kind of interesting and then this is our little charging cable area and also we’ve got the all-weather

Floor mats come with this particular vehicle but yeah always gotta have a charger that with you when you have an electric car anyways when you’re all done you can lock it or you just press that and that’ll just lower it right back down and there you go now facing things up with the rest of the rear so stylistically you guys can see here on the side of the tail

Lights that’s pretty cool and i love the tail design obviously it goes into like a whole like light bar situation that’s just like an eevee thing every single ev has to have a light bar because i guess that means the future we have our q4 badge and then we have a quattro badge there on the other side and then you guys can see parking sensors there at the bottom it

Also says e-tron by the way it’s like stamped in to the bottom of the bumper but there you go now here’s the door panel in the rear we’ve got really nice padding and stitching where you’re going to rest your arm and then of course we got a window control for the rear and pretty cool looking door handle anyways here are the seats so you guys can see you got the

Stitching there down the center of either seat and let’s actually pop in leg room yeah pretty spacious back here and you guys can see we’ve got a little cargo net there we have our own little climate area it looks like the plus and minus for the temperature and then you can see with the usbs down below the 12 volt doesn’t look like you can adjust fan speed though

So i’m guessing that’s just temperature and cup holder armrest i mean what more could you ask for also led lights the interior that’s fancy let’s head to the front so here is our front door panel we’ve got really nice padding and stitching here at the bottom portion all of our window controls right there and then adjustments for the mirrors they do power fold

In and then here’s another quick look at those mirrors we do have memory seats and like how we’ve got this all wrapped still it’s pretty cool anyways front seats so you can see the stitching same design in the center as we had in the rear seats and the padding is actually very nice with these seats power adjustments on the side and then pretty normal pedal layout

Nothing too crazy and then light control right there and then notice the darker trim on the side of the vent let’s pop in so here is the steering wheel for the e-tron you guys can see really nice soft touch all around darker stitching than the center it’s actually a two spoke design which is pretty interesting i love how the heat steering wheel button is actually

On the steering wheel makes sense but not a lot of automakers do that got our voice command volume controls we actually have paddles here on the back um which are tied to the regen system i’ll show that later with the driving portion and we have some controls here for the center screen and i believe i actually have to pop this into drive to be able to turn yeah

I’ve popped it to drive to turn the steering wheel for you guys so you got like the two different stocks sorry the camera doesn’t focus on them but turn signals in our cruise control stock and then our windshield wiper stock and yeah there’s our steering wheel so here is our center gauge cluster and as you guys can see it shows us the range that we have right now

So we have 181 miles range at 79 charge and just like other audi models you can change like what the screen shows from an information perspective you’ve got a bunch of different menus you can scroll through and look at that we even have like the navigation that we can put to be a full view on the screen which is pretty cool i love that says we’re off-road right

Now we’re in audi’s parking lot we’re not off-road but yeah really good system really easy to use and there you go so here’s the center entertainment screen first off if we pop into reverse we do have a backup camera with two directory lines that turn with the steering wheel notice we have parking sensors front and rear and resolution on the camera is actually

Really solid now when i put in the park it’s going to shut the car down for a second and then i put my foot on the brake and then let it know that yes i am still in fact wanting to use the car we’ll talk about the system in a moment anyways notice with our different drive modes we have like an efficiency mode and then we have our comfort auto dynamic individual

You guys can read the screen um but anyways touch response time is really solid and it’s really intuitive like i love audi’s infotainment system it like it just it makes sense and like if i wanted to get vehicle information just click the vehicle tablet pretty straightforward we’ve got analog controls here for our climate systems we do have a dual zone climate

System notice that we can kind of change how it is so you can do like an eco mode for example with the climate system if you want to save charge and then we do have heated seats here for the front and then we’ve got our drive mode select which is actually like a little button here and it just clicks through the menu here so yeah kind of interesting and then on

That same button we have like the smelly control and then the hazard lights as well and this is just a little shortcut for the safety tech and then the camera system so like if i press this for example it just pulls everything up so you guys can see the whole setup right there and now we have the most interesting part well first off our little like volume thing

It’s a slider which is kind of interesting so like you hover your finger here and notice that you’ve got like the volume control there and so basically what you can do is just like slide for the volume but obviously i don’t have anything on so there’s nothing for it to react to but yeah it’s just just interesting so that’s not the only interesting thing the whole

Like system here is interesting so we have a stop start button that is pretty much useless because you just put your front on the brake and it automatically turns it on and then when you basically put the car in park and then get out it automatically turns the car off so like there’s no reason to use this and then you guys saw when i put this into gear like that

Functions perfectly fine super easy but when you put in a park and then put my foot on the brake it automatically puts the car into like the shut off mode and then put my foot on the brake and then everything’s back on so like it’s something you could easily get used to it’s just very different there’s a lot of stuff in this that’s just very different so under

This whole center console area we have like storage space which is i shouldn’t say center console center stack whatever you want to call it tons of storage space which is pretty cool couple cup holders and then we’ve got our armrest right here which you slide backwards and then lift up and then i’ll reveal the actual center console and then you can slide that back

If you want it as an armrest i love that says e-tron here and then the materials on the dash is really nice you can see the glove box set up right there and then we’ve got our mirror here at the top and then we have a pretty cool center situation so gotta increase the brightness for you guys now we’ve got these sliders so for example i don’t do the shade just slide

My finger and then it opens up the shade and then you have the same thing on the other side for the sunroof itself it does have a panoramic center if you guys are wondering i’m glad it’s not just like a glass roof like what a lot of um ev automakers will do that it’s an actual like functional center if it’s cool so here’s our window sticker for this q450e e-tron

Quattro is the exact name um tons of standard equipment uh the big thing i want to go over and i guess this window sticker’s definitely seen better days four year fifty thousand mile new vehicle warranty and then there are uh more warranties associated with this like an eight-year hundred thousand mile warranty on the high voltage battery system it looks like

Again when a sticker seen better days but we’ve got a base msrp of 53 300 this has a couple options including the premium plus package and the technology package as well total msrp 62 410 dollars and then if you guys want to see the quick epa section i went over most the information that’s on that early in the video let’s see how it drives well let’s talk about

This buddy before we set off here and i guess i gotta recline the seats you guys can actually see what’s happening visibility over the hood both of the mirrors and then throughout the rest of the rear and let’s set off we are setting off and there’s quite a bit of construction here in uh downtown salt lake so sorry if this driving route isn’t the best possible

Driving around i will be tweaking this um over time and i mean you guys can see like that street doesn’t exist so yeah not exactly the best uh place to drive but anyways first off seat comfort is absolutely fantastic actually i’m really impressed uh it’s not something that i like i i guess i associate with audi whenever i think of audi i think of like cool looks

Sportiness uh and rs models frankly right and r8s of course you always got to think about the art when you think of audi but yeah this is really comfortable actually um the climate control system’s great now the one thing that kind of confuses me about a lot of evs is that they um like this doesn’t have heated seats for example and that’s like a lot of evs like

Pretty much every single tesla um doesn’t have heated or sorry it doesn’t have air condition seats rather it has heated seats but it doesn’t have air conditioning i think that’s kind of a weird thing that electric automakers do is they i don’t know i don’t know why that’s the case maybe maybe uh air-conditioned seats are just too wasteful to make sense um but

With the throttle it’s actually not throttle sorry with the accelerator pedal it’s actually really um easy in terms of the use on it so we’re just in the auto mode right now i actually want to pop into the efficiency mode and see kind of how that changes things but if you’re not familiar with driving electric car this does not drive weird at all like it feels

Like a normal car so that’s that’s good like you uh other than the fact that you don’t hear like any engine noise feels like a normal car okay well i’m definitely picking another driving route next time because yeah these uh these these stop lights are definitely brutal but we’re gonna go from the efficiency to the dynamic mode and so this is going to be kind of

Like our more hardcore accelerating mode so we’ll be able to see how it kind of gets up that’s solid so minus paddle doesn’t do what is this doing oh there we go so if you press the uh let me double check out so if you press the minus paddle um a bunch of times then it does really aggressive regen and if you press the plus paddle then it gets rid of the regen so

I guess i got it mixed up in my head initially because i thought it was the opposite i typically do um just really aggressive regen whenever i drive fully electric vehicles because it just it obviously it’s the most economical thing to do but it just feels right when you’re driving electric cars like i don’t know it once you once you drive enough electric cars it

Just kind of makes sense but this at least lets you like slowly get used to it because what you can do is you can have it fully off when you first get this and then as you you know kind of get used to being with an electric vehicle you can slowly increase the amount of regen that you have and i’m gonna get another acceleration here i mean it’s it’s quick it’s

Not like insane with the acceleration like what you get with some evs but it’s still like instant power instant torque it’s not necessarily gonna like i mean unless you’re not paying attention it’s not really gonna throw you in the back of your seat but it’s still enough that it like it’s great for daily driving and i i frankly think that it’s it’s got a

Decent level of excitement to it i guess this test drive route isn’t so bad because once we got to this part it was just it was just the initial part that was a rough uh experience i suppose but let’s sum things up here with the q4 so first off again just like a lot of other oems this looks good on the outside especially i always got to talk about tesla because

Everyone talks about tests when they talk about evs like this just it looks like a real car like i don’t know why automakers think they need to make these electric cars look crazy like this just it looks it looks like an audi so yeah i like that um interiors you know it’s got some like the infotainment screen is pretty normal in terms of this whole area down here is

A little bit different but i i think it looks cool it gives it kind of a more modern feel from a driving perspective it drives really well um this is on the same platform as the volkswagen id4 and it’s a rear-wheel drive based platform and you can definitely feel it like this has really solid driving dynamics again despite the fact this doesn’t have obscene power

Figures it it feels really good so overall as you know a luxury electric car i think that audi did a fantastic job this has solid range it’s got a really good charge time as well because they aren’t using a monstrosity of a battery pack they’re using a relatively small battery pack in terms of you know the ev world and so you’re not gonna have to charge it for

Days if especially if you don’t have like upgraded outlets obviously get 240s if you get an electric car but yeah i think they did a great job stylistically i think it drives really well it’s comfortable it’s not crazy quick but it’s quick enough and it’s just another reason as to why you shouldn’t purchase that tesla let me know what you guys think that’s again

Something’s up for our video on this q4 e-tron again a huge shout out thank you to the strong audi here in salt lake city utah for giving me some time with this q4 link to the inventory in the description down below if you have any questions whatsoever just ask for mike or landon i’ll see ya

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2022 Audi Q4 E-Tron: Is This A Serious Threat To Tesla? By Ben Hardy