2022 Audi Q4 e tron Production

Adding to the growing lineup of all-electric e-tron models, the Q4 will accompany the e-tron SUV and the future e-tron GT sedan when it eventually goes on sale. It’ll be the first Audi to use Volkswagen’s MEB modular electric vehicle platform. The Q4 e-Tron will go up against other small luxury electric SUVs such as the Tesla Model Y and the Volvo XC40 Recharge when it goes on sale in 2021. It’ll offer an 82.0-kWh battery with a range of up to 280 miles. Unlike the larger e-tron SUV, this smaller model will seat only four. A fastback Q4 e-tron Sportback model is also expected to be available and was previewed by a concept car in July 2020.

Nice to be together again guys i’m really happy with the car it looks really fantastic on the road let me give you a little breakdown about the design because it’s really looking fantastic we are talking about the next level of e-tron design so we tried to clean up the surfaces give them a lot more volume so they look really powerful and characterful on the road

Emphasizing the wheels which are actually pushed much further out on this package mainly because of our battery pack which sits in the ground and this gives us a new opportunity to talk about a much bigger camping space i’m a big fan of the sportback as well thomas maybe you can tell us a bit about urea thank you yeah since you were just talking about the rear

Of the car it’s really important to know some some background from the aerodynamic point of view and the q4 sportbike aerodynamically speaking is a so called fastback now fastback type cars have no root spoiler but the roof is landed towards the trunk showing a continuous slope from the roof to the tail we incorporated a new spoiler at a rather high position it

Actually splits the rear window and this leads to an optimal flow direction off the rear and to reduce vortex drag now christian how about the interior thanks thomas for asking our goal in design was that to create an interior where the customer steps in and says wow i really want this car it’s so cool it’s so futuristic we wanted to deliver a hundred percent

Audi interior very sporty very driver focused we have the biggest screen we have in audis right now a new generation steering wheel with touch sliders an operating panel in the center console which also follows this digital idea a lot of roominess and spaciousness in the whole car and one highlight is the bottle holder in the door right kyuman yeah christian

Thanks for mentioning so what we were able to do is in every door panel you can store up to one liter even 1.5 liter bottles very easily for you to reach so a quite cool everyday feature i’d like to show you some color and trim highlights for example on our interior applications on the wood we focused on an extreme 3d haptic on our aluminium we divided this big

Surface with two different graphics and for the very first time we show our new audi rings in the interior which correspond to our cardboard audi identity out of all this waste which consists of recycled pt bottles recycled renewals we create a top and a bottom material which together in the carpet is an 88 recycled material in a total interior 31 together with

The rear shelf is recycled but there’s more i would like to show you one of the coolest design features in exterior of the q4 e-tron it’s a new headlight design and it’s the first time ever that the customer can choose between four different drl designs this is our favorite it has a black pupil in the middle it’s a strong character number two is a more sporty

One we call it the checkered black graphic and number three is a classical audi design with l-shape and then we have number four it’s a more reduced one with a strong bright pupil in the middle i hope that you’re fascinated of the all-new q4 e-tron like we are thank you so okay okay so i don’t know you know subscribe to auto tv

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