2022 Audi Q4 e-tron sportback FAQ, Key Facts and Stats

Watch this before buying an Audi Q4 e-tron, all of the frequenty asked questions, facts and stats which I have been regularly asked while owning my 2022 Audi Q4 e-tron sportback in pebble grey.

Hi there guys i’m himesh welcome back to the channel in today’s video i’m going to be going through all of the frequently asked questions with the audi q4 e-tron but in order for me to do that i’ve got a special friend along so let’s get into the video the most frequently asked question is what is the range so audi claimed 320 miles i’m yet to see that when it

Gets cold you’re going to get about 250 miles in the weather we’re getting around about now which is mid 20s it’s going to be about 260 to 270 miles but i do think in the optimal conditions you will get the elusive 320 miles that doesn’t sound like a lot aren’t you always charging it nope do you always fill up your petrol a diesel car at the end of every journey

I don’t think so how do you charge it super simple it’s as easy as one two three but can’t somebody just take the charger out while it’s charging nope can you drive off while it’s plugged in again nope how long does it take to charge so it took 10 hours which sounds like a lot of time but that’s overnight don’t forget to charge from two percent all the way

Back up to 100 that’s on my home charger which has a rating of seven kilowatts but it charged an average of 6.5 kilowatts now naturally in public you can get 50 kilowatts and even up to 120 kilowatt charges but at home that’s how long it’s going to take you okay and how much does it cost to charge so charging at home that 98 charge cost me 22 pound and 25 pence

Based on my energy tariff being a 28 pence per kilowatt hour now that is clearly a record for energy and everyone’s feeling it right now but that’s how much it cost me how much does it cost to buy this car so when i initially ordered the car it was 48 000 pound but today it’s around about 51 000 pound how fast is it so it does the north of 60 in eight and a half

Seconds and goes on to a top speed of 99 miles an hour it does say 102 on the clocks but due to obviously calibration it’s actually 99 miles an hour so it’s not quick in any way shape or form but it is nippy because it’s electric how much does it cost to tax big fat zero audi q4 e-tron or a tesla model y tough question because each car is great in their own right

Now obviously tesla make a car from a tech company audi clearly a car company making a car really what i would say is test drive both of them before you make a decision because the wait times it’s a commitment you’re going to make sure you absolutely 100 want the car two of my friends have model wise and i will be doing some more content on them so make sure you

Hit that subscribe button just for those videos is it automatic technically yes but the motor has no gears it’s literally forwards or reverse on or off much like a remote control electric car how long did you wait for it to arrive so i personally waited eight months which i thought at the time was absolute madness but i’ve heard of 18 months 18 months wait for a

Car which used to take three months is absolutely ludicrous so like i said previously you have to make 100 sure that you want this car unless obviously you want to pay over the odds for the car then crack on what option should i get when ordering so at bare minimum you need to get the comfort and sound pack this car like i said previously cost 51 000 pound 48

When i ordered it does not come with front parking sensors or a reversing camera a 51 000 pound car that does not have front parking sensors or a reversing camera aldi sort that out because that is absolute daylight robbery now naturally with the comfort and sound pack you’re going to get the sonos speakers as well which are definitely an upgrade so that’s all

From us today if you found it useful you know what to do hit like drop any comments down below and don’t forget to hit the subscribe icon with notifications on for any further q4 each one content that i do post up thanks for watching i’ll see you in another video you

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