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2022 Audi RS-Q8 4.0 V8 TFSI 600hp Review Interior Exterior

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Hi everyone welcome back to some disacchar channel so as you can see for today video we have a 2022 the audi rsq8 so in this video we are going to take a look at the interior and the exterior so we can start now with the front as you can see this beautiful orange color which looks so good you can see being the rs q8 let’s see we have massive intakes and you

Can see the bumper is so sporty and the grille is different also we have the logo here the rs q8 you can see this beautiful matrix led headlights and this daytime running lights are so beautiful so now let’s go and check from the side and we can see this beautiful 23 inch rims inside the skirts very styling look and just look how beautiful it looks on the side

And every angle you look at this guy is so good so the engine in this car is a 4 liter v8 by turbo produce 600 horsepower and around the 800 millimeters of torque so it’s very quick led played knights one thing that i don’t like in this spice in this car is uh we don’t have a tinted rear windows and we can see the rear diffuser a massive exhaust which sounds

Brilliant let’s open the trunk is electric standard in all rsq-8 and of course we can fold down the rear seats and let’s go and check the back seats let’s see this beautiful alcantara with a wide control stitching that’s where the badge here in the back uh seats the rs this is upgraded to the napa leather and you can see we have the full zone climbing control

With the heated seats also in the back you can see it has very good room don’t have any panoramic signals and you can see the headline is all black so right now let’s go and check the interior and you can see we have the frameless windows we have the double gloss be more quiet in the cabin you can see also the illuminated rsq8 bass bash the door sills aluminum

Paddles and you can see the ambient light fully electric adjustable seats also this one is fitted with a massaging seat in the ocean list so you can see right now we are inside of the new audi rs q8 you can see this lovely steering wheel with rs bash here and this massive ship battles and you can see we have the new virtual cockpit you can change the view depend

What you want for example we can go in the full view which you can control from this buttons this is the rs mode different modes that you want beautiful and you can see the wrap counter also we have the leather in the dash and here we have the infotainment you can see here we have the ambient light you can change how you want it also the quattro bash illuminate

And this is a very good system work very well very easy and you have the feedback so you know what are you doing what are you touching and this is the climate control and this car is fully loaded we can see we have the heated seat ventilated seat also the massaging seat that i mentioned the volume control and we have the bengals and sons sound system and for

The rs q8 you can see we have surround with the red for the salsa bottom engine the gear lever and you can see we have a 360 degree camera which that helps a lot because this is very big car and you can see the cameras are very very good resolution and hit pork and can it work itself you have the driving modes dynamic auto comfort efficiency and all road so

This car is with uh air suspension so it depends what mode you are car can raise up or lower so if you want more in-depth look of the rsq-8 you can find in my channel beautiful beautiful car guys so guys i hope you enjoyed this video about the new audi rs q8 comment down below what you think and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos to come and we’ll see you in the next one bye

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2022 Audi RS-Q8 4.0 V8 TFSI 600hp Review Interior Exterior 🔥🔥 By Shend Riza Cars