2022 AUDI RS Q8 P780 – by MANSORY

2022 Audi RS Q8

2022 audi rs q8 p780 – new wild suv from mansory  mansory presents a  complete conversion on the basis of the audi rsq-8   interior design in leather slash alcantara in   black slash red power increase to 780 ps and 1000  newton meters performance 0 to 100 kilometers per   hour in 3.3 s and v max 320 kilometers per hour 

If the amazing lamborghini urus is too expensive   or too flashy for you the 2022 audi rs q8 offers  a similar package and nearly identical performance   close mechanical ties between these two   the audi’s version of their shared twin   despite commanding a six-digit transaction  price the audi could and should be

Considered   it costs about half as much as the lambo   inside the rsq-8 offers the same tech forward  cabin we’ve come to expect from modern artists   with a dual touch screen infotainment setup and  all digital gauge cluster and plenty of other   gadgets while we’ll stop short of calling it the  ultimate audi the

Title belongs to either the r8   it’s most definitely the ultimate audi suv   what’s new for 2022 audi’s most badass suv is  mostly unchanged for 2022 except for a few new   standard driver assistance features including  adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist   now includes traffic sign recognition and an  

Intersection assist feature while a new rs design  package is available and includes carpeted floor   mats with the rs logo stripe seat belts and faux  suede alcantara upholstery on the center console   steering wheel and shift knob interior comfort  and cargo the rsq-8 spicy cabin is mostly the   same as the q8 although it has

Some special trim  pieces and sportier more aggressively bolstered   front seats to hold you in place while cornering  there are also rs logos sprinkled throughout   which means plenty of legroom and headroom for  adults in both rows of seats in our testing the   qa held eight carry-on suitcases behind its rear  seat and 23

In total with the rear seat folded   but its performance styling and featured  content are likely to be worth the investment   22 inch wheels heated and ventilated front seats  and a 17 speaker bang and a luxon stereo system   engine transmission and performance the rs q8  has a twin-turbocharged 4.0 liter v8 engine  

Torque it pairs with the quattro all-wheel drive   system and an 8-speed automatic and there’s also  a 48-volt hybrid system to improve fuel efficiency   nurburgring racecourse with a camouflaged   prototype of the rsq-8 when we tested the rsq-8 it  blasted to 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds   only 0.1 second behind

The far more expensive  epa fuel economy estimates for the rsq-8  and 19 mpg highway that’s the price you  pay for the rs q8’s performance potential   our 75 miles per hour highway fuel economy   this story with its test results for more   information about the rsq-8 fuel economy visit  the epa’s website infotainment and

Connectivity   the audi virtual cockpit digital gauge cluster and  dual touch screen mmi interface have certain rs   specific displays that can show information such  as torque and power output lap times and g-forces   other than that we expect the same technology  offered in the q8 including standard apple carplay  

Hotspot navigation and serious xm satellite radio   safety and driver assistance features audi offers  several driver assistance systems on the rs q8 as   standard including adaptive cruise control and  lane keeping assist for more information about   the rs q8’s crash test results visit the national  highway traffic safety

Administration nitsa   standard automated emergency  braking with pedestrian detection   keeping assist standard adaptive cruise control   warranty and maintenance coverage audi offers an  average standard warranty that when compared with   other premium brands looks pretty basic jaguar  offers more value here with

Longer warranties and   five years of complementary scheduled maintenance  limited warranty covers four years or 50 000 miles  

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2022 AUDI RS Q8 P780 – by MANSORY By Milner Luxury Auto