2022 Audi RS3 Sportback 8Y 288km/h REVIEW on Autobahn by AutoTopNL

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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is max and today we are taking a look at this kialami green audi rs3 sportback now we’ve made a review with the new rs3 which was a sedan and well we thought it is a beautiful beautiful week and audi offered us this rs3 sport pack in this cool spec so we decided to take it for

A drive also because the last time it was pouring with rain and today is so nice now i’m not going to cover the rs3 in general so if you want to learn more about the new rs3 i would recommend checking out the video in the top right corner that is basically the introduction video of the new car today i’m going to cover a few different elements it’s going to be a

Quicker review and i’m also going to address some comments we got in the last video because apparently i made a mistake and that also happens sometimes so that’s what we’re going to do today first i’m going to show you the spec and walk around it quickly and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the autobahn for a little autobahn blast now last time round we had

Winter tires limited to 240 which were quite good actually those tires today we’ve also got winter tires limited to 270 so that should mean that we can get the top speed of 280 kilometers an hour today which is optional so kilami green what do you guys think let me know in the comments do you like this spec do you like this color on this car i think it does make

It look a bit like a dinky toy like a toy car but it does suit the car because you have all that black around the car you have those new aggressive front light units those leds with the finished flag in there as well i do think that i said this about the sedan as well i do think the new rs3 is a very pretty car it’s a good looking thing it looks aggressive it

Looks muscley it looks like it’s ready to go i also like this part here is that real ah that’s fake or is it yeah that’s closed that is too bad i would have loved that to be real okay we’ve got michelin pilot alpine 5 tires and we’ve got these 19-inch optional wheels with the tri-color thing going on wide spoke wheel very nice wheel and then we’ve got the regular

Steel brakes carbon ceramics are optional you still only get ceramics at the front axle but it does mean that you have the dynamic plus package and your top speed is raised to 290 if you go for ceramics we have 280 today as i said and as standard it does 250 kilometers an hour limited now at the rear now last time around i showed you guys the lce performance car

Uh with a grill exhaust and it had this super smart little modification because as you can see in the exhaust i hope my angle is right now just chilling here on the floor um i can see through the exhaust i can see the tarmac i can see the tire i can see my hand hello fingers are there yeah and that is butt ugly basically and then we’ve got these two pipes in

There and then this this thing which is part of the bumper so what the lce and grill exhaust guys did is that they added this black tube inside right there and that means that when you stand behind it you just had that just a black hole basically inside the tailpipe which means that you don’t really see that the that the tip is part of the bumper instead of an

Exhaust and you don’t see those two separate things in there so i really really like that i would definitely recommend everyone to uh to go for that mod for their rs3 so the sportback of course you have a hatchback instead of the regular bootlet little spoiler here yeah engine wise so the two and a half liter five cylinder engine 400 horsepower 500 newton

Meters of torque zero to 100 3.8 seconds yeah i covered all this in my last review if you want to learn more about what happened with this engine it’s basically the same engine as before with a couple mods i guess that’s it so let’s take a look inside we’ve got a very cool spec here with this matte carbon panel running across the dash with this little angle

There all the way to the left beautiful beautiful interior i really like this i think it looks super mature it looks big and and luxurious and i’ll start it up yeah i just i just really like i like the fact that you’ve got a touchscreen but the most important things are still just a regular button below like the climate stuff your heated seats the traction

Control all that stuff you’ve got your audio down here with this little uh ipod controller basically so yeah really good job on that we’ve got the rs seats as you know by now not the most supportive but very comfy and a nice rs steering wheel alrighty so let’s take it for a little drive okay so let’s address the mistake i made last time there was a long line of

People telling me this i had the rs torque rear mode activated but i had to but i didn’t turn off traction control altogether so i was complaining that the car didn’t really let me do anything i wanted but that was apparently because you have to engage the mode and then turn off traction control all together and so it did allow me to break traction and throw

Around the rear end but i wasn’t allowed to then give it some throttle and maintain the slide well slide it is quite difficult to do because it just breaks traction and then you have to catch it but i am going to demonstrate now that it is possible okay so i am allowed to do a little donut here uh i have to make sure that you time it right so that is absolutely

Hilarious it feels it feels quite fake and forced um it it feels like your rear wheels are trying to mimic a shopping cart basically what is that called those wheels those that’s basically what it feels like if you drive in torque rear and you hit the throttle it’s like the rear wheels are trying to decide okay power to left rear right rear left rear right

Rear it’s super weird but it is fun and i will say that i indeed made a mistake by not turning off traction altogether because it does work okay so let’s do another one because i do remain skeptical because it is very very very hard to control it doesn’t feel natural and my point of the first review being that it’s i i felt like it wasn’t really made to do

Like big drifts and slides but more to make the car feel more neutral and more rear real drive biased i think that really works and i guess that if you have like a snow drive or something like that it would feel really really cool so if you try to do like a slide in first gear it’s yeah it’s super hard to judge because you really don’t know how much throttle

Input you need that was like 75 80 and you could feel it starting to to let go um but then you don’t have enough power going to the rear to continue so you really have to be balls to the wall fully committed um and then and then really floor it basically floor it into a corner forcing the car to recognize the fact that you want all the power going to the rear so

Yeah it is a lot of fun and as i said if you have like a ton of snow it would be absolutely awesome but on a regular drive i would just recommend putting the car in in the performance mode the rs performance mode because yeah that rear axle just feels weird when you have it in that uh torque rear mode all righty so driving it yeah it is a very very quick car

And you just feel like every generation of rs3 you drive that it the drive train sort of feels the same but everything around it improves so this car’s got a wider track it feels more square and the handling is definitely better it’s more neutral and i feel like they really did something with all the downsides that the previous car had okay so let’s go uh and

Launch it performance mode there we go oh that’s a lot of grip and that’s 100 so as i said 3.8 seconds claimed we actually did a 3.65 second zero to 100 so it is very very quick i mean these yeah these zero to 100 runs are getting uh out of hand this is so quick for a freaking old hatch like okay it’s not a hot hatch it’s a hyper hatch or whatever but it’s so

Quick so in this segment hyper hatch you basically have two options you’ve got this audi rs3 and you’ve got the mercedes amg a45s and of course the bmw m2 which is not really a hatchback but is in the same category so you’ve got three very different things definitely all have their own benefits and their own character but i feel like the a45s and this car are

Quite comparable because they share a similar setup of hatchback you know four wheel drive but this car has a five cylinder and this drivetrain just has so much more character than the a45s i’m not really a big fan of that four-cylinder as you know yes it’s got 421 horsepower yes it’s faster from zero to 250 kilos an hour in our measurements but i feel like you

Get bored of it more quickly than this this five cylinder just always has that that that sound and that verbal and the power delivery is so nice you’ve got that big torque and of course massive tuning potential which you also don’t have in an a45s alrighty at the ultraman as i said this car has really matured it it feels very grown up on the ultraman it feels

Stable comfortable fast man it’s empty you know tire noise with noise it’s all very civilized we are nearing the top speed here so 280 is the top speed and the car will do 288 there we are won’t go any faster than that but that is very easy so of course we also measured the 100 to 200 performance and we measured a 9.84 second run with this car which is quite

Quick not as quick as an a45s which did 9.74 but it is much much quicker than the outgoing bmw m2 competition which we measured at 10.6 with that car so the new m2 is coming this summer or will be introduced this summer so we’ll just have to wait uh what that’s going to be like but i guess it will be close again but out of those three this definitely is the most

Capable all-rounder it just does everything really well and really easily and if you put a little exhaust on this car it will sound even better because the sound you hear now is a lot more fake sound through the speakers but these engines can sound magnificent so there’s a lot of potential still in these cars which i’m sure we will be able to witness when the

Tuners get their hands on these cars and uh they will visit us of course but yeah this it’s super easy i also want to complement these tires by the way these michelin pilot alpine 5s they are super nice very suitable for high speed driving now to end this video let’s do a torque pull do sixth gear under that 30 kilos an hour foot down here we go that is not

Bad i really like doing these because you have that build up of boost speed power yeah all the things we love and there we go 130 to 260 in six gear it does show you the versatility of this this car it’s it’s such a good daily it’s very competent okay so we are nearing the border i’m going to end it here i hope you enjoyed this little video this update video

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2022 Audi RS3 Sportback 8Y 288km/h REVIEW on Autobahn by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL