2022 Audi RS7 Review, 0-60, Exhaust Sound | The 591HP Beast

Hello everyone! Today I got to drive the 2022 Audi RS7. This thing is a monster. A perfect mix of supreme luxury and speed. What do you think of the 2022 Audi RS7? Let us know in the comments!

Sitting next to me today is a 2022 audi rs7 this is audi’s most sportiest sedan that they sell it’s powered by a 4 liter twin turbo v8 that makes over 550 horsepower it’s all-wheel drive as a quick transmission and it is super comfortable and luxurious and today i’m gonna be bringing you a review of it let’s hop right into the video the rs7 is powered by a four

Liter twin turbo v8 makes 591 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque it’s made it to an eight-speed automatic transmission of course this has quattro and a quattro tuned rear differential and it is an extremely extremely fun engine it makes a lot of great noises especially while driving it is a great power train for the rs7 this has a claimed 0-60 time of around

3.5 seconds according to audi and it can do 155 miles an hour at top speed but there is an option that will allow it to do 190 miles an hour as its top speed which is incredibly fast and you should probably never get a sedan up to 190 miles an hour in an uncontrolled environment that is wicked fast all right now though this is a big german hatchback slash sedan it

Does look really sleek looking and the drag coefficient is there to match it has a 0.32 drag coefficient which isn’t as good as the tesla model s i know but it is still very low and makes this car super aerodynamic and you don’t even have to know that drag coefficient to know that this car is super aerodynamic now i also love the headlights up here and they do a

Little dance when you go ahead and unlock the car now sadly it’s not dark out so you can’t really see that dance but it does look really good we’ll put it up on b-roll and trying to see as much as you can all right now moving on to the exterior of the rs-7 we’re gonna go over some of the options that this car has equipped to it starting with the black optics package

Which includes things like this blacked out grille and this blacked out badge along with this black bumper insert right here and that also carries over to the back you also get these black mirror housings right here and these 22 inch diamond cut rims with these 285 30 summer performance tires this also has audi’s air suspension all around which provides an adaptive

Ride if you’re in comfort the car is very comfortable to drive in soft over bumps but if you are in rs mode or rs2 mode this is a very stiff car to drive it provides plenty of ground feel when driving this car overall this is a very very good looking car and it is very wide from the front it is about 76.5 inches wide without the mirrors being included which is very

Very wide you also have these massive brace brake discs up front which are 16.5 inches up front and 14.6 inch brake discs in the back which provide plenty of stopping power especially when you could potentially be going 190 miles an hour it’s awesome also included in the black optics package is going to be the black window trim around the back now moving into

The back for cargo space and look at the back as a whole this has the audi sport exhaust with the black tips they do good and the exhaust sounds really good you also have this great led light bar back here that looks really good as well with the black rs7 badge and black audi logo now as for space in the trunk this gets 24.6 cubic feet of cargo volume with the

Seats folded up which is plenty of space to carry anything of course like you know out there if you’re familiar with the rs7 the rs7 is a hack not a sedan power closing trunk as well but even standing back here look how aggressive the rear end of this car looks it’s absolutely insane and one of the best looking sedans i’ve ever seen out of germany now i can’t wait

To see something like an m8 m850i or a gt63 gt53 from mercedes those will be and are great competitors to this vehicle now go ahead and hop inside and see what’s going on in the interior all right now hopping into the interior the first thing i want to go over is the fact that this has the rs design package in red which you can also get in gray has things like the

Seat belts being black with the red borders on the outside the alcantara steering wheel with the red contrast stitching and red contrast stitching right here and a bunch of other alcantara you also have these carbon fiber inlays that is exposed carbon fiber it is not glossy and all covered which looks really cool and if you run your hand over it you do get to feel

The weaving of course audi’s digital cockpit two screens right here which is pretty standard for higher end audi’s this one has the executive package on it which adds things like heated rear seats and a heads up display this also has audi’s adaptive cruise system on it the interior is a great place to be the steering wheel looks really good all the materials are

Also very very high quality and very soft as well now this rs-7 is also equipped with the executive package which gives you things like soft closed doors and heads up display extended leather on the dash the center console and the dorm armrest and you also get heated rear seats for your rear passengers so they can be happy too this also has the driver assistance

Package which gives you audi adaptive cruise control audi side assist with rear traffic alert it also has intersection assist and traffic sign recognition which is really nice so you can always tell when you’re breaking the speed limit now i also like these seats right here with the red contrast stitching and the rs badge right there embossed into the back of the

Seat it is really cool looking this one also has a pretty decently sized sunroof but you can also get the headliner in dynamica which is like an alcantara suede feeling material this one did not come equipped with that that is a three thousand dollar option if you want the headliner of your vehicle to feel nice and soft now as for things in the infotainment system

In the vehicle settings this is the most interesting part is going to be the fact that you can choose your drive mode within the infotainment system comfort auto and dynamic and of course you have your adjustable rs modes right there you get two rs1 and rs2 you also have the adaptive suspension which can raise and lower the car stiffen the suspension everything

Like that because this does have the air suspension equipped on it you have your rs monitor right here which over oversees things like your engine oil coolant sport differential transmission fluid and brake rotors which is really nice you scroll over you can see your g-meters and your tire pressure monitoring system which is something that’s really nice to have you

Can also see things like light and visibility efficiency assist parking aid other driver assist features cool things like that this info statement system is really good um i’m not usually a fan of having all the climate controls in the infotainment system but this one is okay the screen is responsive so when you touch it it gives you a little bit of feedback and you

Know you can basically use it without having to look though sometimes it can be a little finicky that’s why i mostly prefer having the climate controls outside of the infotainment system but i see what audi was trying to do this also has wireless apple carplay and wireless android auto which is a really really nice feature that i would love to see in more cars out

There now you can subscribe to a version of the navigation system in there which provides satellite mapping from google this one does not have it but the q8 we reviewed oh somewhat probably four months ago did have that subscription enabled which enabled you to have satellite imaging for the navigation system which was wonderful but this one does not have it but

The fortunate part of that is the mapping system from audi still looks great you can view it full screen in the gauge cluster and on the infotainment system which is a really great feature now the rs7 also has a deployable spoiler and it’s had this for the entire lifeline of this vehicle yep the interior of this car is really really nice to be in now my favorite

Part of this and this shouldn’t be my favorite part of a high performance sedan but it is my favorite part of it is going to be the 19 speaker bang olufsen 3d advanced sound system now the q8 had the 19 speaker bang olufsen 3d premium sound system but the advanced is the super high end one now it is a 23 speaker system if you get it in the q8 but in here it is

19 speakers instead and it is amazing now the q8 had some amazing bass this has one of the best sounding sound systems i’ve ever heard the treble is amazing the bass is there it’s i can’t even explain to you guys what it’s like to be in this car with the music blasted uh it’s a great time now sitting in the back seats like i said this is the executive package

So you do get heated rear seats back here another thing i forgot to mention this has quad zone climate control so not only do each one of the passengers here get to control their temperature they get to control their own fan speed which is a super nice feature that i love how these high-end german cars are implementing two usb type-cs and a 12-volt socket just

In case you want to plug in anything else back of the seats are nice and squishy door materials are super nice back seat pockets right here and the back seats are actually surprisingly comfortable they’re a little stiff down low in the lumbar section but mostly they’re okay event vents right here just in case you need to use those anyways other things have back

Here center console and some cup holders right come on audi there you go so yes back seats are nice place to be map lights reading lights whatever you want to use those for headroom is kind of limiting when you sit straight up but if you’re slouching it’s okay and you have plenty of nerm as well as long as you’re not slouching too much so even the backseats of

The r7 are a good place to be but again limited room it is a hatchback so you know you run into some issues all right now we are going to do a 0 to 60 test of this thing oh shoot oh that’s quick and that’s close enough to audi’s claim time that i’m satisfied with it all right driving the rs7 oh we i’ve wanted to drive one of these forever i remember when

I was like 15 years old and i first saw the first generation of this car and i thought it was so cool and i loved the sound of the engine but now it looks even cooler makes even more power right now we’re in dynamic in sport mode with this so we’re going to see how it is in this before we go over to rs check out the transmission is oh it’s fast oh it’s fast

It is quick and these brakes are awesome wow that transmission is quick too throttle response could use a little tuning but jeez wow that’s fast faster than i thought that 591 horsepower is put to really really really good use oh my okay back into automatic mode jeez that was in dynamic that wasn’t even an rs okay well first off the steering is really really

Good audi has a torque vectoring system they put in with the quattro systems and it generally makes up for um for the over or the understeer that audis have though a lot of people have complained that track use of the quattro system has led to you know terrible amounts of understeer my lord it is so fast oh my gosh you won’t have any problems passing people

In traffic at all oh lord so yeah back to the steering is electromechanical 15.921 steering ratio it’s good it’s direct and it gets the car around the corner pretty well so right now we’re in the stiffest suspension settings and the road noise isn’t bad though the rims are big and the tires are thin the road noise is still not bad at all the ride is nice and

Firm and provides a sporty feeling though when you do and go into comfort mode which i will do at one point it makes the ride super soft and makes the car feel super cushy and luxurious to drive but you guys saw how fast we were going triple digit speeds in absolutely no time at all which is there’s not many cars you can get in that make you feel surprised that

They can be that fast but when you get in something like an rs7 um yeah it it can take you by surprise how quick these cars can actually be now the gas mileage is crap uh on in the city you’re getting 15 miles a gallon on the highway 22 which leads to a combined of 17 miles per gallon which is not that much now audi says you could put 95 octane in this car i’ve

Never been anywhere in the united states where a normal pump offers 95 max i’ve seen is 93 minimum i’ve seen for premium is 91 but you can put 91 in here the heads up display is nice shows the speed limit and your current speed and the heads-up display changes when you do put it into rs mode so right now i am in rs1 and oh my lord oh my gosh it just is so fast

That’s so fast oh my gosh it takes you spice so much by surprise but you know what it handles so well like you don’t feel like you’re gonna lose control at all when driving this car track use is different and i’m not gonna be able to put it on track but on a normal road when you’re just trying to go fast maybe weaving in and out of traffic maybe doing some sort

Of illegal things um holy crap is this thing good and i like how it shows the power and torque meters of how much percentage of the power and torque you are using it’s wow i love it love it love it love it now we can go ahead and put it into comfort mode and see how this thing does and comfort all calm and everything like that the suspension is raised and it

Just turns into a normal driving car without any issues in fact i’ll put on the navigation screen so we can see where we’re going make it full view and there you go everything’s calm the brakes are still a little touchy in comfort mode those don’t change um and they’re touching no matter what but the throttle response is light easy to use i can’t see wow okay

It’s just it calms down it turns into an a7 without any problems this is where you’re gonna be getting at 22 miles per gallon not when you are honing it on a highway as hard as you can oh okay really really well around the bends no issues oh gosh look at that about every mode you put this in it feels pretty dialed in i know this is so much tuning potential

Too with that turbocharged v8 i mean this thing could easily make over 700 horsepower and people have done it i would love to ride in one of those where there’s absolutely absolutely blistic vehicles so yeah overall i really like how this car drives and i just even in something like comfort mode dynamic mode whatever mode you’re in the car is comfortable it’s

Luxurious feeling and you can’t really hate on it so that is the 2022 audi rs7 i absolutely love this vehicle it brings back the great memories of the qa while adding a super sp to it and with that wonderful power train what’s not to love about this car can’t wait till i get my hands on something like an m8 or a gt63 to see how they stack up against this i know

The gt63 when it comes to performance is gonna blow this out of the water and the m82 but when it comes to luxury and everything like that i’d love to see how they stack up so if you guys enjoyed the video make sure you hit that like button down below and if you want to see more from us make sure you subscribe and i will see you all in the next video

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