Fun at the wheel is guaranteed in the S4 Avant thanks to the 3.0-litre TDI engine, generating up to 341 PS and delivering a maximum torque of 700 Nm.

The new audi s4 event the car you’ll ever need the s4 is one of the world’s last few cars subtle looks but enough punch to see off a kaiman big space with neat and tidy handling lots of pace in all weathers it’s never the first car you park in the dream garage but even if you had an underground bunker brimmed with bugattis and paganis you’d use an s for more days

Than a platinum plated lambo seg indeed seems a weird move doesn’t it audi was caught just as red-handed as its volkswagen parent in the dieselgate emissions dodging scandal of 2015 and beyond the uk has responded by shunning diesel cars faster than evicted love island contestants so far in 2022 diesel share here has shrunk by almost 20 compared to 2020 and it

Tanked in 2018 too because it sees a future in cars that have deep reserves of torque to pump them along and emit less co2 than a car with a petrol habit while traveling further on a tank torque is much more useful in the real world than peaky top end power especially in a roomy family wagon sounds familiar they are the reasons that europe fell painfully in love

With td eyes in the first place and still quite compelling if you’re not a knee-jerk politician officially it’ll do 39.8 miles per gallon and emit one six six g kilometer of co2 on the new wltp testing cycle on the old testing regime any diesel that sunk below 50 miles per gallon would have been a laughing stock but the latest lab tests are supposed to be more

Realistic as a result you’ll stand a healthy chance of not just matching what audi’s website claims but beating it our s4 event test car was regularly claiming over 40 miles per gallon the old petrol v6 rarely climbed above 30 to the gallon job done dot it doesn’t sound like much at all really there’s a vaguely six-part rumble in the middle distance when you

Clog it it sounds more expensive than a four-cylinder diesel by a mile but hardly justifies brandishing four polish tailpipes then again the old petrol v6 was hardly a vocal event at times it was even a bit droney in dynamic mode a tad artificial like it was singing through auto tune so forget the noise argument you’re missing out on negligible entertainment

And going another couple of hundred miles on a tank dot it’s more led and on turn in than it used to be ironic really when the old s4 was launched audi bragg that the new engine saved 14 kilograms of front axle weight whoops but that’s been compensated for by a simply biblical wallop of torque in the old car you got 369 pounds feet and that felt like a lot in

The new s4 you’ve got 516 pounds foot that’s more than a mclaren 600 lt turns out not this time the s4 sport differential which claims to shuffle talk to the wheel that can best deploy it has been awakening in the s4 tdi before now the car was so tractable it was impossible to feel the difference doing its thing but now it’s got to deal out a volcano of torque

There’s a sense that the rear wheels are powering the car out of the corner as the body hunkers down it’s really punchy and feels agile on the throttle like a smaller wheel dear square 7 in fact which is one of top geese favorite fast big suvs quick enough on paper it’s got 342 brake horsepower a couple of nags down from the petrol swigging s4 on the clock

It does zero to 62 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds identical to the petrol version the top speed remains pegged at 155 miles per hour does it feel as quick no but that’s not the engine’s fault it’s aided by electric anti-lag turbo technology powered by a 48 volt mild hybrid battery system at speed the s4 can coast engine off for up to 40 seconds meanwhile stop

Start engine response is instant and the turbo’s rarely caught napping what lets the side down most is the eight-speed automatic gearbox audi like the whole vw group and other manufacturers besides has really struggled to make its once peerless autos behave when shifting on a new wltp friendly strategy it’s swift enough on the paddles but the automatic mode is

Bizarre too keen to shift to high gears early on it slurs the kick down and selects second or even first gears for mild prods at the throttle what’s the point in having eight speeds and all the torque if the gearbox thinks it’s connected to a food blender the rest of the s4 is what we liked heartily before the boot’s huge it’s comfortable the interior is plush

And sophisticated though we’d swap the new touchscreen for the old clickwheel mit button setup in a heartbeat the new honeycomb mesh grille looks tidy too sporty but not at the expense of the s4 stealth shifting the s4 to diesel has also done audi a favor it’s put some daylight in between it and the petrol v6 rs4 which has struggled to come across as more than

An s4 plus well here’s the rub in making the s4 exactly what it needed to be to fit into the range it sort of lost its edge the s models used to be rs light but now they feel more like uber top spec cooking models the noise it makes is interesting but cultured the way it goes about being surprisingly fast surprisingly unenthusiastic it’s a brilliant car in lots

Of ways but a sober suited lightly disguised hooligan it is not in fact i’d go so far as to say that i’d probably end up either going for a top spec non-s and saving some money or waiting for the rs4 for something with a less complex personality you

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