2022 Audi SQ5 3.0TDI Vorsprung Quattro

What an example this is 🔥 showcased in the head-turning District Green with Fine Nappa Leather Sports Seats, 21” Diamond Cut Alloys, Black Exterior Styling, Panoramic Roof, Comfort and Sound Pack & Tour Pack. It doesn’t get much better than this 💨

Yeah i love this one myself what a car just arrived this is a 2022 audi sq5 look at this color district green metallic i’m going to call it military green i don’t think there’s a better car that we have got for sale on our website today for me this is just an incredible one-off car instant seller 2 000 miles now this is a diesel sq5 so it’s the new engine out you’ve

Put in it’s a v6 340 brake horsepower three liter diesel what a car five seconds not a 60 but look at it it’s bosch brung so it’s fully loaded it’s got everything and i’ll go through all that with you but for me it’s the color district green metallic makes it the small standout example that i’ve ever seen in one of these cars the newest generation sq5 this is a

Celebrated car anyway because they’ve always been so popular throughout the years for the power and the performance this one being a diesel for me it sounds incredible it’s got a wonderful whirring noise to it but it also retains fuel efficiency for anyone wanting a four-wheel drive vehicle like this it does everything it’s got fuel efficiency it’s got the best looks

You’ll ever find it’s got the most incredible specification and we’ll go through that now so the color is district green metallic it looks like an army green color and i think it’s so current and modern and that’s the the most distinct feature about it you’ll see these lightest is a washroom model so it’s got everything but it’s got led front lights adaptive cruise

Control as a wash ring it has black edition styling so this new grille widened to the q5 but all in black exterior black audi rings it is a four wheel drive quattro with sports differential so it drives so well self-leveling air suspension the wheels we’ll talk about exterior first on this car so the wheels there are 21 inch diamond cut wheel they’re an audi sport

Wheel with black calipers and also notice you’ve got manhattan gray painted arches and bottom sills in this castle there’s no black plastics on it it’s all painted you’ll see fixed side steps black mirror casings black window surrounds being a boss when we’ve got tilt and sliding sunroof then going around the rear end quad exhaust black styling round the back

Led relays but listen to this noise i think it sounds incredible you might not be able to pick it out on the it’s got a wonderful whirring noise to it if you listen to that and then when you’re driving it sounds immense now one of the most endearing features about this car for me which is very rare in an audi is it’s got a tow bar which is deployable so there’s

A little whoa i’m back i’m back whoa we’ve got a tow bar i think he broke my neck showing you that look at this no wonderful that’s amazing that’ll be in the bloopers that will leave it in but yeah you know assisted tailgate wonderful wonderful feature that turbo if you were going to buy one of these cars you might want to pull a caravan or a trailer and that

Just folds away nice and neatly then inside so divorcement model comes with keyless entry which is lovely but then we’ve got heated outer rear seat as part of the specification on this car which is you know valcona leather we’ve got switchable ambient lighting super sport seats to the car which is absolutely mega the comfort aspect in everything of this car it is

Fully loaded and when i mean fully loaded it it’s got absolutely everything so looks at look at the seats full electric seats with massage function banging allison sound system head up display the newest audi infotainment system inside it’s got integration with amazon alexa so you can use all your voice commands to the car adaptive cruise head-up display so this

Car’s got two a package got city assist pack carbon atlas inlays which are in the doors and across the dash bang olufs and stereo extended leather to the doors which you’ll see here what a wonderful car it is the caller the way it drives it feels very very spacious it’s a family car it seats five people but inside it does feel very big and it’s just the ultimate

Sq5 you will find so let’s look at the seat look at the driver’s seats or super sport seats very sporty electric with massage function that’s really important and then this car basically has all the packs on it so i’ve mentioned to a pack which gives it keyless entry it gives it keyless boot you’ve also got the kick thing which will open the boot adaptive cruise

Control the city assist pack gives it assisted steering it gives it heated steering wheels you’ll see on the steering wheel all these features are really important heated steering wheel and if you come inside you’ll see we have we have the head up display function as well adaptive cruise is just behind the steering wheel then the the digital interface behind the

Dashboard which is part of the technology package because it’s in sq5 we have the the extra rev counter you can switch this display to wherever you want to see it it’s really really cool it’s got everything technology-wise you would want and then you’ll see on the screen already the reversing camera system top view camera reverse camera we can then extend this out

And look at all these cameras look side camera at the rear side cameras at the front rear camera top view front camera front side angle it’s got park assist so the car will park itself just absolutely mega stuff this all learns how you touch the screen of course it’s all it’s called haptic technology phone applications with smartphone interface the city assist

Pack gives it your steering assist with self park heated front seats digital climate control audi drive select another massive function of this car air suspension but then you can tailor this car to drive how you wish down to efficiency dynamic it’s just the most mega sq5 i’ve ever seen and if it doesn’t sell instantly i don’t know what’s wrong because the color

Is incredible a complete one-off it was a massive feature on this car and a massive option you can’t go and buy these cars brand new by the way it’s a 22 plate with 2 000 miles on try and walk into reality center and buy this car it’s physically impossible that makes it an instant seller for me anyway but over and above that it’s just got everything it’s got the

Color it’s got the spec it’s got the wheels it’s got audi warranty until 22 25 what more do you want power performance lux four-wheel drive on the website now ring me get it reserved straight away thanks for watching

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2022 Audi SQ5 3.0TDI Vorsprung Quattro By Acklam Car Centre