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This is the end for the 2022 Toyota Avalon Touring Edition. This is the sweet spot in this flagship sedan from Toyota.

Hey it’s tony here at smart toyota madison wisconsin this is that uh 2022 toyota avalon touring edition gas version color on this one is uh supersonic red 2022 is the last year for the avalon it’s uh being discontinued and replaced uh with the uh toyota crown so i want to give you a quick overview on this one this is a fantastic car really i for life me i can’t

Figure out why toyota’s discontinuing it other than large car sales are down in the united states so maybe that’s the reason but this is a total package so the touring edition uh is more of a uh a lower profile sporty addition now they do make the xse as well but the touring is maybe a little bit more sophisticated so touring does sit lower to the ground we’ve

Got i think it’s a 5.3 inch clearance uh from the ground up so it does have a lowered package on here and then the wheels and tires bring it down a little bit lower to the ground so that’s a 19 inch cast aluminum wheel black painted gloss with a satin finish and you can see it’s a low profile tire that they’re using on there that’s a 40 series tire 235 40 series

Tire four-wheel disc brakes anti-lock brakes traction control are is standard on here as well i wanted to show you the front ventilation system so this vent here is actually functional it actually goes all the way through the wheel and avalon is the is the only toyota sedan that does that and that allows air to flow over the wheels to keep the disc brakes cool

As well so really there for aerodynamics and functional cooling the touring edition has this huge gloss black mesh grille up front looks pretty nice on there pretty much no bumper on the front of an avalon behind the toyota badge is the dynamic radar cruise control avalon has safety sense 2.5 plus is standard there’s also sensors up behind the windshield there

As well so you’ve got lane tracing assist pre-collision blind spot monitoring rear cross traffic alert all standard on here headlights a full complement of led headlights uh daytime running lights and a sequential turn signals on the back there really love the look and profile of this unit it’s a really a very long car with a long wheelbase so it does offer

A smooth ride although the touring edition has a sport tuned suspension also a sport-tuned exhaust system to make it sound a little bit more sporty if you will gloss black outside mirrors chrome trim up and over the window sills led turn signals with chrome in the mirrors as well these are heated outside mirrors they’re also power and notice they do fold in so if

You’ve got a tight parking space or garage you’re going to be able to fold those in power sliding moon roof is standard on the touring edition with the color to match shark fin antenna color to match outside door handles smart keyless entry system is standard notice again the trim chrome trim up and over the windows as we swing around to the back the touring

Edition does have a black package so you’ve got a black spoiler matches those outside mirrors i showed you up front also avalon in black as well here and then the touring badge is kind of a black and chrome combination but a really sharp tail on the back of this i love the way they style these tail lights these are all led tail lights but notice how they come

Around and then cut in on the back here so a really interesting look for a uh for an avalon i would argue yes they hit the spot it isn’t a sport sedan rear window defrost standard third brake light right here in the upper deck there is a backup camera down under here as well now this one does have the bird’s eye package as well so there’s some additional cameras

Parking assist sensors rear cross traffic alert rear uh emergency braking and then this does have dual exhaust this is a 3.5 liter v6 on here so this is the higher performance 301 horsepower and notice the lower uh the lower fascia here is all glass black and more of that mesh trim we saw up front on here but overall it’s a really interesting look on this car

And a lot of room inside let’s go ahead and take a quick look at the interior not going to go in a tremendous amount of detail in this video but i just want to give you a quick overview but the touring package does come with memory uh driver seat and mirrors one touch up and down on all your windows power mirrors um we’ve got the jbl audio system and then as far as

The the door panel there’s kind of a faux carbon fiber trim here which heads into the dashboard here with brushed aluminum on the edge there but also this is a suede fabric here and then they use that same suede fabric on the seats so kind of a suede insert with the leather seats here ventilated seats heated seats uh full power on your driver’s seat including

Power lumbar support height adjustable headrest seat belts i mentioned the power sliding moon roof is standard on there this does have a power tilt and telescoping steering wheel on the touring you get a leather steering wheel with fingertip controls for all of your sound system and your cruise control all right there on the steering wheel down on the dashboard

We’ve got automatic high beams traction control on and off heated steering wheel trunk release gastro release and then the vue 360 for the panoramic bird’s eye view the touring edition does have aluminum brake pedal and accelerator covers on there your hood release is going to be right here notice the dashboard they don’t they’re not cheap on these this is actually

A soft tech fab fabric padded dashboard so it’s not all hard plastic on there let’s go ahead and grab a seat and take a look at some of the inside behind the wheel on the avalon there is a lot of leg room both in the front seat and the rear seat and plenty of headroom shoulder room this is a full-size sedan in here so space is not an issue the steering wheel is

Leather wrapped and we also have the heated uh controls down here so if you want to heat it up you can turn it on right there driver side airbag of course and then all the fingertip controls that i mentioned earlier take a look at our gauge cluster so this is a seven inch uh information center here with a digital speedometer outside temperature and then you can

Also toggle through and do your driving support your sound system and your safety settings can all be set up there as well and you’ve got that right there’s your tire monitoring pressure monitoring system so there’s a lot of functionality in that seven-inch display up there attack and temperature over here speedometer and fuel gauge over on the right side really

Easy to read kind of a black on white uh backlit display i’ve got this driver’s seat all the way back i wanted to show you the the legroom so based on my height 5.7 i could not drive this car this way i can’t even reach the pedal so i’m just going to move this ahead a little bit so i can touch the pedals take a look at the center stack on the avalon so this is

A touring edition as i mentioned and so this is the better sound system it’s a nine inch touchscreen with navigation um it is the jbl audio system so it has 14 speakers and a subwoofer you’ll see there’s some speakers up there in the a-pillars and then there’s speakers on the lower doors and the subwoofer and all that in the back as well so a really great system

Apple carplay android auto and alexa compatible our heating and air conditioning system down here automatic temperature control for front driver and passenger heated seats up front ventilated seats up front that’s your driver control and here’s your passenger controls these seats are super comfortable by the way with the lumbar support and the power recliner just

A great seating configuration front window defrost rear window defrost heated outside mirrors push button start the center stack itself here i’ll try to throw some light on down here so you can see the center console so it’s an eight-speed automatic transmission this is a leather wrapped shifter and as i mentioned you do have paddle shifters so right here to be

Able to manually change the gears if you want with the eight-speed transmission this area down here is kind of a hidden storage cubby and there’s actually wireless charging so if you have a smartphone that uses wireless charging you can just drop it down in there and away you go and then you can kind of hide it all the way if you want there’s a cup holder here

Another couple are here this is slotted out so you could actually drop your smartphone right there if you wanted to you’ve got drive controls here for eco normal and sport parking brake hold and parking brake assist and then as far as the storage and such under the armrest it has a huge armrest it’s really wide uh it’s stationary so you can’t slide it back and

Forth but when you pop this thing open there’s a odds and ends tray here this comes out it’s a nice deep well and then there’s two three one one two three usb charging outlets and two of them are backlit i don’t know if you could see that let me turn this light off so they’re backlit kind of a pale blue so you can see them at night nice and easy and then let’s

Move over and take a look at the passenger side similar seating arrangement with the with the suede in the middle and kind of that bronze stitching very very comfortable seats on the avalon passenger assist grip i mentioned it does have a power sliding moon roof with a shade and of course that tilts up and opens up as well visors on both sides with lights on both

Sides the visors do slide back and forth the dashboard on the passenger side is is kind of interesting it’s a multi-tiered dashboard with that faux carbon fiber this is fabric and padded and then we’ve got a nice size glove box down under here the glove box does not have a key lock on it so it’s not a secure uh glove box but a lot of room over there bottle holders

On the on that side as well and uh very comfortable for the passengers uh take a look up front uh we do have the frameless mirror with uh garage door openers here’s as well so you can set up for your home link right there and then there’s a number of switches overhead these are switches relating to there’s a switcher for mood lighting uh you can’t really see

It during the daytime but on the dashboard there’s kind of a uh a blue led light and it runs down into the door handles runs under the center console here and so you can hit that mood light and it will actually turn on and off that blue ambient lighting reading lights are here also led moon roof controls are here and then you do have safety connect and that’s for

Roadside assistance so if you need help push that button toyota will get you roadside assistance it’s part of the toyota care package includes roadside assistance and your maintenance for two years or 25 000 miles i did want to show you on the uh 360 camera here um here’s an overhead view of the vehicle and then we can check our surroundings as well so there’s a

Number of different perspectives that you can set up on here depending on what is important to you and that’s all uh you can turn it off down here so if i turn that off it goes right back over to the kind of the normal mode if you will oops wrong button so back over to your map mode and i mentioned it is um does have sears satellite radio as well really easy to see

Read the the buttons and knobs are big enough so good visibility out the front let’s uh take a look in the back seat so here’s a quick look out the front from the back seat visibility is pretty darn good i do love the sunroof it adds a lot of extra light inside here in the back seat on the center uh console we’ve got vents up and down this is also all gloss black

Trim so it’s not just your flat black nice touch heated seat controls are down here for the back passenger seats these are not ventilated they’re only heated and then there’s two places to plug in your gadgets down here as well so a standard usb and a usbc unlike the ones in the glovebox those are not backlit but they’re pretty easy to find pockets on the backs

Of both seats i did want to show you the legroom back here so i’ve got this driver’s seat all the way back as far as it goes and you can see easily six inches of knee room so this really is a very comfortable car for five adults to go on a trip if you want to take a quick trip down to chicago for the day plenty of room back here people will be comfortable there’s

A passenger assist grips and and coat hooks up there tweeters in the doors here and then speakers in the bottom as part of the jbl audio system suede on the backs on the door panels suede down here really really comfortable these are height adjustable headrest and then the center armrest does pop open and gives you two cupholders again with the gloss black trim

And the silver so they just they didn’t chance on the back seat in terms of the style and the feel very comfortable and then this obviously you could fold this up to go ahead and put a third passenger back here if you want to but there’s a lot of room back here i could definitely go on a long trip in the back seat of an avalon no problem let’s go ahead and take

A look in the trunk avalon has a really big trunk and the low lift over height is nice for loading and unloading heavy items i started with uh showing you the spare tire assembly so this is the tool kit and it’s wrapped in this high density foam so it won’t rattle around and then you can pluck this whole thing out and there’s your spare tire and there’s plenty of

Room underneath here for jumper cables or emergency equipment but having it wrapped in this foam prevents the rattling and then there’s kind of a small deal but there’s a little hook on here that allows you to hook that up and bring it up like so the trunk as i mentioned is huge there’s a lot of room back here you can see the back seats fold down i brought down 60

Percent there you can also see there’s your subwoofer i mentioned before and then there’s a light here in the trunk the release level levers for the rear seats are in the trunk i wish they were in the back seat but they’re actually in the trunk it’s a nice flat floor it’s plenty wide if you want to put some golf clubs in here i think you could get three four sets

Of clubs it does come with a cargo net which is here and then that hooks up here and stretches across the back of the bumper and just more attention to detail notice that the deck lid is actually lined and then there’s an emergency release handle here which is glow-in-the-dark so if somebody gets stuck in the trunk hopefully they’re going to be able to get out

Okay so really nice big trunk this is definitely a full-size sedan so a quick look under the hood on the avalon this is the uh 3.5 liter v6 they offered in a hybrid and then a four cylinder but this is your 3.5 liter 301 horsepower connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission um combined fuel economy is going to be 25 miles per gallon city highway up to 34 on

The highway it is front-wheel drive the engine and the transmission have a five-year 60 000 mile uh powertrain warranty it does have a um excuse me a sport tuned exhaust system so it sounds a little more throaty speaking of throaty the um the uh toyota carron here covers your maintenance for two years 25 000 miles whichever comes first and that includes tire

Rotations fluid changes like oil changes and roadside assistance and then the avalon also has a three or 36 thousand mile limited warranty which covers everything else on the car in terms of manufactured defects so that’s your 2022 toyota avalon touring edition supersonic reds the color on this one that is an extra charge color by the way five and a quarter

Otherwise everything else you see on here is pretty much standard and this car is sold actually no scratch that it’s available there was an order on it but it became available uh late last night so if you’re interested give us a call right away if you like the video hit that thumbs up this is tony here at smart toyota thanks for watching

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