2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible Highly Advanced Chassis With Four New Technologies

Hey Guys, Here’s All You Need to Know About The 2022 Bentley #Continental GT# Speed Convertible.

Hi everyone bentley motors has introduced a new flagship version of the ultimate open top grand tourer the continental gt speed convertible the performance orientated speed model is the most powerful driver-focused interpretation of the benchmark convertible grand tourer designed handcrafted and engineered in bentley’s carbon neutral luxury automotive factory the

New gt speed convertible offers enhanced chassis technology distinguishing this grand tourer as a pinnacle performance model the continental gt speed convertible offers unique exterior and interior detailing including speed sport sills dark tint grilles and speed badging chris kraft member of the board for sales and marketing at bentley motors comments the new

Speed is the most driver-focused continental gt convertible available and unique in its ability to offer extremely refined all-season open-top grand touring with the added edge of astonishing performance and dynamism combined with exquisite handcrafted interior details the continental gt speed convertible exemplifies all bentley knows about creating the world’s

Most stylish and elegant cars for roof down motoring muscular exterior design unique speed detailing a statement of true sporting purpose the new continental gt speed convertible effortlessly blends style with performance intent the bold presence of the world’s finest open top grand tourer has been enhanced even further with unique detailing the speed’s tailored

Convertible roof can be deployed or stowed in just 19 seconds with the car traveling at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour 50 kilometers per hour speed models add a dark tint radiator grille and lower bumper grille combined with speed sport sills a dark tint radiator matrix and discrete speed badging on the front fender unique 22 speed wheels are offered in matching

Dark dent with the choice of bright silver or black gloss finish a dual fuel and oil filler cap plus illuminated bentley display to the outer tread plate are a nod to the speed’s performance credentials seven exterior roof colors are available including a contemporary interpretation of traditional british tweet black blue claret and gray are among the other options

Furthermore eight interior roof liner finishes are offered ranging from new red to magnolia the unique z-fold convertible roof system is the most advanced of its kind the roof with its ceiling system improvements and acoustic treatments contributes to a three decibel reduction in overall noise levels compared to its predecessor at typical cruising speeds an entirely

New combination of roof insulating materials and operating mechanisms combined with sealing system improvements and acoustic treatments create a convertible grand tourer that is as quiet as the previous generation continental gt coupe exclusive handcrafted cabin the continental gt speed convertible’s luxurious interior offers unrivaled grand touring refinement

Blended with unique speed detailing fully revealed to the world when the roof is lowered an alcantara steering wheel and speed insignia on the passenger fascia are complemented by a unique color split trim in height and alcantara customers can further choose from 15 main and 11 secondary high choices diamond and diamond quilting and speed embroidered headrests hint

At the performance characteristics of the most potent continental gt convertible while monotone color split with alcantara slash leather is a no-cost option piano black veneer is standard in the speed with crown cut dark stained bur walnut and dark fiddle back eucalyptus offered as no cost options open poor dark stained burr walnut veneer crown cut walnut and koa

Are also available sports pedals and speed tread plate plaques are fitted as standard while customers can choose the optional dark dent engine turned aluminium console or a leather alternative to the speed color split trim in the speed color specification a neck warmer which is both warmer and quieter than in the previous generation model is seamlessly integrated

Into the heated and vented comfort seats optimizing efficiency and airflow around the electrically adjustable headrests the styling highlight of the new neck warmer is a chrome center vane that stretches the full width of the duct echoing bentley’s famous bullseye vents combined with a heated steering wheel and heated armrests these sophisticated comfort features

Create a luxurious driving experience in all environments effortless performance the new continental gt speed convertible combines high performance with elegance and luxury power is supplied by an upgraded version of badly’s imperious w12 dsi engine delivering an outstanding 650 horsepower an increase of 24 horsepower and a remarkable 900 newton meters 664 pounds

Foot of torque such power results in a zero to 60 miles per hour time of 3.6 seconds zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 208 miles per hour 335 kilometers per hour hand built in crew the 6.0 liter is the most advanced 12-cylinder engine in the world both engine and transmission have been recalibrated for the speed to suit the car’s

Powerful credentials this is most noticeable in sport driving mode where the twin-turbocharged w12 has been tuned to keep the engine in the power band longer by up shifting later or downshifting earlier this creates a more eager response to driver requirements the dual clutch eight-speed transmission shift is twice as fast in sport mode as in the standard w12 model

Befitting a model that takes its place as the performance pinnacle of the continental gt range this combines with a greater exhaust character during startup and gear downshifts after watching the video please let us know in the comments section below how much you liked the video be sure to leave a like and subscribe to the channel if you are not and activate

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