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The two series coupe was a car bmw couldn’t afford to compromise with the front wheel drive system but it fits to its other compact models and to other 2 series variants so instead in this second generation g42 version we have a standalone design that continues the great tradition of the munich makers smaller sporting cars the g42 era 2 series coupe is one of

Those cars that just feels right within the first 50 meters whichever version of it you have to have chosen as with this models e82 and f22 series predecessors drive dynamics a key whichever of the engines happens to suit your budget or your preference the foundation here lies with bmw’s decision not to switch to the front driven platform these days used by all

Its other compact models instead this second generation two series coupe gets a shrunken version of the clar chassis used for the company’s middle ranking three and four series models that’s welcome not only because it means this car can be predominantly rear driven but also because it enables it to offer another very bmw style feature that you wouldn’t normally

Now find on one of its smaller cars our throaty straight six cylinder engine uh here fitted to the 374 horsepower m240i variant we’re testing today this gets the brand’s xdrive four wheel drive system but you’ll be limited to a rear driven setup if you opt for one of the more affordable four cylinder two liter models which are further down the range uh there are

Three of these two with petrol power uh the 184 horsepower 220i and the 245 hp 230i and a diesel the 190 horsepower 220d whatever engine’s chosen uh for likely customers rewarding handling will be a must so a great deal of work has gone into the g42 engineering formula here to make sure that’s delivered wider tracks carefully adjusted wheel camber values and a

12 increase in static torsional rigidity are all crucial here so is a return to the classic 50 50 weight distribution the previous generation the f-22 i was 53 much two has been borrowed from the engineering introduced into the current four series coupe notably what bmw calls lift related dampers they provide extra damping to control body movement over large

Bumps and to better settle the car through the corners on top of that there’s lower ride height there are firmer springs and anti-roll bars plus this coupe gets a clever double jointed spring strut front suspension and a five link rear axle we would like a bit more feel from the variable sport steering and on this m240i you really need to find the extra for the m

Adaptive suspension package otherwise it’s all good there is a bit of extra weight to go along with all this second generation models updates particularly on this six cylinder x drive model but it’s not enough to significantly detract from a very decent looking set of efficiency stats the 220i version that most would choose manages up to 44.1 miles per gallon on the

Combined cycle and up to 145 grams per kilometer of co2 it is recognizably a two series coupe but this time a slightly larger and certainly more modern looking one there’s no convertible body style option this time around and the coupe we’re left with is uh now a meaner more aggressive looking thing you wouldn’t call it pretty but equally you wouldn’t mistake it

For anything else a defiantly niche is the phrase bmw uses time to take a look inside at the wheel here you certainly now feel like you’re in a more sophisticated and upmarket car and in some ways you are because compared to a four series model the cabin architecture is almost identical only the door cards are actually bespoke to this design not that you’d really

Care because there’s more of an executive vibe than is usually offered by a small bm with the high center console creating a cocooning feel around both front seat occupants which is totally appropriate to the kind of car this is the shrunken seal ar platform that this g42 model is now based on can’t support the cutting edge mediatek that you’ll find in the munich

Makers other more recent small models but the standardized live cockpit professional package that you get here will still seem like quite a step up for customers graduating on from the previous f-22 series design a 12.3 inch monitor replaces the previous model’s analog dials in the instrument cluster and the bigger 10.25 inch center dash i drive infotainment display

Is now much better integrated into the center of the fascia what else might you need to know maybe that the redesigned sport seats are much improved and an optional head-up display is new to this model line uh your over-the-shoulder view that is as slightly restricted as it always is on a coupe but there’s a whole bank of extra tech to help you slot into spaces and

Plenty of storage room too and they’re now more spacious cabin time to take a look in the rear well once inside there’s far more room than you’d have any right to expect from anything calling itself a coupe well a two-door one anyway a headroom here would obviously be better if the ceiling height was the same as it is in the front but even so most adults will fit

In fine and there’s room for your elbows thanks to these scalloped outside panels bmw obviously thinks that real people are going to regularly sit back here because it’s rather curiously standardized three-zone climate control across the range and that means you get these uh digital temperature gauges here between the twin central vents finally let’s take a look

In the boot bmw hasn’t bothered with pointless electrical operation for this lid and it rises to reveal a 390 liter capacity which is the same as that of the previous generation model instead of the ski hatch which was provided on the previous generation model there’s now a more flexible 40 20 40 split for the rear backrest so long items like skis can be pushed

Forward into the cabin between a couple of rear seated occupants lots of ways then that you can practically justify what is essentially a deliciously selfish sports car it’ll certainly help bmw that this car doesn’t really have many rivals which are directly able to square up to it affordable rear-wheel drive models like toyota’s gr86 don’t have the quality or the

Necessary range of engine options either audi’s tt coupe has reached the end of its life a front or four wheel driven hot hatch really isn’t quite the same and something like a porsche 718 cayman is just too expensive to its credit bmw has produced an old-school performance coupe with bang up to date values this is a car which is particularly addictive if you can

Stretch up to a six cylinder version like the one we have here in summary this g42 design two series coupe is indeed as its maker claims defiantly niche ultimately this is the kind of car that bmw does better than almost anyone you

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