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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autodopanal my name is max and today we are taking a look at this all new bmw m4 competition convertible xdrive it is the first one we are driving with xdrive it’s the first time we’re driving the m4 convertible and today i’m going to show you around it i’m going to show you all the cool stuff on it

We’ll talk a little bit about what makes this car cool and what doesn’t and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the ultraman for an autobahn blast now this is let’s just get this out of the way i don’t really get this type of car a super sporty convertible it doesn’t really make sense in my head so i would suggest anyone looking for a convertible that’s a little

Bit fast as well has a six cylinder why not buy a bmw m440i convertible i think that car suits this type of driving much better because if you want the most sporty car you don’t want the heaviest one which means you don’t want x drive and you don’t want a convertible which you can only get this car in this configuration there’s no rear-wheel drive convertible or

A manual convertible it’s always a competition automatic gearbox x-drive convertible so um yeah it’s a bit strange really uh so today i’m going to drive it and we’ll find out if it’s any good anyway so we’ve got this portimao blue car which is a really nice color really like this car in this spec we’ve got the carbon fiber exterior package you can see that because

We have these carbon fiber intake parts in the front bumper very cool we’ve got these 19-inch wheels these are winter tires michelin pilot alpine 19 inch wheels behind that carbon ceramic brakes awesome we also have the carbon mirrors of course the carbon mirror caps and as you can see a fabric roof now this saves 80 compared to the last metal folding roof this

Is also much much prettier and i have to say i do really like the look of this car both with the roof down and with the roof up it it looks like a proper convertible i have to say so the main thing about that of course is that the shape of the fabric roof is much more smooth and sloping but also because this deck right here so the space where the roof needs to

Go can be lower can be smaller and that just makes the car so much prettier than the outgoing m4 convertible uh i have to say i’m not a convertible man but this is a nice looking convertible so we’ve got the carbon diffuser as well part of that exterior pack and of course quad exhaust boot space is also improved compared to the last one so we’ve got 300 liters

With the roof down which is 80 liters more than before and we’ve got 365 liters i believe with the roof up so pretty impressive we’ve got room for four adults theoretically which is also nice oh man it’s cold and then we’ve got the three liter inline six of course with 510 horsepower and 650 newton meters of torque same as the regular m4 competition obviously

The only problem is that it needs to carry a lot more weight now of course so if you look at this car the weight 1920 kilos which is 150 kilos heavier than the m4 x drive coupe so the m4 competition x drive but even more worrying is the difference with the lightest version you can get which is the m4 coupe a with the manual gearbox rear wheel drive which is 246

Kilos lighter than this car 246 that is ridiculous uh now of course this does have a little bit more power than that but still it is a porky fella this it’s a bit heavy and then we’ve also got winter tires so yeah i don’t know how much i can say really about the handling of the car but i’ll try so on the interior we’ve got the carbon fiber interior package as

Well down here as you can see on the dash the beautiful carbon bucket sheets with carbon holder on the seat as well and we’ve got this with deflector i didn’t show you guys what it looks like with the roof down of course we’re going to do that as well so i can use the remote there we go 18 seconds it takes for the roof to go down there it goes a little bit of

A squeak that’s quite nice and you can do this uh driving up to like 50 kilometers an hour as well but i have to say i like it i think it looks cool i mean so so much better than the previous one which just looked weird if you ask me especially with the roof up but also with the roof down so we’ve got the windows up we’ve got the wind deflector up as well and

We’re going to go for heated seats because it’s hella cold six and a half degrees feels colder and we’re going to take it for a drive now i’ve got my two wheel drive setting right there so we’ve got x drive but you can switch the front wheels off because it’s mx drive and if you are dead set on getting a convertible you can also get the regular sport seats with

Like an air scarf so that blows hot air into your neck which is pretty nice so driving the m4 competition convertible what is it like well it is a lot like driving a regular m4 uh which is good news do you feel the weight yes you do sometimes when you least expect it because it’s not when you try to hustle it down the corner it is when you accelerate of course

You would expect that as well i was making a jokey joke so sometimes you feel like okay there is the weight you know on normal driving of course you’re not going to feel it you can slide it around as you saw it’s very very impressive still to drive but there are moments when you realize how heavy the car is and it’s not when you use launch control because

That is still absolutely insane so we’re going to go for m1 which is my four wheel drive sport setup traction control is off i’m going to park it here you can see the road is a bit damp brake full throttle launch control activated there we go and we’re off 3.7 seconds according to bmw it’s a bit faster according to us we’ve been able to do 3.46 which is a lot

Quicker than advertised because it’s supposed to do 3.7 which is 210 slower than the regular one the the non-convertible the coupe a which does 3.5 but this does 3.46 so yeah classic bmw man i think it’s also because of those winter tires but this car is so tail happy it is insane it just wants to go sideways all the time yes yes i know okay let’s close the

Roof man that’s quiet so i don’t know if you guys can hear that properly but those verbal bangs on the up shift that’s new um matai made a video of his m3 recently where he explained this this is fake sound coming through the speakers and i actually quite like it i don’t necessarily need it there but it’s been done quite well so i do like that all right

So let’s take it to the ultimate oh man that is quick so of course this weight has impact on the performance we also measured the 100 to 200 time which we can compare to the m4 competition so the non x drive which did 7.8 seconds this car did 8.69 so it’s just shy of a second slower from 100 to 200. and that is down to that increase in weight of course

Now we’ve also tested the two wheel drive versus four wheel drive sport modes to find out if that has any impact on performance but in our experience in our measurements that actually does not make a difference so we still end up with the same question why would you buy this car is there a reason to buy it because if you want an m4 you want the most sporty

Car right um which means you don’t want the most heavy car which is weird they had to like reinforce the chassis the rear subframe mounted rigidly to the chassis so there’s a lot of extra stuff that goes on and you can still feel the difference because you know the rigidity the torsional rigidity is just isn’t there yes you can do lovely stuff with it you can

Slide it around and it’s still very quick but it’s never going to be as good as the other versions so why would you buy it well it’s still a very fast very impressive car i mean i really like driving it it’s just not as good as the others so does it make sense to buy this car well it doesn’t in my opinion because i’m just not a convertible guy and i think if

You want an m4 if you’re going to buy an m4 you’re going to want to have you know the quickest most sporty version the lightest version or at least the lightest it can be um is it an impressive car of course it’s fast it handles really really well um yeah it doesn’t disappoint it’s just that sometimes you feel that weight it’s just a little bit less explosive

Than a regular m4 competition the launch is incredible though so i’m going to end it here guys i hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle right there you can also check out this video on the right or go check out this playlist on the left or check out this playlist on the left thanks for watching and i’ll see you at the next one bye

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2022 BMW M4 Convertible Competition xDrive G83 | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL