2022 BMW M5 CS vs 1000hp AMG E63S vs 880hp Audi RS6 // DRAG & ROLL RACE

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You’re watching throttle house i’m thomas and i’m james and this is a pretty crazy drag race we’ve seen what the m5cs can do it’s not only a monster on the track but also a weapon in a straight line and since the less powerful m5 competition can dust the normal rs6 in e63s we thought why not bring out a version of those cars that can really make the m5cs sweat

So this audi rs6 tuned by the guys at eurocharged canada is making 740 horsepower and 783 pound-feet of torque to the wheels and this e63s amg tuned by the same guys is making 840 horsepower and 806 pound-feet to the wheels so in the absence of an amg black series or an rs6 performance if there’s a twin turboed v8 out there that can best the m5cs it’s going to be

One of these two okay i feel like a lamb amongst lions that’s what’s going on here right now yep i’m in just an m5 cs and the only time you get to say just an m5 cs is if you’re beside hyper cars or these things even if bmw is pushing it a bit we we’ve definitely cornered it and it’s unfair but i just i had to you know we had to try the rs6 again with that tune

And it’s actually a bit more aggressive than if you remember our original e63s versus rs6 video this rs6 is more aggressively changing as an intake this is just revenge of the amg as it’s coming back with just the most absurd levels of power so let’s see what happens here also good news in the spirit of cs models we’re giving away an m2cs because we’ve teamed

Up with omaze all you need to know right now is go to omaze.com m2 to enter and your entries go towards helping a great cause but also the best part for you is that you get to enter to win the m2 and i don’t because i’m doing the giveaway which is a bummer because i want an m2cs here we go oh yeah oh i got a good start oh i got a good start oh baby slur on

The launch control all the power oh my god oh what what i couldn’t see in the window how freaking fast is that car so i think i was like a smidgen late on the launch yeah didn’t matter it didn’t matter at all oh that’s so fun i could i could smell the tunes as you guys went by but come on though m5cs it held its own with massively tuned cars yeah massively

Tuned cars oh that was i was having so much fun you know seeing you guys just rock it past me i i’d love to know what the look on carson’s face was there’s no way he kept destroying him i saw him doing the full the full so much fun oh my god all right should we try a roll race we should try one yeah okay let’s do a roll race this tune or my mom would say tune um

Is the equivalent of the last meal of this car it’s like what if you had if you were dying tomorrow and you could have the most delicious dinner ever what would you have that’s what this tune is it doesn’t feel like there’s a tomorrow in this tune but there is because it’s dailied the magic of euro-charged canada they are mad scientists over there absolutely mad

Scientists but they’re great guys okay roll race roll race roll race go oh yeah oh my god that mercedes is hilarious no words i’ve got no words wow wow that’s fun that is fun can you hear the sounds this is making oh it’s just it’s all consuming for me incredible oh the smells the noises the speed that’s insane dare i ask yeah what does such a tune do to

Reliability of such a thing i mean i’m not sure i would you know do launch control every day on the way to work i think the owner of this does this is lady owned and she drag racist that is just the most badass thing i’ve ever seen okay so sorry just to check so the results of each race yeah was very clearly this rs6 m5 cs yeah there’s there’s no question there’s

No question yeah okay so this just in tuned cars are real quick but a stock m5cs held its own today and it’s not allergic to a tune either maybe next time and the m5 cs is not the only cs that has wowed us recently as thomas said we’ve teamed up with omaze to give away a brand new m2cs and twenty thousand dollars for a chance to win go to omaze.com m2 and enter

Now the best part is every entry goes towards a good cause so go there donate and good luck thanks for watching

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2022 BMW M5 CS vs 1000hp AMG E63S vs 880hp Audi RS6 // DRAG & ROLL RACE By Throttle House