2022 BMW X3 M Competition LCI – Whats New? | Video Walkaround (Brooklyn Grey)

See what’s new in the newly facelifted 2022 BMW X3 M Competition featured in Brooklyn Grey Metallic! Newly revised twin turbo S58 engine produces 479ft/lbs of torque making it on par with the 2021-22 BMW M3 and BMW M4.

Hi everyone dan from bmw sudbury here again in this video we’re going to take a look at the 2022 x3m competition so as you can see it’s an all-new color for 2022 brooklyn gray metallic debuted on the m3 and m4 get a good look at the front revised front fascia here on the x3 pretty cool updated vents here as well of course you have your updated full adaptive

Led headlights classic double ribbed kidney grill and it’s black with this being a competition model coming around this side we have a new wheel choice 21 inch wheel style 892m very reminiscent of the style 826m available on the m3 and m4 so it’s available in a 21 inch now on the x3 and x4m a regular x3m badge there on the side you see our new tail lights here a

Little more three dimensional than the previous generation tail lights also the lens is fully smoked which is actually smoked on every new 2022 x3 whether it be the 30i m40i or even the x3m competition like this one coming around the back let’s see your diffuser there of course your classic quad tail pipes with this being in that model side profile very similar

To the previous this is the lci update for this particular generation go ahead and pop the hood the same power plant as before the s-58 so the twin turbo three liter straight six based off the b58 for 2022 there’s actually an updated crankshaft in this engine along with some different engine software they bump the torque up to 479 foot pounds of torque which

Is on par with the m3 and m4 in competition and spec so it’s up 37 foot pounds of torque more than a say a 2021 x3m competition you have your strut tower bar there in the middle it’s pretty cool so 503 horsepower in this 479 foot-pounds of torque 0-60 actually went down three tenths of a second which is now 3.7 seconds to 60 on the next 3m competition close

The hood and we’ll step inside particular one has the black extended merino leather harman kardon sound system nice carbon fiber trim seats are really the same just carry over from the previous model and once we step in you can see that this one has the driver assistance professional package so i have your camera right there in the gauge cluster so that’s been

Updated for this 2022 model so when hitting the mode button you now have that third mode the assist plus when you’re in traffic situations on the highway below 40 miles per hour this vehicle can actually drive itself up to 40 miles per hour and that camera will just look at your eyes to make sure you’re still paying attention come down the center console this is

Totally new we have your start stop button here instead of it being up here on the dash and let’s start it up so now these buttons mirror the setup in all the latest m models with beating the m3 m4 x5 x6m as well as m8 so we have m mode so it’ll actually switch the gauge cluster into sport mode so you have that kind of boomerang style tachometer there you’re

Gonna have other information you can actually change the information on the left and right hand sides to what you wish and then if we hit the setup button you can actually get into all the different parameters for the engine chassis steering as well as mx drive so before you had different buttons separate buttons for all that stuff down here now this is all done

Through the high drive like on all the newest m models so we can go from efficient sport sport plus comfort sport sport plus and then we’ll have to go into mdm mode to get into four wheel drive sport so it’ll be as much power to the rear wheels as possible the m savs can’t go into full rear wheel drive mode like say an m3 with the all-wheel drive or an m5 or

M8 it just goes into 4-wheel drive support similar exhaust note to the previous models we’re in sport plus with of course the exhaust button open and we have our revised vents ac controls volume knob and your programmable uh eight memory buttons we now have a 12.3 inch center display so previously you can only get up to a 10 and a quarter inch display on any

X3 including the x3m so that’s a very nice upgrade for 2022 also wireless apple carplay and android auto are standard equipment and you can see when you have the gauge cluster in sport mode you get the tachometer in the head-up display this is flickering due to the camera let’s take a look in the back seat very similar to last year’s model in the back you have

Your side shades of course your mc belts that was available before you can see the backs of those front seats very race inspired design which is very cool there’s your panoramic moon roof as well as your ac controls back here as well as heated rear seats for the outboard passengers let’s take a look into the cargo area we’ll do the same out back here as a 2021

Model specific mats cargo shade which can be stowed underneath the cargo floor right here this particular one is optioned with a mobility kit which is right there which is really kind of a fix-a-flat kit you can’t option this with a spare space saver spare as well and of course power close really love these tail lights they’re really cool look at them with the

Tail light is on nice three-dimensional design same badging on the vehicles previously look at the wheels of course with your m compound brakes floating caliper in the rear six piston in the front drilled rotors ventilated horse look at the drl’s here in the front during the day so if you have any questions on me x3 including the x3m competition feel free to

Leave a comment down below and we’ll be happy to get back to you and help you out thanks see you in the next one you

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2022 BMW X3 M Competition LCI – What's New? | Video Walkaround (Brooklyn Grey!) By Herb Chambers BMW of Sudbury