2022 BMW X3 POV Test Drive – Great Compact Luxury SUV

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Hello guys welcome back to another video in today’s video i’m going to be taking this 2022 bmw x3 on epuv test drive this x3 does have the premium package and i did do a full review on this x3 so if you guys are interested in seeing the full review make sure to check it out and this x3 is finished in dark graphite but let’s go ahead and take this x3 on epo we test

Drive and see how it does all right so here is the interior of this bmw x3 and honestly this thing looks very good uh this beautiful massive screen does have the 12.3 inch cockpit display which i think looks amazing steering wheel looks good and overall i think the interior of this x3 looks good and for the base x3 it does actually sound very good this is not

The m40 or the m version of the xd so i think it does sound very good and this 2.0 just uh honestly has a really nice deep uh note uh to it all right let’s go ahead and take this bmw x3 on e-test drive and see how it does here is a backup camera and resolution is good it is nice and wide let’s go ahead and turn off the sensor seat belt tightens up and pushes

Me back to the seat it’s going to put it back in comfort mode and as you guys heard the sound of this x3 actually is very very good so bmw did a great job with the sound of this 2.0 alright so driving this x3 it does feel very nice and light and it’s very comfortable so the suspension setup is very good on this x3 uh i’m hearing a little bit of wind noise from

This right here from the corner of the door by the speaker uh but seriously the ride the cabin is so quiet and uh seriously very very comfortable suv it’s going to put it back in sport mode yup definitely nice and responsive in sport mode everything becomes more aggressive the engine the transmission and the gas pedal and uh and it gets up to speed very

Quick it doesn’t even feel like i’m doing 70 miles per hour it feels like i’m doing more like 55 60 miles per hour but wow seriously this thing is very very smooth transmission is nice and responsive yup definitely gets up to speed very quick and it does that very smooth uh but as i said guys there’s a good amount of wind from uh from the speaker from like

The corner of the door uh but cabin noise is nice and quiet and very comfortable um suv under the hood there is a 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission this enter produces 248 horses and 258 pound-feet of torque and definitely this engine feels nice and torquey nice and light and uh overall i think the

Suv just feels nice and light and very responsive in comfort mode and sport mode and uh seriously i’m very impressed it does have a 10.2 inch screen it is nice and responsive and you could actually control the screen from here so you can go back home you could go you could push that wheel to the left to the right rotate it so very good system it does have the

Idrive 7 and it does have the 12.3 inch cockpit display as i said so seriously the interior of this x3 just looks amazing let’s go ahead and put it back in sport mode and for a non-m um suspension setup is nice and comfortable at the same time so i’m going to go ahead and test the suspension when i uh take the highway so overall i really really like this

X3 it does drive very nice and smooth and fan finish is amazing this one does have the premium package so it does actually add a good amount of things like heated steering wheel heated seats it does have a panoramic sunroof yeah definitely the suspension is soft and i wouldn’t push this x3 around corners very hard but i think it does it is a very good it’s a

Good suspension setup for a nun um bmw for a non-m bmw and that 8-speed automatic transmission is seriously responsive again guys this is not an m40 or the x3m so for it to have a very responsive transmission like this i really really like it if you guys curious about the fuel economy numbers they are 21 in the city 28 highway and 24 combined and i think those

Numbers are not too bad maybe they could be a little bit better from the 2.0 turbocharged engine steering wheel is nice and light in comfort mode when you put in sport mode it does get nice and heavy and it is very direct so it does move the suv very quick and this x3 does have apple carplay android auto and as i said does have the premium package and it does

Have the gesture control it does have this panoramic sunroof and heated steering wheel heated seats and uh does actually have heads-up display with this premium package but seriously guys i’m very impressed with this x3 it drives nice and smooth very comfortable and it is 51 000 and honestly i do think it’s worth the price um it drives nice and smooth and of

Course this is a bmw so you’re getting premium stuff like everything on the dash is nice and soft there’s no plastic yeah very very impressed with this x3 the 8-speed automatic transmission is just responsive in comfort mode sport mode and it does have eco mode let’s go ahead and put it in sport mode brakes feel nice and touchy and uh i’m gonna go ahead and

Test a bmw x-drive system on this turn so i’m gonna go ahead and take a left turn um i’m gonna go ahead and leave the traction control on uh it is in sport mode and let’s go ahead and put it in manual mode so a little bit laggy off the line but once that turbo spools up and this suv just goes so it is nice and torquey but there is a good amount of flag from

A dead stop i’m gonna try to break boost this x3 and see if i could eliminate that terrible lag most of terrible cars when you turbo when you break boost them usually that lag goes away so i’m gonna see if i could do it but very very impressed as i said it does have the panoramic sunroof which is massive and this 10 point this 10.2 inch screen just honestly

Looks amazing yeah paddle shifters feel nice and solid steering really is wrapped in leather which is expected from bmw and of course this screen does have apple carplay android auto and overall seriously such a beautiful suv the steering wheel has a nice thickness to it but usually bmw has thicker steering wheels but i think the steering wheel thickness is

Not too bad i’m seriously loving this transmission it’s very quick for enon m bmw as i told you guys this thing is very responsive and it does feel very light and uh since this is a bmw the cabin is quiet when you hit potholes or anything on the road you really don’t hear anything that is coming from the suspension into the cabin so very very quiet in here

I’m gonna go ahead and try bmw voice command system take me to the nearest starbucks i have found several destinations which one should i select two all right our next destination is starbucks so as you guys uh see the expected drive time is 12 minutes so as you guys see very responsive system navigation is massive um it’s uh zoomed out but right here in the

Center this is zoomed in so you could see basically turn by turn and you do have the headset display i can’t really see the heads-up display that much uh it is a little bit low but probably you guys could see it because my camera is a little bit higher um but headset display is very very clear and um yeah seriously i’m very impressed with this interior as i said

Guys this is nice and soft the passenger seat does have the lumbar support very nice comfortable seats and uh yeah i’m really liking this x3 here is the panoramic sunroof as i told you guys it is massive hey bmw and navigation i’ve ended the guidance it’s super easy so i really like bmw system and uh it is nice and quick it doesn’t take a while for it to load

And uh yeah overall i really really like it um as i said the brakes feel nice and touchy uh the acceleration is very good in this bmw x3 interior looks good and uh overall steering wheel design looks good for a base x r3 it does have heated steering wheel this is part of the premium package does have the gestural control so you could actually raise up the volume

And lower it down by using your fingers um you could do other things too like change the station like swipe to the right or like to the left to go to the next song or to next station so gesture control comes in handy i’m gonna go ahead and try yeah definitely the brakes are really good i’m gonna go ahead and try uh brake boosting this x3 and uh see what happens

Yep definitely a lot of power when you break booster of course not everyone is going to do that but if you want a really nice launch then definitely break boosting this x3 helps a lot with doing that there is no turbo lag at all so very very responsive with brake boosting i’m gonna see if i can actually just accelerate accelerate without brake boosting and

See if i could tell the difference because when i did that i did actually take a left yep definitely a lot of um a lot of lag so overall i’m very impressed with this bmw x3 and uh seriously this thing drives very good very comfortable the engine is nice and responsive um transmission is very smooth changes very quick um using paddle shifters or leaving it in

Automatic mode does have a beautiful 10.2 inch screen and by the way that was the link of assist it did push me back in the lane um but yeah i’m seriously very impressed with this x3 um i really wish the fuel economy numbers were a little bit better um and as i mentioned when i first took this x3 on a test drive i did say that there is a good amount of noise that

Is coming from the corner uh from the uh the speaker um around the speaker but honestly uh he not really hearing yet anymore um because probably i got used to it but uh seriously i’m very very impressed with this bmw x3 i would like to thank bmw haven connecticut for providing me this bmw x3 and i’m gonna go ahead and put the information and a link in the

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2022 BMW X3 POV Test Drive – Great Compact Luxury SUV! By Legend17