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2022 BMW X3M & X4M Ordering Guide with Pricing

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Here is my breakdown for the 2022 BMW X3M and X4M ordering guides. I go through and highlight all of the changes i found from the 2021 model year.

I’ve got some bmw news for you guys if you’re new to my channel my name is denver i’m a client advisor at parkview bmw in toronto canada and today i’m going to take you guys through the ordering guides for the 2022 bmw x3m and x4m they share the same ordering guide so i’m going to take you guys through both of those model variants you can see all the pricing package

Details for the lci facelifted x3m and x4m not sure if you guys saw in any of the promo stuff that bmw did but this car got a huge life cycle refresh a lot bigger than normally on bmws normally when uh bmw goes through a lifecycle refresh it gets like headlights and taillights and maybe an eye drive system update in the center uh this one actually got the whole

Interior kind of redone not like the whole interior uh but all the ac and the climate control vents got switched over and they’re now more similar to the x5 and the three series and the four series and also the whole shifting platform for the transmission and the idrive controller switched over and now looks identical to the x5 where used to have its own unique

Look i’m not i’m kind of torn on it i like the way that it was before and now that it looks exactly like the x5 there’s very little to differentiate it but i understand why bmw went with like a seamless transition through all of its models makes it a lot easier on production but yeah before we hop into the ordering guides make sure you like this video as it does

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To our website use denver bmw for 15 off all orders we ship out worldwide so make sure you go check it out and get yourself some genuine bmw at parkview we have any gen okay now let’s hop into the ordering guys first thing i want to touch on is the fact that bmw removed the x3m and x4m base variants uh last year there was four variants there was the competition and

The non-competition this year we only have two now starter production for these cars was 0821 so on the first page of the ordering guide i did notice that there was some price uh decreases actually so last year the x3m competition was three thousand dollars more than it is this year same thing for the x4m now keep in mind the base variants were over ten thousand

Dollars cheaper than the competition so now you’re still forced up from last year a seven thousand dollar difference just for the minimum the reason the price came down is i did notice that some things were removed as standard features to bring it a little bit closer to the base x4m makes it a little bit simpler in our marketplace so people don’t feel like they

Need to select the bigger horsepower engines seems to be what everybody’s buying anyway moving on to paints there is a new addition for the non-metallic the new sao paulo yellow that launched on the m3 and m4 and you saw in the promotion for the x4m is now available at a no charge moving down to the metallics there was some new colors added the first one was carbon

Black is now new for the 2021 model year the marina bay blue is replacing the phytonic blue and brooklyn gray bringing in from the m3 and the m4 are all new paints this year now on top of the phytonic blue they also remove sunstone metallic and donington gray are no longer available as paint options going into the facelift 2021 x3m and x4m down on the leather

I did notice that the black and beige two-tone one is now 500 instead of no charge other than that the upholstery options on the inside stay the exact slope same as last year now moving on to the next slide the first thing is the advantage driver’s assistance package so this has changed significantly from last year now that the x3 and the x4 on the full idrive 7

System with the whole lifecycle refresh they redid the interior like electronics behind the eye drive system and it’s now the full improvement system so last year you had a breakdown of all the individual features that it had this year you have traffic gym assistant and driving assistant professional this has kind of been like the most recent gen for the active

Stock and go cruise control system uh basically driver sensor professional as you see the notes down below it controls all of those things in a smoother way the next generation like 2.0 version and then traffic jam assistant allows you to take your hand off the steering wheel when you’re on full cruise control below 60 kilometers an hour this package is actually

Pretty significant like it does a lot for you on the active stop and go control mode moving down to premium package i did notice that it got a price increase of twelve hundred dollars there’s also a couple of things removed and a couple of things new uh the new would be the head up display is now part of this which is wasn’t there last year a couple of things

That were moved last year were all on the base variant so this is just for competition i’m going to try and focus on on just competition stuff another thing added was the drive recorder and the wireless charging tray was the only thing removed from last year there are some significant changes from last year so last year we had the option for an ultimate package

Which was like ten thousand dollars this year they have eliminated that they took some things out of the ultimate package uh like move them in oh another thing to mention for the premium package that head up display is new for the package because last year it was a standard feature so that’s one of those things where they brought the price down from last year but

They also removed some things in order to equal out that price difference they didn’t just drop the price for no reason moving back to the packages that are missing we’re missing ultimate package and then we now have this new m enhanced package for the competition model last year the m enhanced package consisted between the upgraded exhaust wheels merino leather

And the sport seats and that was only for the non-competition package now it has a whole new meaning this year where you get the m carbon precision strut that was an item last year where it’s only available in the ultimate package or an individual now the only way to get it is through the m enhanced package the mirror caps and the m rear spoiler that was part of

The m carbon fiber exterior package last year which was code 71c this is no longer available because that was last year including both the ultimate or individual this year it seems to be removed that package and now you can get the mirror caps and the spoiler for the x4 exclusive part of this and enhanced package and then there’s the m drivers package which is the

Higher speed limit and the bmw track day event or a high performance driving weekend for your vehicle basically a pass that was part of the ultimate package last year or as an individual option now it’s only in part of the m enhanced so bmw has kind of slimmed down the different ways to configure these x fours and x three m’s makes it easier to see you know similar

Variants when you’re in the pre-owned market not too much of a change between them because there could be a very large difference between ultimate and a base package vehicle so this just cleans everything up makes it a little bit easier for customers to order which i appreciate moving down to the options i did notice one wi-fi is a new wheel option i didn’t look

Into the pattern of the wheel but it says it’s a no charge option it could be the same wheel that’s standard i will have to see moving down to the standard features just in like a different tire looks like non-run flats so maybe it’s the same one uh universe remote control used to be a standard feature last year now it’s individual for 300 once again brings that

Price point decrease make a lot more sense uh deletion of digital key was something that i was seeing on a lot of them basically you get comfort door access you don’t get a digital key because you’re not getting a wireless charging tray uh red compound brakes for 750 have stayed the exact same from last year moving on to the next page we have a lot of individual

Options changed so there was a remove roll of several things first thing was the smokers package it’s now no longer available cove wood trim and grey wood trim are both also not available ambient air package has been removed ski and snowboard bag removed wireless charging tray removed gesture control removed all these are no longer any standard features or options

At all the m carbon fiber exterior package like i mentioned earlier is also no longer available there was a couple things added first one was individual shadow line headlights are now available with the new updated headlight design as well as this trim option open pour wood trunk wood trim with pearl chrome highlight is a new option for 250 and the last thing is

The laser light headlights are now a one-off individual option for the x4m moving down to the standard features remote engine start is the new now that the vehicles are on the full version of i drive 7 they have remote engine start finally the wheel options are new for the facelift as well as the display key has been removed and it was not an individual option

It was not in the package it’s just no longer available for these vehicles now moving on to the rest of the standard features i did notice that 4 k n the trim has been changed we now have a new standard trim for this year 5 av is also new the active garden front collision warning i think that was there last year anyway but they just wasn’t maybe listed then i did

Notice the removal of the code for apple carplay preparation but i’m pretty sure it’s going to be in the new system maybe it’s just kind of piled under connected drive services and then i did notice on the 7ma option is new for this year i’m not sure why you need competition package and m competition package but oh well and the last part is for the wheels so you can

See what the 892 standard wheel option looks like it looks like it’s pulled over from the m3 m4 design and then the other 21 inch wheel is a carryover from last year all right thank you guys so much for watching if you made it all the way to the end smash that like button subscribe to the channel as it does help me grow i hope you guys enjoyed all the information

The pricing on the new lci 2022 x3m and x4m thank you guys so much and i’ll see you next time you

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2022 BMW X3M & X4M Ordering Guide with Pricing! By Denver BMW