2022 BMW X5 POV Test Drive – impressive SUV

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Hello guys welcome back to another video in today’s video i’m going to be taking this 2022 bmw x5 on epu retest drive this x5 does have three packages parking assistant package climate package and the premium package and it does have the black vernesaka leather and the exterior color is called black sapphire but let’s go ahead and take this x5 on e test drive and

See how it does all right so this is the interior of this 2022 bmw x5 and uh seriously it looks amazing and i really like this wood trim but yeah let’s go ahead and take this x5 on the test drive and see how it does before we do that i want to go ahead and show you the backup camera it does have the parking assistant package basically it adds this 3d view

Which honestly looks amazing resolution is good and here is the backup camera 360 is on the right let’s go ahead and take this x5 on the test drive and see how it does seat belt tightens up pushes me back to the seat so all right so driving this 2022 bmw x5 drives nice and smooth suspension is very very comfortable and uh it’s very quiet in this cabin which i

Really like brakes feel nice and solid and uh yeah basically it dries very very nice let’s go ahead and hop on the highway i’m gonna go ahead and put it in sport mode oh yeah definitely gets up to speed very quick and you could hear the turbos in this x5 this x5 just feels nice and planted and that’s how a 70 000 suv should feel like and drive like suspension

Is very very soft and honestly i wouldn’t recommend pushing this x5 around corners very quick or very fast oh yeah this x5 gets up gets up to speed very quick and you don’t even feel like you’re going that quick or that fast anyways guys so for the engine it does have a 3.0 turbocharged i6 it is connected to the 48 volt mile hybrid system basically just makes

The engine smoother and shifting becomes a little bit more smooth and this engine is connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission that automatic that eight-speed automatic transmission is quick oh yeah very quick for a non-m x5 seriously impressed but anyways let’s go ahead and talk about the horsepower and torque numbers this x5 has uh it does have 330

Horses and 300 335 horses and 330 pound-feet of torque good amount of power and honestly feels like it has a little bit more horsepower and torque beautiful suv nice and spacious there is a ton of space in the trunk back seats are nice and spacious and i did actually just finish reviewing this x5 so if you guys are interested in seeing the full review i’ll make

Sure to check it out on my channel and as i said this one does have three packages parking uh system package which basically adds the 360 camera and the 3d view in this um x5 climbing package it does add a front and heated back seats and the premium package uh it does add the gesture controls so that’s nice and it is nice and responsive from the dead stop

Steering wheel feels nice and thick it is wrapped in leather which is expected from the luxury brand and the seats are very very comfortable this i6 just sounds amazing a ton of body roll and this is completely fine this is a luxury suv but oh my god this 8 speed automatic transmission is just quick leaving it in automatic mode or using the paddle shifters it

Is nice and quick and for the horsepower and torque number that bmw is claiming i feel like they’re not right about those numbers it feels like this x5 has more than what they’re saying fuel economy numbers are good uh 21 in the city 25 highway and 23 combined from this 3.0 turbocharged i6 and uh it does have the link heating assist which is nice and uh yeah

Overall the interior of this x5 is nice there is this panoramic sunroof it is nice and big and uh two beautiful 12.3 inch screens and uh the resolution on those screens are very good uh this screen does have apple carplay android auto it is the idrive 7. it is nice and responsive is nice and quick brakes are phenomenal in this x5 the ride overall is very

Very good i really love the suspension in this x5 oh yeah there is no wheel spin at all from this x drive system uh you could get the x5 in the hybrid you could get it in rear wheel drive uh you could get of course the x5 and only drive which is this one and then the m50 which is basically between the normal x5 which is this one and between the actual m so

If you guys don’t want the m x5 then go with the m50 because it is a very good suv i didn’t get the chance to drive one but does sound amazing and uh basically it’s combination between the x5 and the xm the x5m yeah i seriously love this suspension if you go if you guys don’t like soft suspension then don’t go with the x5 go with the m50x5 but this suspension

Is seriously amazing it is soaking the bumps very good and uh feels like i’m driving on clouds it’s uh it’s phenomenal when you change the modes the gauges do change so that’s nice and uh when putting the suv in sport mode it does become uh basically nice and responsive steering wheel becomes a little bit more heavy um the steering wheel itself it’s nice and

Direct but very light which uh i like it does have heated steering wheel behind right here on the bottom and uh yeah overall fan finish is perfect this is all nice and soft love the gray stitching and there is a wireless phone charger a storage place two cupholders one usb 112 volt gear shifter looks good the way how the screen is integrated into the okay

Honestly looks amazing and from a dead stop there is no turbo lag so it is nice and responsive and i just can’t get over the suspension the suspension setup is seriously phenomenal on this x5 so for 70 000 you are getting a good amount of things and definitely this suv is well put together it doesn’t handle as good because the suspension setup is very soft but

Does drive very nice and comfortable very smooth and i think this is my second favorite luxury suv i do really like the mercedes-benz and gle it does drive very good but it does handle a little bit better than this x5 but the suspension setup is the same it is nice and comfortable and uh probably my favorite package is the parking assistant package because

It does um have this 3d uh view which honestly looks amazing and i really like it um with the premium package i do think the premium package add the heads-up display i’m not sure if you guys could see over the camera it is actually sitting a little bit low uh but the premium package adds the remote start gesture control so basically you could raise up the volume

Lower the volume and uh with the climate control you get the front and back heated seats so i really like this x5 and i think bmw did a great job inside there is a good amount of space one usbc a light uh this armrest is very very soft a good amount of gloss black right here with brushed aluminum so first aluminum glass plug and this wood trim they all look

Very very good all right so i’m going to go ahead and break boost this bmw x5 and see how it does let’s see if it’s any better with uh brake boosting so it is in sport mode and the traction control is uh on so i did not touch the traction control oh yeah definitely with brake boosting this thing pushes you back to the seat and as i said guys this thing has it

Feels like it has more power than what bmw is claiming seriously this thing is quick it’s not even the m50 or the m version of this x5 so i’m truly amazed and impressed with what bmw made and overall ride quality is good and everything is perfect about this x5 except the suspension 8 being a little bit on the softer side but it is comfortable so that’s fine

Brakes are very very good nice and touchy the brake pedal does not sink inside and yeah such a beautiful suv and i really like driving this bmw in sport mode the suspension stays nice and comfortable but the engine becomes nice and responsive uh let me go ahead and try the voice command system in this bmw take me to the nearest starbucks i have filmed several

Destinations which one should i select one all right our next destination is starbucks the expected drive time is four minutes so their system is nice and quick and i like it let’s go ahead and end the navigation and navigation i then did the guidance so nice and quick i really like it and uh there is no wind noise on the highway there is barely any noise

That is coming from the outside into the inside of this bmw x5 and uh yeah overall cabin noise is good road noise is good with noise is good and uh with hitting potholes or anything on the road nothing comes from the outside into the inside so there is no um there is no noises coming from the suspension into the cabin of this x5 so i hope you guys enjoyed this

Pov test drive of this 2022 bmw x5 i would like to thank brainy and bmw and northampton connecticut for providing me this x5 i seriously love this x5 it drives amazing and uh it is a very comfortable suv but if you guys would like to see more videos like this please subscribe and as always i’ll see you next time

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2022 BMW X5 POV Test Drive – impressive SUV!! By Legend17