2022 BMW X6 M Competition V8 Review

Hi everyone welcome back to shandrition channel so as you can see for today video we have the 2022 the bmw x6 m competition and in this video we are going to take a look of the interior and the exterior design so we can start now this video in the side and we can see this coupe styling look also this color is very beautiful and we can see we have a carbon fiber

In the spoiler here and of course the x6m is a little bit wider we can see we have four exhaust pipes the x6 logo here the competition uh the engine in this car is a 4.4 liter v8 produce 625 horsepower with a 8-speed automatic transmission with lunch control also you can see this beautiful 22 inch rims also you have the tinted rear windows we have m style uh

Mirror caps finishes in the black and we can see in the front and you can see how aggressive it looks we have this uh beautiful laser lights and we can see the lip spoiler here in the front also we have the adaptive cruise control that is in the option so we have a logo here the x6m so this car looks very very beautiful guys and now i can take you in the

Interior so you can see we have a red leather combined with the black also we have this x6m illuminated in the headrest and of course we have electric adjustable seats x6m competition illuminated in the door sills we have more sporty paddles of course and this beautiful uh m steering wheel but before that uh we jump in the inside i can show you now the back

Seats as you can see it’s very roomy also we have the logo here the m in the back also we have the soft clothes and we can see the seat belt we have this uh detail of the colors of the m so as you can see right now we are inside and here we have we’ll start some button engine and you can see on the interior is very good design also we have more special gauges

For the x6m also we have the logo there and if you can see we have the same color as the real car the detail is very good and i really love this steering wheel with the ship battles and here we have the m1 and m2 it depends uh what uh you select for the m1 and m2 and here we have the m menu so we can see we can uh we can adjust the m2 for example the single

The throttle response and the dcc beautiful and the infotainment work very well with this uh i drive controller or you can use the touchscreen of course so this car has the heated and ventilated seat that is in the option of course and the build quality is very good also the seats are very comfortable and very sporty at the same time and we can see we have the

Extended leather in the top of the door and in the dash with this white control stitching and of course we have the head up display also the x6m has a different uh gear lever with the m logo here in the top and we can see this beautiful carbon fiber trim for the interior and the alcantara headliner with this beautiful panoramic sunroof with ambient light

And we have the harman kardon sound speaker which sounds very good so uh here we have the cruise control uh this is uh fitted with autopilot that is in the option of course here we have the media control every button feels very high quality also we have the heated steering wheel so this car is fully loaded also we have the electric adjustable steering wheel

Which is very good very comfortable and now let’s go and take a look at the storage we can see here we have the two cup holders with usb port and wireless charging here in the armrest with a usbc port and of course the glovex also here we have the driving modes the exhaust to open the valves and uh this car has the 360 degree camera also i forget to mention

Also this car has the massaging seat and the buttons is located here that is very very impressive guys this car is amazing i think uh is the best uh coupe styling suv in the market in my opinion

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2022 BMW X6 M Competition V8 Review !! By Shend Riza Cars