2022 BMW X6M Competition Review – Too much power in an SUV?

For this Sunday’s review, we have the 2022 BMW X6M Competition Review. As you all know the M stands for the high-performance variant for BMW, so the BMW X6 has Twin-Turbocharged V8 making about 617hp and 553lb.ft for torque and the engine is mated to 8-speed automatic and it also comes with a rear bias AWD, X-drive system. So, does the 2022 BMW X6M Competition just has too much power for an SUV or could this be your fantasy SUV? Let’s find out through our review. And we have used an external mic to record the exhaust sound of the BMW X6M Competition, so please enjoy this review with earphones.

Um hello guys welcome to asian patriot today we have the 2022 bmw x6m competition so let me just show you the engine room first we have a twin turbocharged v8 producing about 617 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of tor engine is made into eight-speed automatic and we have rear bias x-drive all-wheel drive system okay let me just show you how fast this bmw

X6 amp competition can be we also have launch control so let’s make a use of it first we need to turn the esc off keep on holding it yes y’all put the car into manual mode make sure you’re on the third stage foot on the brake full throttle system ready go oh my god it just pulls like a mad bull oh my gosh sounds lovely too already it only took 3.7 seconds

To hit 60 miles per hour i think that was the fastest suv we ever tested oh my god what a beast for the size of suv oh my god and autostart and stuff just stop the engine so it can stay more efficient as you might have heard from my 0-60 times we have a lovely sounding quad active exhaust on the bottom diffuser x6m competition batch and spoiler on the

Top okay now let me just briefly let you hear how it actually sounds from outside too and looking at the car from the side we have a m side mirrors also blacked out because this is the competition model and our tester is wearing 21 inches up front about 22 inches at the rear once again because this is the competition model it’s wearing 315 at the rear so

It’s really really large and we have a six piston calipers up front and drilled rotors so let’s also do check out the braking performance of this bmw x6 m competition then wow what a brake system it took 2022 bmw x6m competition only about 116 feet to a complete stop what a brake system it just stopped like it’s nothing oh it handles very nicely too wow

There’s also bmw x5m so the main difference for the x6 is this coupe like sloping roofline at the rear a little bit worried about the headroom so let me just show you these second row seats myself you guys all know i’m about six two there’s a good amount of leg room there’s also soft clothing those but yeah headroom is so much limited so if you want larger

Headroom then you should probably go with x5 and but still very nice place to be very nice leather seats even m colored seat belts two cupholders some storage area right here good arm rest and we have a some climate control three three-stage heated seats for the second row passengers there’s some storage area here you can put your phone down and 12-volt

Charging hump in the middle and window actually it’s a single window but very thick one comes down all the way it’s really nice to have manual sunshade for this side and we have a large pyramid sunroof on the top so yeah pretty good and the driver’s seat is very nice place to be we have alcantara on the top very nice leather seats m1 and m2 button on the

Steering wheel and the gauge cluster even changes like that begging you to go faster and faster and can also change how your a-speed automatic behaves just like this one two three okay now let’s go out and drive this beast whoa whoa it’s like a rodeo sounds really lovely we have an external mic so enjoy it with a microphone almost forgot to tell you

About the front design but x6m comes with a bit different looking low bumper design and for the m competition model now we have a high black glossy kidney grille sovereign looks very massive and means from the front what about visibility well except for the rear visibility visibility is quite nice in here as you can see we have large windows up to here

Yes we do not have any blind spot monitoring system but we do have alert system and we also have a 360 camera which will help you in tight spots so yeah it’s a large suv but it’s quite pleasant place to be okay before we do talk about engine let me just let you hear it in the low speed right now we’re in comfort mode even in comfort mode it just sounds so

Lovely it’s got that midi v8 sound so tasty wow so nice so let’s do talk about engine force again i present my m1s comfort m2s sports plus in comfort mode it’s really comfortable not too loud ride is very smooth handle not too heavy so i think this even can be very good daily driving i mean if you have no problem paying for the gas money but when you

Do put the car into sports mode everything just becomes louder and everything just tightens up begging me to go faster i cannot just register it anymore full to the bottom and it just pulls like crazy it sounds so lovely too so the question is do you really need all this power in an suv probably not but on the second thought why not wow wow just rolls

Like crazy an engine is made into a speed automatic we’re also given paddle shifters so let me just show you working in action three four five six seven eight seven six five four three yes it’s not a dual clutch transmission but as you have just seen it’s very responsive and quick shifting very lovely gearbox and in comfort mode it’s very smooth too

So there we have it great gearbox okay let’s do check out the handling capability we have a m differential rear bias all-wheel drive x-drive system so we should do fine let’s go with third gear oh my gosh taking very nicely i could definitely feel the rear bias all drive system working but really wishing we can just completely turn it off just like m5 i

Know this is an suv but really interesting but wow great for this size so when you’re all done having fun you can just turn the car back into normal mode and activate the adaptive cruise control and lane keepers and let bmw x6m do the most work for you yes this is a high performance model but this also can be very good highway cruiser and uh it just pulls

Like crazy even on very high high speed and once you start really driving fast you hear a bit whistling sounds from the a-pillar but i’m driving so fast now i mean this would feel right at home at germany autobahn but we do not have any autobahns here in korea so better slow down and great breaks it just rise down hard stops like it’s nothing and this bmw

Also comes with apple carplay looking like this which is very convenient because it requires no wire so come on genesis we really need this wireless apple carplay okay and meanwhile let me just let you hear the uh bowers and wikison sound system so yeah it takes a base quite nicely sounds good all right guys this has been a 2022 bmw x6m competition review

Hope you guys enjoyed it and the final question is do you really need all this power in an suv well i mean if you can afford one why not thank you guys so much for tuning in we’ll be back with much much more so stay tuned guys and see you guys soon bye bye yeah it sounds pretty good it takes place nicely yeah and look at this guy handling wow my god you

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2022 BMW X6M Competition Review – Too much power in an SUV? By Asian Petrolhead